How To Prevent A Wedding Day Beauty Meltdown – Hacks And Tricks

Your wedding is one occasion where you get to be the princess of your fairy-tale. And of course, you want to look your best. You hire a professional makeup artist and stylist to prep you properly for the occasion to make you look the part and nothing less. But in spite of your best efforts, what if things start going downhill? How would you be better prepared to handle any unexpected beauty disasters? Here are a few tricks and hacks that’ll help you avoid and tackle a beauty meltdown (if faced with one).


Hacks To Prevent Your Makeup From Running Or Smearing

Application of the makeup and choosing the right blend of colours in accord with your attire is not the only concern that you should have on mind. The quality of the makeup applied and the type also determines how well it will look even after hours of application and constant exposure to the outside environment, artificial light and sweat. To keep things smooth and to ensure that your face bears a matte effect all day long, keep these points in mind while getting your makeup done:

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1. Prepare Your Skin With An Oil Based Primer

Always prep your face with a suitable primer which complements your skin type, especially if you have oily skin, makeup should be done with care.. To avoid a beauty meltdown, choose a primer with a glycerin base that will keep your skin hydrated, fill in the pores, fine lines and wrinkles, even out the skin surface and also hold on to the makeup much better.

2. Use Water-Proof Makeup

Nowadays, there are ample range of foundations available in the market that give you even coverage and waterproof benefits as they are specially formulated to deal with the sweat and moisture. Choose a foundation which suits your skin the best and helps enhance your natural skin tone without melting down in sweat.

3. Opt For Cream Based Eye Shadow And Blush

Bridal eye makeup plays an important role in shaping the complete look. So instead of the conventional powder eye shadows and blushes, you can try the cream versions as they are more resistant to sweat and moisture and stay intact on your skin much longer. The cream based ones are easier to apply too as the moisture helps in blending the colour better with your skin.

4. Apply Waterproof Eyeliner And Mascara

Opt for gel liner or waterproof liners, that once dried, will not come out even if it comes in contact with sweat or moisture. On top of that, choose a waterproof mascara to add to the effect of waterproof makeup even better. Once it dries out completely, you can simply forget that you have even applied it. Opt for numerous options from reliable cosmetic brands in the market that suit your skin and budget.

5. Mist A Setting Spray Over The Makeup

When you are done with the makeup and have applied the setting powder, spray a mist of setting spray to seal the deal. It will lock in the layers of makeup in a compact manner and will help you avoid any last moment disaster.

Beauty Must-Haves To Carry On Your Wedding Day


It is just not the makeup application and using waterproof mascara that will help in preventing a wedding day beauty meltdown. You should have a little knowledge about makeup tips and here are things that you need to carry for any last minute emergencies:

1. Keep A Parasol Handy

To prevent your skin from exposure to the sun, you can always keep a cute and colourful parasol handy. It protects your skin from the sun and the sweat, and you don’t have to worry about a sudden downpour dampening your makeup. Now that’s quite common during humid summer months.

2. Carry Enough Blotting And Tissue Papers

Always keep your vanity bag stocked with enough blotting papers and tissues. It can salvage an untimely blotch, an unfortunate spill on the dress and even the oiliness on your face that can cause havoc to your makeup if not cleaned in time. With the use of a blotting paper, all that sweat and oil is quickly absorbed, especially on areas such as the nose, forehead and the chin. This will help keep your makeup oil free.

3. Carry Setting Powder In Your Handbag

It is an essential cosmetic item that must always be there in your bag. Managing a smear or oily skin can be easy if you have a setting powder or a translucent loose powder handy to fix the problem quickly. The powder absorbs any sweat, moisture or oiliness on your skin and helps in keeping the makeup intact.

4. Waterproof Mascara

Apart from applying waterproof mascara, you should also carry it along so that you can keep re-touching your makeup from time to time to prevent any dullness. If you are not too sure about black mascara, you can also consider taking clear waterproof mascara that keeps your lashes defined without adding the excessive layer of black on them.

5. The Anti-Frizz Spray Bottle

Humidity and moisture are not only disastrous for your makeup but can also create havoc for your hair making it frizzy and ruining your wedding day hairstyle. To prevent such a catastrophe, carry an anti-frizz spray can and use it often whenever you feel the need.

6. Bring Enough Bobby Pins And A Hairspray

To control any bridal hairstyle or mane emergency, do carry your set of bobby pins and hair clips to manage the situation. Spray your clips with hairspray before pushing them in your hair for better and steady hold. Do keep the hair spray bottle handy too for any last moment emergencies or requirements if you feel like the hairstyle is about to fall apart any time soon.

Hope you found the tips and hacks about how to prevent a wedding day beauty meltdown useful. Put your best foot forward and don’t let anything dampen your spirit on the D-Day!

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