7 Ways A Destination Wedding Will Save You Money

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Unless you’ve been living a nomadic life, you’ll know what a destination wedding is all about. You’ll also know that destination weddings are like the hottest wedding trends of the present time. All over the world, couples are ditching the traditional way of getting married. They are opting for a more stress-free, cheaper, and luxurious wedding option. And what tops that CHEAPER wedding options list? The destination wedding!

And let us tell you that destination weddings are not just meant for the rich community. Almost one in every five brides these days are opting for a destination wedding and are paying for it on their own too. So, what we’re trying to say is if you’re a soon-to-be bride or groom, stop treating destination weddings like they were a horror story script, and read the following seven ways through which destination weddings can help save your money. Read on.

1. A Guest List Which Is Intimate

The main agenda behind this type of wedding is to head to a new place with family and close friends ONLY and tie the knot like it were a very personal affair. If you marry in your home city we’re sure the guest list will be fifty or sometimes even a hundred times the number of people you’d invite for a destination wedding.

Picture a small ballroom decorated with minimal flower decor. And when you enter the wedding aisle, you’ll be greeted with the smiles of people who’ve played an important in your life and not be stared upon by the otherwise envious guests.

2. You Get Group Discounts

You Get Group Discounts
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Plenty of destinations worldwide recognize the importance of destination weddings. Organizing such weddings helps the resorts and hotels of such places earn more in less time along with minimal effort. Therefore, they look forward to inquiries for destination weddings. They offer destination wedding packages that suit your requirements. Some resorts also come up with tailor-made packages. Therefore, when you’re making a booking with one of the hotels or resorts for your dream wedding, make sure that you ask for any perks or freebies. They’ll likely offer a huge discount, free accommodation for the couple or even an upgrade in terms of stays.

3. Pick An Off-season Date

Pick An Off-season Date
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Trust us, you’ll end up saving a lot if you’re getting married in the off-season time. Be it airfare, commute within the destination, or deals at the resort or hotels — they are all thousands of rupees cheaper during the shoulder season. And if your destination wedding is in just another city and not another country, then just drive to the place instead of flying.

4. Go For All-inclusive Deals

Go For All-inclusive Deals
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Grabbing good deals is like grabbing happy hours in our life, isn’t it? We’re talking about looking out for venues that provide all inclusive packages that include rooms plus flight charges plus meals. Won’t that be great? If you can get your hands on such a package, then, half of your wedding worries end there. Many venues that offer destination wedding packages also offer free booze *star eyes*. Such deals are like a cherry on the cake.

5. Pick Cheaper Countries

Pick Cheaper Countries
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Destination weddings don’t always have to be on the European lands you know. Think of other developing countries in Asia. Countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, Bhutan, and Indonesia have equally scenic and beautiful venues that serve as perfect venues for a destination wedding. They are also on the cheaper side of currency tables. Do your research well and pick the right country for your wedding.

6. Just Go Local I Say

Just Go Local I Say
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No written rule says a destination wedding needs to be carried out abroad only. A wedding can still be called a destination wedding if it’s in another city or state too. You can pick a beach city in your own country for a beach wedding. You can also be married at a fort that boasts of alluring rustic charm. If you’re a mountain person, opt for a hill station maybe? Having a wedding done in a different part of your country will also work in terms of budget.

7. They Are Stress-free

They Are Stress-free
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This is the main reason why couples opt for destination weddings — they are far more stress-free and they are literally for real! On an important occasion like your wedding, saving stress and time is all you want to do. It helps you live the moment a little more, it gives you peace of mind, it keeps you sane, and it also helps you make more priceless memories with your family and loved ones.

Most of the venues that accommodate destination wedding requests already have wedding coordinators who’ll help plan and carry out your wedding within the said budget.

What more could a couple ask for, right? It’s your wedding peeps! And if you think having it the destination way will make you feel and look like the happiest bride and groom, then just go for it. This list of ours will surely come handy for you. What do you think about destination weddings? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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