How To Make Your Husband Love You More Than He Ever Did

Just like valleys, marriages are also full of peaks and troughs… and if that isn’t the most disconcerting thing you’ve read today, there are the dreaded flat-lines to talk about. We’re just kidding. Wanting to regain a spark that seems to have gone missing is normal, and isn’t just limited to you.

Instead of sitting there and wondering how much he still loves you (a thankless exercise), you can take the initiative and make things happen. Remember, it’s not about who takes the initiative to reignite the spark, it’s about mutual benefit and getting out of a slump. If that makes sense to you, and you think it will to your husband as well, then here’s how to make your husband love you more:

1. Talking Is Sharing

How To Make Your Husband Love You More - Talking Is Sharing

Communication is one of the first things to be affected when a relationship reaches a flat-line, and sparkling 4 am talks seem to be a distant memory. Talk to him about things of value; start with him. Ask him how his day was. If met with a short “fine,” inquire further and make (non accusatory) observations about his tiredness etc. Give him time to reply and assure him how much you care for his well being.

2. Take More Trips

How To Make Your Husband Love You More - Take More Trips

Spending time together is a great way to deepen a shared connection, so make plans for a date. It could be anything from a walk, a dinner or even doing some shopping for the house. The important thing is that you act like a team and a couple, which you are, and spend time doing things together.

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3. A Present

How To Make Your Husband Love You More - A Present

Wanna know a shortcut on how to make your husband love you more? Here’s an easy one; get him something he’s been wanting for a while. The only catch here is that you can’t get him what you think he’s missing or what you think is good for him, it has to be something that he’s been wanting, even if you’re not personally sure of its value. Watch him light up and appreciate the gesture, because after all what says “I care” more than a thoughtful gift?

4. Praise Him In Front Of The Kids/Family

How To Make Your Husband Love You More - Praise Him In Front Of The Family

If he’s got his sister or mother visiting (don’t grimace now) then it would be nice of you to speak appreciatively of him in front of them, no matter how you feel about them. The same applies to your kids, teach them to be proud of their wonderful father. He will love you all the more for it.

5. Leave Him Notes

How To Make Your Husband Love You More - Leave Him Notes

No, we’re not talking about bills here. Think more of little reminders showing that you care and miss him. They could be in his lunch box, in his bag or waiting for him on his pillow when you’re out of town. They serve as reminders of your love and are tangible, meaning he can hold them and keep them, unlike, say, a text message.

6. Set Up Romantic Moments

How To Make Your Husband Love You More - Set Up Romantic Moments

We’re talking going the whole hog. Candle lit dinners, walks along deserted stretches of beach at night and everything in between. You are husband and wife, and there will as such always be time for the finer, romantic things in life.

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7. Foreplay!

How To Make Your Husband Love You More - Foreplay!

Okay, so how to make your husband love you more in the sheets? If your intimate sessions are scheduled to 10 pm on Wednesdays, there’s absolutely nothing sexy about them any more. They may serve a physical need, but where’s the spice? Send each other naughty texts when at work or away, longing looks and suggestive touches when together but not at home, and let things happen spontaneously as well, without worrying too much about schedules and other priorities.

8. Dress Up

How To Make Your Husband Love You More - Dress Up

Buy some new outfits, and while you’re at it, pick something up for him too. If that involves making time for a morning run, then so be it. Make sure that you’ve been into the routine for a good 3-4 weeks before you suggest that he join it too.

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9. Be Confident!

How To Make Your Husband Love You More - Be Confident!

A huge, HUGE, part of attractiveness and intimacy is confidence! Be the strong confident woman you’ve always been and assert yourself. Makes things happen and demand of your husband in the ways above that you guys reach a before unseen height in your relationship, and that you bring about and retain a definite spark and edge to your marriage that may itself change from time to time but never goes away.
Good luck!

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