How To Make Your Own Perfect Wedding Vows

Wedding vows are creatures of different feather, sending people off onto flights of emotion and fancy by virtue of the intent of the words involved. True, words can seem limited in trying to encapsulate your definition of love and all those other feelings that come with it. Indeed, when one comes to the crux of things, it is almost universally found that words pale in comparison to the emotional significance of these vast valleys of states of being; but in the end words and actions are all we have to try and express ourselves despite all our collective wishes for superpo… We mean world peace, yeah, that’s the one.


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You can stick with traditional wedding vows, or you can make an indelible impression on each other and the minds of your guests with a truly personalised wedding vow. With a few well considered words, or that perfect anecdotal quip that recalls a beloved and closely regarded moment, you can send your audience into peals of laughter and make them reach smilingly for tissues to wipe away teary eyes in a truly ‘awww!’some moment. And this moment is entirely yours, and your future partner-in-crime’s. Make the most of it by relating everything you have to say with pizzazz, panache and aplomb.

Many people go for the tried and tested traditional route consisting of the ‘Till Death do Us Part’ bit, but couples today are increasingly moving off the beaten track and cooking up their own versions of words they choose to live by. Such integral words should be uniquely your own, distinct from all others’. While there is nothing wrong with going with the standard versions of pre-written vows, wouldn’t it be brilliant to add your own flair to such a life-defining occasion? In fact, you might be really glad for having defined it so early on, this would certainly lend to dealing with situations before they pop up in the first place.

The issue, as always, rests with drawing the line between good tear inducing and making people yawn. The solution is absurdly simple – keep it simple and sincere. No matter how bungling your words may turn about to me, there is something about the purity of sincere emotion that never fails to resonate.

Once you have the basic emotions that you want to convey, the next task is to find the best, most suitable and superlatively romantic way to express them. Take a piece of paper each and write down all the words and phrases that express your feelings for each other, things that express how you felt when you met or started dating or you tend to feel when you are together with each other or without each other. From there, it is usually found that the vows start to write themselves, and the problem becomes whittling down all the things you suddenly want to say.

Scroll on down for some examples to take inspiration from, and write some breathtaking vows.

Give It A Funny Tone And Aim For Some Laughs!

These usually turn out to be some of the most possibly cutest and sweetest little vows that usually ends up with the couple involved along with the rest of their congregation to burst out in to peals of laughter. Full of anecdotes and little inside jokes, these will get your messages on intent across to each other while simultaneously making hugely adoring fans out of the guests and other loved and near ones who will be glad to have been part of such a special occasion.

Funny way for vows

Say It In Rhyme!

If you are one those fans of poesy, literature, rhyme and meter, then there is truly no better way to distinguish yourselves from the rest of your esteemed peers than be presenting your vows to each other in the form of individually written poems that will have the whole congregation very impressed. You might even catch an admiring glance or two that clearly recognizes your advanced level of comfort with the written English form of your soon-to-be significant other’s eldest mausi. You might pray for the newly relevant in-laws to have caught all this instead, but then there might be a thing as actually hoping for too much.

rhyme vows

Tune In To The Geek Side

As the advent of Geek Culture becomes an unstoppable juggernaut of social upheaval, all of us geeks are now getting our time in the sun. Evoke the sensibilities and fortunes of your favourite fandoms, Explore different themes, choosing a geek reference that will be beautifully tailored to amaze the other person, and leave them with hysteric giggles. For example, take this lovely contender from a whole another galaxy that’s not really that far away.

My Queen, may the Force be with us as we travel through the galaxy of life. I pledge to never turn to the Dark Side but stand forever in the illumination of our love. I vow to fight the Evil Emperor and I invite you take your place at my side as we rule the galaxy. Take my hand and stand with me for light and justice throughout our lives.

Or perhaps go the whole Lord of The Rings route and evoke the beautifully romantic story of the Dunedain Ranger who went by the name of Aragorn and that of his ethereal elvish love Arwen. Let all and sundry see how close you are with these spectacular words.

geek style vows

Go The Traditional Route

There is always the standard fall-back option of going with a more traditional approach to the whole shebang. This is a course of action that turns out to usually be a tried and tested gambit, and is guaranteed to get your wedding done and over, so that you can both happily move on to the entire marriage thing. These might be regarded as being unusually anachronistic and no longer in, but only to the degenerate hippies who clearly have nothing better to do than to complain while stuffing their faces with as much of the free food as possible.

Traditional vows

Say Everything!

There are those who will not be content with assembling a whole two page wedding vow, you will always get them. The ones who are just too happy to contain themselves to one mode, making it ridiculously hard to categorise them as being too formal, or somewhat casual, having too many funny bits, while not being entirely serious as well. If you are good with your words, and you know how to tell a story, then by all means – Be a truly effective raconteur and go wild!

Say everything vows