7 Perfect Hair Brooches For Weddings That You've Always Desired

As if all the bridal fashion dresses and sarees, bridal make-up, and bridal jewellery aren’t enough, you have other bridal accessories to worry about for a full preparation for your D-day! The perfect lehenga choli or Kancheepuram saree, has to go with the right Kundan jewellery or Temple jewellery, the make-up has to go with the wedding theme and the clothing style… so many details to take care of. There lies the success of a full and flawless bridal profile – in details. The smallest of elements can make or break a bridal look that one is aspiring for. These trendy hair brooches for weddings are precisely the right elements that can put a whole new spin to your bridal mien.

Here are 7 of the best bridal hair brooches across different cultures, weddings and most importantly… bridal hairstyles! Let the show begin!

1. The Billai

Hair Brooches For Weddings - The Billai

Image Courtesy : Charumathi G.R.

First up on our list of the best hair brooches for weddings, the billai. The nine hair brooches in descending size that are adorned down the bridal plait in a traditional South Indian wedding. They are of various kinds today, modern designs approaching traditional jewellery making innovations, but what you see is the traditional rounded billai with red and green stones in a gold framework, with plenty of jasmine to adorn the hair, as it should be on the wedding day!

2. The Rakodi

Hair Brooches For Weddings - Rakodi

Via: Source

The rakodi is also a part of the billai, Chandra surya pirai, etc. But when the hair is worn as a bun, it can be really gorgeous when embellished with the rakodi at the centre, keeping the bun together almost, and flowers can be laid out in the upper circumference of the bun to complement the wedding hairdo and accentuate the rakodi. Worthy of being on any list of the best hair brooches for weddings.

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3. Juda Pin

Hair Brooches For Weddings - Juda Pin

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The North Indian equivalent of the rakodi, the juda pin is an embellishment added to the bun hairdo in the North Indian bridal style. Sometimes available with hanging jhumka-like ornamentations or gem-droplets, to add the spice to a nice wedding reception look for the bride!

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4. Corsage Hair Brooch

Hair Brooches For Weddings - Corsage Hair Brooch

Via: Source

This is a corsage motif hair brooch in silver and crystals that rests snugly next to a beautiful bun for a festive yet classy wedding look. The bridal profile will be so catchy that it will make the guests tell the bride “Chashm-e-baddoor”!

5. Kundan Style Juda Clip

Hair Brooches For Weddings - Kundan Style Juda Clip

Via: Source

Kundan jewellery has been added the all time popular hits chart, for its increasing fame in Indian bridal jewellery collection. This Kundan Style juda clip will complement a good set of Kundan Jewellery worn with a lehenga choli with mirror work or sequins. While Kundan jewellery is a Rajasthani tradition, it has been gaining popularity and can be seen in contemporary South Indian bridal hairstyles as well.

6. Gold Jhoomar With Pearls And Diamonds

Hair Brooches For Weddings - Gold Jhoomar With Pearls And Diamonds

Aliya Baig, Make-Up Artist, Hyderabad

A typical piece of jewellery from an Indian traditional Muslim wedding, specifically Hyderabad, this gold jhoomar is one of the prettiest hair brooches for weddings, and is complete with strings of pearls attaching together gold filigree with studded diamonds. This is a common hair brooch used in North Indian weddings, and goes well with a matching set of tikka. Glam up with your choice of jhoomar on your special day!

7. Golden Floral Hair Brooch

Hair Brooches For Weddings - Golden Floral Hair Brooch

Pooja Sonik, Hair and Make-up

This stunning hair brooch displays a floral motif studded with yellow stones to look like a golden sparkle from flowers. With a heavy set of bridal earrings and extensively embroidered or embellished bridal dress, and no necklace at all, this simple hair brooch can be all that you need to be a star in your own wedding reception without a doubt.