How To Save A Relationship – 20 Practical Tips

How to save a relationship is a serious, heavy question. You can’t save what you can’t save; true. But if the thought of walking away from your relationship is playing on your mind, think again. Remember all the hard work and the efforts you two had put together to build it before giving it all away. A relationship takes so much of emotional attachment and time to build that losing it in a hurry, without giving it a last shot, is something that is utterly stupid. If you were once in love with your partner, you can find reasons to love and cherish them again because it is not the relationship that fails, but the people. If there’s trouble in paradise, then we’ve got some practical tips you can follow to set things right before it is too late.

How To Save A Relationship

Here’s How To Save A Relationship And Fix Your Relationship Problems:

1. Analyze What Is Troubling You. Both of You. Together.

Sometimes trifle issues related to work or other spheres in life can cause trouble. Sometimes, it’s a lot of this happening at the wrong time, and that happening at the right place. But you fail to understand the reason and simply blame your partner for not being good enough for you. Here’s where you start, if you’re really wondering how to save a relationship. Stop treating your spouse as a punching bag, fix your fights properly; calm down and analyze the exact reason of your issues to work together and solve them in time.

2. Spend Some ‘Me’ Time Too.

Too much of stepping into each other’s space can cause friction and suffocate the relationship. Instead, spend some time with yourself where you can indulge in some pampering and self-love to feel good instead of totally depending on your partner for your happiness.

Spend Some ‘Me’ Time Too

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3. Cultivate A Hobby Or Passion.

If you are constantly falling on your partner for all your engagements, things are sure to get difficult for both of you. You may be two halves of a soul, but that much clingy dependence will make sure you’re both far apart. So how to save a relationship? Instead of solely depending on your spouse to do things, cultivate a hobby or rekindle it to make an exclusive niche for your own self. That way, your self-worth and confidence will also increase which will surely reflect positively on your relationship.

4. Keep The TV Out Of The Bedroom.

The presence of a TV in the bedroom can cause havoc to your relationship without even you noticing it. Instead of talking to each other, you will be busy ogling at the screen watching stuff. Why not give it a miss and instead just converse with your partner about anything under the sun? It can be the perfect time to reconnect after a long day at work where you can relax and comfortably share the experiences of the day.

Keep The TV Out Of The Bedroom

5. Save Water By Taking Showers Together. ☺

Add some romance and spice to your relationship rather than being totally assured and laid back about it. For example, you can take a shower together while rushing for office. That window of some intimate space will be enough to spark up the romance and keep you going with anticipation when you get back in the evening and start off again from where you had left.

6. Discuss Important Things Face To Face.

How to save a relationship 101. This is basic. Instead of relying on phone calls and text messages to discuss about your problems, talk face to face to solve the issues. The texts and calls can be extremely misleading and have a huge potential to cause misunderstandings in relationships that can lead to permanent damage. Why take that risk? Just be as verbal as possible with your spouse for any issue and solve it amicably.

7. Allocate Some Quality Time To Spend Together.

Allocate Some Quality Time To Spend Together

Life can be a little hectic taking care of the duties and responsibilities and always carrying out a balancing act. The suppressed frustration and pressure of work can take a toll on your relationship as you hardly find any time to interact. So, how to save a relationship? Simple; plan out your day in such a way that you have some time for each other too, which can be anything like a morning walk (or an evening walk too), a long drive in the evening or just sitting together on the couch watching flicks.

8. Show Physical Affection Frequently.

Sometimes words are not sufficient enough to communicate your feelings but a healing and loving touch from your partner can help in bonding well. So, do not miss a single chance to cuddle up and explore all possibilities to enjoy physical proximity too.

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9. Surprise Each Other Often.

Surprise Each Other Often

Let not the monotony of everyday life kill the buzz. Surprise your partner often with some sweet gifts or gestures. They don’t need to be too elaborate or expensive too. Simple acts such as cooking her/his favourite dinner, bringing chocolates, or picking up a nice shirt or dress for your spouse can do the trick. Cute messages on post-its are also quite sweet and will be treasured by your partner.

10. Celebrate Togetherness Without Any Reason Or Occasions.

Instead of only celebrating important occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries, make it a point to celebrate togetherness for no reason at all. A grand and expensive arrangement is not required for this. It is the gesture that matters. Break the monotony and try finding time gaps to spend with each other so that you can interact freely and comfortably.

11. Shuffle The Routine.

If your lifestyle is set to a particular routine which you follow by the word, make changes from now on. It’s the fastest way, not just about how to save a relationship, but about saving yourself too. Shuffle the routine a bit and try to do things together as much as possible. It will not only give you the excuse to spend more time with each other but also relieve you from the works and responsibilities as both of you will be teaming up together to finish the chores. It will lead to less resentments and a feeling of shared responsibilities towards the relationship.

12. Play The ‘Staring Game’ Often.

Play The ‘Staring Game’ Often

Weren’t those times sweet when you two were courting each other and could spend hours together, just staring in each other’s eyes? Wasn’t that a magical experience? Where has that spark gone now? Maybe it is gone because you two have started taking each other for granted, hardly appreciating what you two share and not making efforts to strengthen the relationship. Indulge in the sweet staring game once again whenever you feel like and let the magic work on you two, all over again.

13. Respect Your Partner Without Conditions.

In any relationship, respect is fundamental. And if you do not respect your partner or look down upon him or her, it is never going to work out in the long run. It is foremost that to salvage the relationship you respect your partner and accept the way he or she is. Snide remarks and sarcastic comments (especially in public) can damage the rapport you share permanently. Mean words hurt hard and once spoken, you cannot take them back. Looking down upon your partner or insulting her or him in any way should not be even in your mind, for any reason at all. Mutually talk things out with your partner if something about her or him is bothering you rather than being mean towards them.

14. Hang Out Together For Casual Chats.

Casual hangouts are a ‘life-breather’ when it’s about how to save a relationship. Chilling to hang out and converse can work wonders to heal the bond and help you reconnect with your partner. In these outings, keep the conversation light and humorous and steer clear from heavy issues. The aim is to spend a good time together, chill out and enjoy each other’s company than to be worried about the problems in life because some or the other issue will always be there, but it is the small moments that build a relationship and help you face everything with confidence.

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15. Go On A Date At Least Once In A While.

Treat your partner with a candle light dinner or a romantic movie date once in a while to bring back the feelings and to break the monotony. Acts like role play and other naughty games can also heighten the passion and make you more drawn towards your partner to whom you were once madly attracted (and still are).

16. Focus On Your Partner’s Happiness.

See, when it comes to things like how to save a relationship, you know it’s not just about you. Instead of thinking about what you want, think what you can give or do for your partner. Doing something for your love can really have a magical effect. Not only will you feel satisfied by the good act but your partner will also realize and reciprocate it. If one takes the responsibility of the other’s happiness, it can be the perfect recipe for a happy and content relationship.

17. Communicate, Communicate And Communicate!

How To Save A Relationship - Communicate, Communicate And Communicate!

This is the holy grail of all relationship issue solutions, the single answer to all the questions that come before, along with and after ‘how to save a relationship?’. This is actually a litmus test for all couples. Having your own unique rules and codes and ‘phrases’ and ways of saying things is okay, but the bottomline is communication.

Do not let your ego take the upper hand. If something is bothering you then do not wait for the other person to guess it. The guessing game never works and it always leads to more misunderstandings. Your partner is not a magician who will understand your unspoken words. What we see in movies is a bit exaggerated and they are hardly practical. Communicate with your partner often and sort out the differences calmly in a mature way rather than just firing your ego.

18. Work As A Team.

You and your partner are a team, but the efforts required to make it the ‘best team’ need to be put in by you two only. Work together and develop a good chemistry and understanding of each other. You can be each other’s experts so that you develop a bond of sensitivity and perception and can connect well on any plane, be it physical or emotional. Heck, if you think you’re both up to it, go ahead and become best friends.

19. Give It A Real Shot Before Deciding To Separate.

Before you decide to break away from everything, give your best to salvage the relationship. Do everything possible and leave no stone unturned for the sake of the relationship so that when you walk out, you walk out without regrets.

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20. Get Professional Help.

Generally this is the most obvious answer to how to save a relationship. In dire situations, if nothing works, do not shy away from seeking the help of qualified professionals. After all, nothing is more important than the both of you being together and solving your differences. Counsellors can help you assess the problem and help you take the right steps to salvage the relationship.

Hope the suggestions and ideas will help you nurture your relationship forever. If you have any queries regarding the same, do let us know. We will be glad to answer.

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