10 Tips On How To Make Your Husband Feel Special

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If you are blessed with a marriage you feel grateful for everyday in your life, then you must invest a lot of yourself in such a relationship. It is not a cliché to say commitment is the foundation of any relationship whether it is between you and your work, your friends, your family, and especially your spouse. In the long-run of things, you might be worried about yourself and your husband getting tired of the routine, and are wondering what are the ways in which you can make him feel loved, and on the same page with you. Worry not. The following 10 tips are bound to make your husband feel special, and your marriage much stronger:

1. Communicate

Leave around little notes for him to read, maybe near his coffee, or in the shower. Message him once in a while to communicate with him regularly if not frequently. This keeps your partner involved in your life and keeps an open ground of communication.

2. Compliment

“Nice shirt” or “Your hair looks fantastic today” can be more than just compliments when you tell them to your husband. Re-affirmations like these can increase the strength of the bond shared by the two of you.

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3. Date Night

Tips On How To Make Your Husband Feel Special - Date Night
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Keep the marriage young and remind one another that you are partners in marriage. ‘Date night’ should be an exclusive time for the two of you to spend together doing fun things, and no work or family matters should get in the way of it. This keeps you both updated with each other by habit.

4. Play Board Games

Tips On How To Make Your Husband Feel Special - Play Board Games
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Keeping the fun side going is important in any relationship, especially marriage. Spending casual time in playing board games or indulging in other fun activities keeps the friendship running, resulting in a happy and successful marriage.

5. Surprise Getaway With Your Hubby!

Have you two not had the time to reconnect and feel the vibe because too much has been getting in the way? Plan a surprise getaway with your hubby and have a fun weekend at the waterfalls, or the hill-station or some other place, probably one that’s in ‘his’ list.

6. Keep His Interests Alive

Tips On How To Make Your Husband Feel Special - Keep His Interests Alive
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This is a very good point for a healthy marriage for a couple with any experience being married at all. If he plays the cello, or thoroughly enjoys wood-working, you are duty-bound to remind him of his passion, and keep him invested in his interests, or stay connected to it at the very least. Keeping oneself alive in their areas of interest provides more outlets for an individual, which can otherwise potentially, or even indirectly, harm one’s marital relationship.

7. Spice Things Up!

Spice things up to keep the adventure in the marriage going. Be it in new things you’ve never tried out, in your bedroom or outside of it, keep coming with newer things to experiment like go to an art show, or take some dance lessons! Give doses of novelty to the marriage.

8. Take A Vacation Together

Tips On How To Make Your Husband Feel Special - Take A Vacation Together
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Work life can really bog you down, keeping you from maintaining a good and connected marriage with your spouse. Take a break and go on that dream vacation you both always dreamed of. Treat yo’self!

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9. Lil’ Surprises

Get him a new tool-kit, the latest Game of Thrones DVD, or a new after-shave; little surprises go a long way in showing healthy expression and communication in a strong marriage.

10. Repeat The Magic Words… “I Love You”

Tips On How To Make Your Husband Feel Special - Repeat The Magic Words
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There is nothing more than the magic of those words. Keep telling your husband that you love him, and that you care for him. Marriage itself is a reassurance of that love, but in the rush of things, we tend to forget that. So, remind him.

Hope some of these tips can be used every day to just tell your spouse how happy you are to have him in your life, and how you could not imagine a life without him.

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