How To Make Mehndi Dark: A Step-By-Step Guide

In the Indian context, mehndi, specially bridal mehndi is considered very auspicious and it is a must in the rituals and celebrations such as marriages, karva chauth, teej, chhath puja etc. It is believed that the darker the colour of mehndi on the bride’s hands and feet, the more love and care she would get from her husband. Whether it is true or not is debated, but knowing how to make mehndi dark is important in the Hindu culture and traditions nevertheless.

How To Make Mehndi Dark?

Here are some tips to get darken mehndi and get a deeper shade for your mehndi designs.

1. Wash Your Skin Thoroughly (Before Applying Mehndi)

Step 1 on how to make mehndi dark is preparing the skin. Before you start applying mehndi, thoroughly wash the area where you want to get the mehndi done with soap and water to make sure you get rid of all the dirt and oil. When your skin is clean, the colour of the mehndi is better absorbed by the skin which makes your mehndi colour appear rich and dark and you get a nice tinge of crimson red or burgundy.

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2. Apply Eucalyptus/Mehndi Oil

To enhance the colour of the mehndi, add a few drops of eucalyptus/mehndi oil in the paste and mix it well. The naturally occurring chemicals in the oil work well with the dye to give a rich colour. It’s a quick way on how to make mehndi dark.

3. Let It Dry Completely

How to make mehndi dark and long-lasting? After applying mehndi, instead of washing it off with water, let it dry completely so that you get the maximum benefit. By doing so, you will get a very dark mehndi colour after application.

4. Keep It On For Long Time

Try to keep your mehndi on for the longest time possible; it’s the easiest option, if you really want to know how to make mehndi dark. You can restrict your activities for a while. The best time to apply mehndi is at night. Once it dries up, you can go to sleep without worrying about peeling it off so that when you wake up in the morning you get the darkest colour possible without losing the day hours.

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5. The Magic Of Clove Smoke

This is a traditional solution on how to make mehndi dark. As the mehndi dries, put some cloves on a pan and turn on the flame. When smoke starts coming from the pan, place your hands above the pan carefully so that your skin can absorb the clove oil mixed smoke. This helps the mehndi get darker as it dries.

6. Apply Mixture Of Sugar And Lemon

The typical process on how to make mehndi dark. It is a very neat trick to ensure that mehndi stays put longer on the hands and feet. When your mehndi has almost dried, apply a mixture of sugar and lemon on it using a cotton ball. The sugar will make the mehndi stick for a long time and the acid in the lemon will react with the dye of mehndi to give a darker tinge of colour.

7. Apply Vicks Or Pickle Oil

After you’ve taken off the dried mehndi from your skin, apply a layer of Vicks balm or rub some pickle oil on it. Doing so will also give good results.

8. Do Not Wash Hands With Water (After Mehndi Is Applied)

This is needless to say that you must not wash the area at least on the day you have applied mehndi so that your skin can totally absorb the colour. Exposing the area to water can cause the mehndi colour to fade.

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Found these tips on how to make mehndi dark useful? Have any other tips that work? Do let us know if you do and we’ll add it to our list.

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