How To Master Hindu Bridal Makeup In 10 Easy Steps

Hinduism embraces many faiths and traditions under its vast and benevolent umbrella. The traditional Hindu bride is a picture of feminine beauty, one who extols all the virtues and characteristics that are appreciated by our empowered and egalitarian society. Her elegance and grace compliment her and only highlight the beautiful individual she is.

If you are one of the brides who has no interest in being another template bride and are looking to highlight your natural beauty instead, then you have stumbled across the recipe for the perfect bridal look. With the knell of wedding bells resounding everywhere, there are a lot of brides who are looking to look their best. Scroll down for tips on how to achieve the most sublime yet stunning look with our Hindu bridal makeup guide.

1. Cleanse Your Face

Hindu Bridal Makeup - Cleanse Your Face

Image: Shutterstock

The fundamentals are the same. You need to cleanse your face gently, to remove the dirt and sweat in the areas surrounding your neck and face. Then rinse with cold water and pat it dry.

2. Find The Right Foundation

Hindu Bridal Makeup - Find The Right Foundation

Image: Shutterstock

Employ a foundation to take care of the dark circles (also known as hyper-pigmentation), acne spots or any other blemishes that you might have. A quick tip – use foundation before applying concealer, you will end up removing most of it, if you add it later. In addition, it goes without saying that the water-proof, sweat-proof variety is the one you need. Try to pick a cream-whipped foundation aka mousse which blends in better with the skin and smooths out evenly, to avoid a cakey makeup. A classic tip for Hindu bridal makeup or otherwise.

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3. Primer Is The key

Hindu Bridal Makeup - Primer

Image : VikramArora Photography

The next crucial step in the Hindu bridal makeup check-list is the application of the primer, note the word crucial here. This will help the foundation stay in place and withstand all extremes – be it the lights or the fire.

4. Set The Foundation Right

Hindu Bridal Makeup - foundation makeup

Image Courtesy : Preach Art

Utilise some compact powder foundation or pressed/loose powder, to get the foundation to set perfectly. Now using a fluff brush ( it blend really well) ensure maximum coverage with the least permissible heaviness. And remember, if you’re lucky enough to possess dusky skin, embrace it! Do not even imagine pandering to conventional standards of beauty or even giving in to all those annoying relatives who kept sighing over the years, “If only she were a little fairer…”; stick to your guns and go out in a blaze of stunning beauty. You are the showstopper, babe.

5. Brush The Blush

Hindu Bridal Makeup - blush bride makeup

Image Courtesy : Intocandid Photography

Next comes the blush, the most important member in the makeup family that brings out that soft beautiful glow on the face. If we were to give one piece of advice, it would be to avoid the dark combo – like opting for a darker shade of blush and on lips and eyes.

6. Sport A Bindi

Hindu Bridal Makeup - Sport A Bindi

Image: Sudeep Bhattacharya Photography

Next up is the bindi, or any other forehead decoration, which is customary and a Hindu bridal makeup staple.

7. Add Drama To The Eyes

Hindu Bridal Makeup - Eye Make up

Image Courtesy: DreamWeavers

After this, we can move on to what is considered the all-important step – the eyes. It is important to get just the right look for them, to maximise the dramatic potential of these beautiful aspects of a woman’s beauty. Most will employ false eyelashes, along with applying eye shadow. To get an interesting effect, use three shades and then blend them in to smoothen the rough edges. Use a water resistant kajal on your lower eyelashes line and then attach fake eyelashes, and conclude with the application of eyeliner.

8. Shape Those Eyebrows

Hindu Bridal Makeup - Shape Eyebrows

Image Courtesy: DreamWeavers

Remove any stray hairs, if any, and fill in your eyebrows using a eye brow brush to give it that perfect sharp shape.

9. Line The Lips

Hindu Bridal Makeup - Line The Lips

Image Courtesy : PhotoTantra

Lastly, the lips. Using a lip pencil/liner, outline the contours of your lips and fill in uniformly with the lipstick. Put on another coat after about a minute. For those who love to sport the shimmery look can swipe on some lip gloss of your choice.

10. Sweep Him Off His Feet!

Hindu Bridal Makeup - Final Look

Image : VikramArora Photography

Go out there and sweep everybody off their feet and revel in the compliments.