9 Little Secrets On How To Make Him Love You Forever And Ever

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While popular culture may depict men as simple creatures (and there’s some truth to that), we’re not going to pretend that men are all the same. That said, there are certain ways in which men behave, think and function, which you can manipulate (yes, manipulate) on how to make him love you forever, that make sure he would never think of leaving.

So if you think you’ve found the one, and you want to make damn sure that he feels the same way, then here’s what you need to do:

1. Pavlov’s Man

If you’re not familiar with Pavlov and his ground-breaking experiment, don’t worry. Here’s how it applies to your man. Whenever he does something right or takes an action you approve of (and want him to repeat in the future), reward him.

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The reward can be by speaking his praises to friends and family (when he’s around), physical affection and intimacy or a nice bottle of something he’s been looking forward to (or power tools, or puzzles, you get the idea). Simple, and effective.

2. Have Him On A Loose Leash

How to make him love you forever? Well, jealousy is a much maligned emotion. It can often motivate us to strive for higher things, or as in this instance, hold on to the things we already have. How? Let him have his guy’s night out; but ask for details later.

Be explicit about how he’d better not catch the eye of some pretty young thing on his night out or trip, but then leave him to his own devices. When he returns, show an interest in what happened, but don’t at all be pushy or suspicious. The goal here is to let him know that he’s yours, but to never let him think you can’t do without him. A little practice will make this easier.

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3. Stick To Your Timings

How To Make Him Love You Forever - Stick To Your Timings
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If you make a date, make sure to be there on time, and if he isn’t there on time you can be a little miffed and demand that he “make up” for it. This shows him you’re serious about him and the time the two of you spend together, and that’s a big factor in making him want to stay. Do not at all commit to things you’re unsure of, but once you’ve committed, be sure to be there, no matter how appealing the other option that’s just come up. Prioritize meetings with your man, and he’ll be forced to take you seriously as well.

4. Live Your Own Life

Even if you don’t have much going on at the moment, make sure to set up a date with one of your girlfriends, and again, make sure to be there. And when you’re there, do hit him up once to let him know you’re having a good time or whatever, but don’t constantly be in touch, Have your own time, and he can get all the details once you’re back. This shows him you’re an independent person with a life and things to do, and he’ll be naturally attracted to that.

5. Do Not Put His Masculinity Down

All men are conscious of their masculinity to a certain extent and you can blame the prevalent patriarchal attitudes (in most places) for that. The fact that patriarchy has been extremely skewed in men’s favor is something for a different time. What’s important now is to know that providing for you and solving your problems is something he takes very seriously, so don’t put him down and make him feel less of a man when he doesn’t quite manage the desired outcome. This will make his resent you like nothing else; knowing how to make him love you forever is only one half of the battle.

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6. Don’t Use Sex As Reward

Instead, make sure to make sex something that you look forward to and enjoy with him – filling a deep seated desire in him – that of wanting to be desired himself. Let the bedroom be your sacred space, and don’t make him think that he needs to meet arbitrary criteria to get any action. At first, he’ll be distraught, then he’ll try, and then he’ll wise up – by leaving.

7. Be Intimate, However

Knowing how to make him love you forever in the bedroom is super important too. Communicate with him in the bedroom, aim to please and make demands of your own. Be supportive, understanding and enthusiastic. If the two of your are intimate in the bedroom, and not just physical, it will go a long way in him never wanting to leave your side.

8. Make A Plan To Show Him Off

What does this mean? It’s quite simple – set a date night. It could be at your favourite restaurant, a get-together at a friend’s house or even with family. After initiating the plan, be sure to spend plenty of time by his side, arm in arm, showing to both him and others that the two of you are together, and that you’re well happy to claim this man for yourself.

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9. Be Supremely Confident

We’re talking solely about you here. At some point, know that if it’s not going to work out in the long term, then it’s not going to, and you’ll still be alive (and fine). If you don’t believe any of that, then start by making changes in yourself that will make you believe and be very confident of who you are as a person.

Some, all or a combination of the above points will be applicable to you depending on the kind of person you’re with and the context of your relationship. But make no mistake, they’re all highly effective strategies with proven track records. Now go ensnare your man for life!

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