10 Secrets On How To Plan Honeymoon Romance Specials: The List

Is the wedding buzz over or buzzing over your head like a hangover? Or are you just living your days to just go on that amazing honeymoon that you have no clue how to plan? It can sometimes be overwhelming, preparing for the perfect honeymoon. Here are 10 steps to make sure you have a memorable honeymoon, right from the start.

1. Discuss Plans



Make sure you discuss the plans together. You may be a couple who have shared their interests for a long time or just about to discover each other in your new marriage. Discussing the honeymoon plans can be one of the first plans you make together as a couple, except if the entire thing is a surprise for your partner!

2. When?


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You may be a couple where one has a completely different schedule than the other when it comes to their careers. You could be doing your PhD and she could be looking to change jobs some time soon. Make sure you don’t rush into a honeymoon because you got married just now. Plan it such a way that all the other things in your work-life, don’t get in the way of a perfect honeymoon.

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3. Money Matters…



Discuss budget openly with your partner. If it’s a luxurious Nile cruise, or a sweet road trip to a local hill station, you can make an informed decision by planning your budget, and optimizing your trip for its worth.

4. Travel

How do you plan to travel? If you want to travel by air or book yourselves a cruise, it doesn’t matter what, but make sure you book the tickets well on time. You might want to make sure there are seats available for the time you both have discussed to have your honeymoon.

5. Beach Or Trekking?



You may love your partner for sharing your love for nature and its scenic beauty, or for the sheer adrenaline you share for a thrill of adventure while mountain climbing. Find out what type of honeymoon you would enjoy together as a couple, or a place where you can mix the moods of adrenaline and romance.

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6. Accommodation


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The bubbling of warm water in a Jacuzzi, or the classy suite where all the action happens, you want to make sure you have a comfortable stay, with the facilities that you desire. Splurge well for your accommodation. It’s going to be worth it.

7. Study Geography


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Yeah, it sounds like a to-do list of a student writing 10th board exam. Study the geography of your honeymoon destination, and make sure you go to all the important places there, and plan the transport well. The waterfalls, or the snake museum, you don’t want to miss it right?

8. Smart Travel Is An Art

Be a smart traveller and carry a fully charged phone, money, IDs, hotel contacts, torch, and other necessary things for any kind of travel. If you have an obsessive compulsive disorder, you probably won’t forget the first-aid mini-kit either. Preparedness is a good turn-on for many partners!

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9. Important Checklist

If you are travelling for honeymoon to another country, make sure you have all the necessary vaccinations, and also documents like visa and the passport. Carry all the necessary IDs as well.

10. Honeymoon Bonus: Plan Surprises!



Plan little surprises for your new partner and make your honeymoon even more special. A surprise couple’s massage or even a sweet bottle of bubbly and candies sent to your honeymoon suite can add a charming touch to the wonderful memories you make as a couple.