How To Say I Love You – 75 Unique Ways Minus The Word 'Love'

You can talk for hours when it comes to random things in life but it sometimes becomes impossible to use those same words to express love and affection. Agree or disagree? Saying ‘I love you’ is weirder and way more awkward than asking a stranger for a loan. How would you then express your love without actually using the word ‘love’? How to say I love you? How!!? While you may have your favourite ‘phrases’, we thought we’ll share some of ours. Take a look.

How To Say I Love You

Here’s How To Say I love You Without Feeling Like You Need To Hide Or Run..

1. I adore you.

Doesn’t she get that twinkle in her eyes the moment you tell her that she’s adorable? ‘Adore’ is a word that goes perfectly well with the emotion and expression of love, in case you were wondering how to say I love you in a nicer way.

2. I am infatuated with you.

The minute you say ‘infatuation’ people think of something that’s not serious or something that’s short-lived. At times, it has a negative connotation to it. If your feelings are well understood then it can actually turn the tables into something that’s very romantic. Or how to say I love you in a creepier way? Replace the ‘infatuated’ with something else. (Wink, wink!)

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3. I appreciate you.

We often fail to appreciate people in our lives for the things they do for us. This sets in a feeling of being taken for granted which can be avoided if we tell people that we appreciate them and their importance in our lives.

4. I can’t live without you.

You must have read the phrase ‘We were born alone and we die alone.’ But the part that is in-between, known as life, cannot be spent alone. There is always a need for that special someone to help us get through life when it holds us down.

5. I can’t stop thinking about you when we’re apart.

How To Say I Love You - Thinking About You

There is always some insecurity when a couple has to stay apart due to other commitments. Telling each other that you’re always thinking about each other not only eases the insecurity but also deepens your love. But since you’re wondering how to say I love you without making it monotonous.

6. I cherish you.

We cherish things that mean the world to us and help us stay afloat when difficult times get to us, like our memories. Just like memories, we hold our loved ones very close to us.

7. I dream of you.

Dreams are probably the most intimate part of a person’s life. They are a part where no one else is allowed and only you know what you see and experience. So if you tell them that you dream of them and let them in your personal space, it is definitely better way if you’re really wondering how to say I love you without saying it.

8. I live for our love.

If your love for each other is the reason why you breathe then there isn’t any other better way to express your love, is there?

9. I love being around you.

With time, we often get bored of being around the same person all the time and that is what leads to the downfall of most relationships. But if you still love being around each other then no words are needed to express your love. Just kidding, you need to know how to say I love you, the right way.

How To Say I Love You - Being Around You

10. I need you by my side.

Where there is love, there is always need for their presence in your life.

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11. I respect you.

Respect is the basis of all relationships. No relationship and love can survive without mutual respect.

12. I value you.

All people want to hear is what value they hold in your life. It feels good to know that you aren’t taken for granted.

13. I want a lifetime with you.

How to say I love you, without being to mushy, but just as deep! A life of love and a lifetime of togetherness. Do you need to say anything else to express your love?

14. I want you.

Sometimes being blunt and straight-forward is way better than looking for rosy poetic ways to put your emotions across.

How To Say I Love You - I Want You

15. I worship you.

Of course not in a Godly way, but we must always worship one another for the qualities that we have (the good ones). Irish artist Hozier sure knows how to say I love you like a pro.

16. I yearn for you.

Wouldn’t it be great to hear something like this? ‘Yearn’ makes it all sound so much more romantic. As as how to say I love you goes, this looks so much better on text.

17. I’m a better person because of you.

Knowing how to say I love you the right way matters. It is the positive effects that your lover has on you which makes you realize how your life has changed for the better.

18. I’m blessed to have you in my life.

Tell them this and they’ll be yours forever.

19. I’m devoted to you.

All we ever need from a relationship is some devotion and loyalty.

How To Say I Love You - Devoted To You

20. I’m fond of you.

Just like ‘adore’ the word ‘fond’ too has a very unique and special touch to it. It gives a much better feeling than just being told that you’re loved.

21. I’m lost without you.

To know that you’re someone’s life guard is probably the best feeling in the world. You keep them afloat and you keep them on track and steer them towards the good things in life.

22. I’m incomplete without you.

Tell them they complete you. A relationship means being compatible and complementing each other.

23. I’m passionate about you.

Passion is what keeps a bond strong. The fact that you are passionate about them says a lot about your love and the strength of it.

24. I’m thankful for you.

Gratefulness and gratitude to have someone in our life is not something experienced for everyone right? As it’s the sweetest answer to how to say I love you.

How To Say I Love You - Thankful

25. I’m yours.

Sweet and simple. How to say I love you, without saying it, and with no further explanation needed.

26. Me and you. Always.

Together, until eternity. This truly melts my heart.

27. My love is unconditional.

Unconditional love is what most people look for in life, a love that is truly based on emotions with no hidden agendas or conditions.

28. Our love is invaluable.

You just can’t put a price on deep rooted emotions.

29. Take me, I’m Yours.

Sometimes how to say I love you without saying it takes is a simple sentence with no romantic gestures to express how much you love someone.

How To Say I Love You - I'm Yours

30. The thought of you brings a smile to my face.

Isn’t that what really matters? When you deeply love someone, a smile is the first thing that touches your soul when you think of them.

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31. Together, forever.

Till the end of time. This is all that you need to hear at times. It keeps your souls together for as long as you live.

32. We were meant to be together.

How to say I love you, in a very corny way? Well, being together isn’t the only thing that matters. You need to acknowledge it at times to restore their faith in the relationship, corn and cheese or not.

33. You are a blessing in disguise.

Or God-sent as most people like to say it.

34. You are an angel from God.

Sent from heaven to complete your life and make you whole.

How To Say I Love You - My Angel

35. You are like a candle burning bright.

Illuminating everything around. Some people have such bright personalities that you instantly feel happy and chirpy around them.

36. You are my crush.

It is the most special feeling when someone says this to you despite the long number of years you’ve been together. Being their crush means they are still putting in their best to woo you every day.

37. You are my dear.

‘Dear’ is a word that has stuck with me ever since I was kid. It has a very intimate feeling that you only feel towards those you hold close to your heart.

38. You are my everything.

You should use this one is you want to know how to say I love you in the most profoundly serious way ever. Being someone’s everything means being the centre of their life. Your world revolves around them and without them you would be incomplete.

39. You are my one and only.

What a way to reassure someone of you love for them.

How To Say I Love You - My One And Only

40. You are my reason for living.

Every day when you wake up in the morning, they are the reason why you look forward to a new day.

41. You are my strength.

When you’re down and out, it is the face of your lover that helps you get back up and fight. Sometimes knowing how to say I love you is knowing how to tell your truth.

42. You are my sunshine.

The kind that makes your day bright and happy and makes you look forward to it.

43. You are my treasure.

The one that you keep safer than your most prized possession. The one that you value more than anything else in the world.

44. You are my world.

Your centre of peace and the one who keeps you grounded. You start your day with them and love to end it with their smile.

How To Say I Love You - My World

45. You are precious.

Precious, not just important. Indispensable in a way that you cannot do without them.

46. You are the light of my life.

They guide you through the darkest tunnels and bring you to a place of calm and safety.

47. You are the reason I’m alive.

The reason why you want to hold on to life and wake up each day. They are the reason why you haven’t given up on life. This is incidentally also a good answer to how to say I love you, when you’re dating someone who watches out for you always.

48. You bring happiness when days are gloomy.

The days that completely drench you and make it impossible for you to get any work done. But you’re still glad because they’re by your side.

49. You bring joy to my life.

I’m talking about joy and not just small happiness. They define the word ‘joy’ in your life.

How To Say I Love You - You Cast A Spell On Me

50. You cast a spell on me that can’t be broken.

With them around, life feels magical. You feel like you can achieve anything and nothing can defeat you.

51. You complete me.

Here’s how to say I love you, but in the most romantic way! They are the reason why you feel complete. There is no emptiness left in your heart and there is no void any more.

52. You drive me wild.

With love, passionate love. The kind that makes you want to run and go crazy with them.

53. You fill me with desire.

The life that has no desire is the one that has no meaning.

54. You fill my heart.

With love you never knew you could feel.

How To Say I Love You - You Fill My Heart

55. You give me wings to fly.

And achieve all that you desire. They give you the strength to take the leap of faith and reach where you want to be.

56. You had me from hello.

It was all that it took, a simple hello. And you knew you were hooked on for life.

57. You hold the key to my heart.

For some, the heart is a very private territory where not many people are allowed. Thus, the one who truly means the world to you is the only one who holds the key to it.

58. You inspire me.

When people inspire you to do good and be good, you know they hold a significant importance in your life.

59. You intoxicate me.

With love. You feel like you want to be high on their love forever and ever.

How To Say I Love You - My Heart Skipped A Beat

60. You lift me up to touch the sky.

When you deeply love someone, you feel like you’re on high spirits aiming for all the things that you thought you couldn’t touch.

61. You light my flame.

The one that guides you through all darkness and keeps you warm on chilly days.

62. You light up my life.

Like the brightest bulb one could ever find. With them in your life, you see everything with crystal clarity.

63. You make me hot.

If you say this to him/her after all the years that you’ve been with each other, it will definitely add brownie points to your kitty.

64. You make my heart skip a beat.

Like the first time you saw your crush looking at you. You get that excitement with them every single moment of every single day.

How To Say I Love You - You Make My World A Better Place

65. You make my world a better place.

Where everything is rosy and everything is calm. There’s no worry and no hatred in your world when they’re with you.

66. You motivate me.

The world is filled with those waiting to pull you down. But that one person motivates you to take on all challenges.

67. You rock my world.

Like a concert of your favourite band. You want to rock and roll with them all your life.

68. You seduce me.

Again, after all the years, it might not be easy to seduce someone, but if they still do that to you then a huge thumbs-up.

69. You set my heart on fire.

The most eloquently passionate answer to how to say I love you. Like your wildest passion. Just their presence in your life is enough to keep you excited about each new day.

How To Say I Love You - You Set My Heart On Fire

70. You simply amaze me.

People are amazing in their own unique ways. And being in love with someone makes you appreciate their efforts even more.

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71. You stole my heart.

And you have no plans taking it back. It is probably the only thing that makes you happy to know that it has been stolen by the right person.

72. You sweeten my sour days.

On days when you feel down and out and nothing seems to be going your way, they bring you joy and faith that everything will be okay.

73. You turn my world upside down.

You go wild, you go crazy, your world goes upside down but you still love it because you’re still with the one you love and you’re both experiencing life as it comes.

74. You’re a dream come true.

The most beautiful dream ever. The one that you wish never ends.

75. You’re a gem.

That you promise to cherish and hold close to your heart forever.

So you see, you don’t always have to use the word ‘love’ to express how much your feel for them. There are a zillion other ways to express your emotions. Just close your eyes and think about the person and you will see so much more. Have some more interesting solutions on how to say I love you? Do share them with us and we will add it to the list.