9 Life Hacks On How To Show Your Man You Love Him

When it comes to relationships, no two are exactly alike. Sure, there will be resemblances and situations that seem to be undifferentiated, but those are just bits and pieces comprising the overall relationship you share with your man (husband or boyfriend).

How To Show Your Man You Love Him - Love

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With that little caveat out of the way, let’s look at some general tips that you can use to know how to show your man you love him. Remember that men and women aren’t different just anatomically, but also generally in the way that they perceive affection and the requirements that they may have from the relationship.

Some of these things you may not do, some may not be fitting for your scenario, but there will be a few that will definitely make a difference in letting your man know just how much you care.

1. Compliment Him Generously

How To Show Your Man You Love Him - Compliment Him Generously

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This one may seem trivial, but complimenting your man generously (and sincerely) will make him feel loved and appreciated. This is especially true of women that are perhaps not that used to giving compliments. Letting him know that he looks good when he’s clearly made an effort, or complimenting his choice of restaurant is a nice gesture that anyone would love to be on the receiving end of.

2. Ask For The Occasional Advice

While the woman of today is certainly more empowered than even those women in the west 50 years ago, asking you man for advice does not constitute any weakness on your part. Instead, it makes him feel involved in your life and having him share his pearls of wisdom occasionally – even if you eventually choose to ignore it – will seriously make him feel appreciated, which is the cornerstone theme of how to show your man you love him.

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3. It’s Always The Little Things

How To Show Your Man You Love Him - It's Always The Little Things

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If your man stops by the shop to check whether your preferred face cream is in stock, or helps you rearrange all of the furniture or change the bulbs… thank him for it. A “thank you” and a kiss is enough. It will make him feel wanted and appreciated, and those are perhaps the most important feelings that a man needs to have in a relationship.

4. Spend Time With Him

That doesn’t involve shopping, errands or parent-teacher meetings. Time is the only thing that no matter how rich you are, you cannot buy any more of. But how to show your man you love him without have to get rid of your social life? Simple, by including your husband occasionally or making exclusive recreational plans with him shows him he’s valued, and loved.

5. Listen


While ridiculous gender stereotypes are no doubt on the wane, we cannot pretend that they don’t exist. Men, just like anyone, will need to vent occasionally, or just speak their mind and share whatever is bothering them. You, as the girlfriend or wife, are his most trusted confidant. Sure, you’re not a box for him to constantly fill with negative chatter, but he definitely needs to feel that he can approach you with something and have your attention.

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6. Put In An Effort

If your man is particularly fond of how certain apparel in your closet look on you, then oblige him every now and then. It could be that red dress, or some risqué lingerie, it doesn’t matter. Men are visual, and highly appreciative of such indulgences. Of course, the same is expected of your man as well, and it doesn’t matter if you’ve been together a year or ten.

7. Be A Supporter If Not A Fan

How To Show Your Man You Love Him - Be A Supporter If Not A Fan

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How to show your man you love him, but balance out the other ego issues, at the same time? You don’t have to unequivocally back him up if he’s talking rubbish, but taking his side shows him that he has a partner that he can depend upon, and will make him feel loved. If he’s got a point, or it’s something he feels strongly about, you can always back him publicly and then speak your mind to him in private.

8. Hold Him

Touch is probably more important that you realize, so let that hug linger just a bit longer or squeeze a little harder. Even a seemingly innocuous grab of the arm when conversing can have seriously good implications – for his blood pressure, and for the relationship.

9. Intimacy And The Like

How To Show Your Man You Love Him - Intimacy And The Like

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We couldn’t leave it out, for that would be cheating you of an important motivating tool for men – the need for intimacy and sex. A great way on how to show your man you love him is by letting your actions in the bedroom speak for you. If he generally tends to focus on you, reverse the priorities one time. If he’s communicated a fantasy or something he’d like to try, try it out to the extent that you are comfortable. This lets him know you care about his needs and desires, and in turn will make him work harder for you as well.