How To Make Paper Flowers For Wedding – 5 Stunning DIY Ideas

Mankind has long been in love with flowers of all kinds. Flowers have inspired some of the greatest artists and musicians. It is not for nothing that Wordsworth’s most famous poem is about daffodils. Flowers are also a symbol of romance, passion, and the continuity of life. So is your wedding day!

So, incorporating floral motifs in your wedding decoration would be a classic and timeless gesture which will never go out of style. If you are an artistically-inclined bride who is looking for a DIY project to really personalize your wedding décor, you have definitely come to the right place. Wedding paper flowers are not only a way to express your creativity; they are also cost-effective and beautiful to look at. So, here we have collected some ideas that you might want to explore for your big day.

1. Paper Pinned Flowers



This effect is achieved by alternating a layer of card stock and a printed page. You could even use copies of your favourite book to make it your own.

  • First, cut out eight flowers from the paper you intend to use – four from the card stock and four from the printed page.
  • Just punch in circles and then scallop the edges to get the shape.
  • Crumple each flower shape and then smooth them out again.
  • Now, we need to stack each flower onto a brad, alternating between layers of card stock and the printed page.
  • Once this is done, level out the petals until you get the desired shape.

Tip: If you spray the card stock with water, it will become more pliable. Once it dries out, it hardens, giving more stability to the flowers.

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2. Paper Flower Balls

This is a gorgeous yet easy DIY project that can be used as centrepieces or hung about the venue.

  • You first need to draw by hand, and cut out the flower of your choice on a thick piece of paper or card stock. You can alternate colours, if you wish.
  • Once the cut-outs are done, you can attach the individual flowers onto a Styrofoam ball using fancy pins. These will be available in craft supply shops in a variety of colours.
  • This would look gorgeous in both an indoor and outdoor wedding venue.

Tip: If you want to work with more than one colour, then cut slightly larger flowers from the darker shade of paper. Then, you could put the lighter (and smaller) flower in the centre of the larger flower to make a compound flower. Then, pin this to a Styrofoam ball.

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3. White Flower Hangings

This gorgeous design can be achieved in a few simple steps.

  • First cut out tulip shaped flowers from a thick paper. Again, you can pick and choose the colours you would like to see.
  • Once this is done, curl the edges of the flowers outward using your scissors. In addition, you could also cut out leaf-shaped pieces to hang in between the flowers.
  • Just fold the leaves in half and slightly curl the edges with your scissors.
  • Once this is done, take a needle with a thread and string the cut paper flowers and leaves at equal intervals.
  • Voila, your flower hangings are done.

Tip: If you could get a wooden branch, then you could use that to hold the hangings in place for a more artistic look.

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4. Tissue Flowers

  • To get this look, start by cutting out coloured crepe or tissue paper streamer rolls about 24 inches in length. Each strip will form one flower.
  • Crumple up the paper at the edges if you want a softer look.
  • Then, start rolling the strip horizontally between your fingers so that the edge of the crepe forms the face of the rose.
  • Add a drop of hot glue to the bottom to hold the rosette together.
  • Once you have made a few rosettes, you can glue them onto a round Styrofoam ball close to one another.
  • Vary the length of the paper to get flowers of different sizes.

Tip: You can add two or more colours to give it a more vibrant look. You can also add green leaf-shaped paper in between to give it a more natural look.

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5. Paper Flower Daisies

This would be an incredibly classy decoration. From recycled paper, cut out the simple daisy shape. Add two of the layers together, attached to a green stem. A bouquet of these simple flowers would be as stunning as decorative pieces.

Alternatively, you could tie them together with a dainty lace ribbon and put them in a clear glass or mini-wine bottles for a cozy table decoration for the wedding venue.

Tip: You can add more layers to the daisy flower to give it a more luxurious look. Also, vary the size of the flowers to achieve a more natural look for your bouquet.
We hope these ideas have inspired you to create some great DIY flowers for your wedding day. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!