How To Avoid Getting Lipstick On Your Teeth

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You spend all that time to pick out the perfect shade of lipstick, finish your entire makeup, and go to the party. Unfortunately, you look in the mirror and find that your lipstick has bled on your teeth. Not a great sight! So, how to prevent lipstick from getting on your teeth? Follow some simple steps to prevent a lipstick disaster.

How To Keep Lipstick Off Your Teeth

Keep Lipstick Off Your Teeth

  • The easiest thing to do to prevent lipstick on your teeth is to suck on your finger. Just put your finger in your mouth and pull through. This will get all the lipstick that is on the inner part of your lip.
  • Another way to prevent a lipstick faux pas is to use a lip liner on the inner part of the lip as it is less easy to transfer.
  • You can use transfer-proof lipsticks. They come at affordable rates and can promise an incident-free evening.

transfer-proof lipsticks

  • Blot your lipstick with a tissue paper by keeping it between your lips and smack your lips. This helps in keeping the lipstick off your teeth. Some lipsticks contain oils that cause the lipstick to spread. Blotting will eliminate the excess oil.
  • Application of excess lipstick also transfers onto the teeth. A quick way to blot the excess lipstick from the lips is to apply some transparent/translucent loose powder and dab it with a sponge or a brush.

straw while drinking as this prevents

  • Use a straw while drinking as this prevents the lipstick from transferring onto your teeth.

look extremely unattractive

  • Avoid biting your lips. Not only does it look extremely unattractive, but biting your lips transfers the color onto the teeth as well.

Now that you know the different ways to prevent lipstick from getting on your teeth, here is a step-by-step procedure on how to apply lipstick properly so that it will not lead to any embarrassing situations.

How To Apply Lipstick In A Proper Way

You Will Need

  • Lip Balm/Lip Conditioner
  • Lip Scrub
  • Lip Pencil
  • Lipstick
  • Lip Brush
  • Translucent/Tinted Powder

Step1 : Apply Lip Balm

Start the makeup by prepping your lips. Apply a lip balm/lip conditioner as this will make your lips appear smoother and softer. You can also use a lip scrub prior to the application of the lip balm for a non-flaky effect. Allow the lip balm to stay on for a good five to ten minutes for it to get absorbed into the lip.

Step 2: Line Your Lips

Try to match the shades of the lip pencil and lipstick as this helps you to have a stronger base for lipstick application. It also intensifies the color of the lipstick.

Start applying it from the highest point of the cupid’s bow and outline your lips following the natural lip shape. Then, use the same lip liner and fill the entire lip. This serves as the base for your lipstick and prevents smudging.

Step 3: Apply Lipstick

Apply the lipstick all over your lips with a lip brush. You can also directly use the lipstick bullet for application. If you feel the lip balm applied previously is slicking off your lipstick, then apply some translucent or tinted loose powder all over your lips to provide a good surface for your lipstick. Then, run a clean, thin lip brush all over your lips to spread it evenly everywhere, even on the fine lines of the lips.

Step 4: Suck On Your Finger

Once you are done applying the lipstick, gently suck on your finger, and as you pull out your finger, you will hear a popping sound. This technique removes the excess lip color from the inner part of the lips by transferring it onto the finger.

This is how you keep lipstick off your teeth. Wasn’t that a great makeup trick? No more embarrassing moments when someone points out your lipstick-infused teeth! Now, smile your way into people’s hearts!

Have you ever faced awkward situations where you were caught with lipstick on your teeth? How do you prevent this problem? Share your tricks with us in the comments section below.

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