How To Make Flower Decorations For Weddings?

Have you wondered what it is about a beautiful painting that makes you want to keep looking at it for a little while longer? Man has always been engaged with art and aesthetics, combining colours and textures with geometry and architecture. This is clearly elucidated by every culture on earth, and can be seen incorporated in their respective architectural evolution to even religious practices. Wedding decorations are also a part of such an art that has developed over time, where different elements are combined in accordance with the respective cultural practices and tastes.

Wedding decorations have many components including the structures, themes, colour profiles, indoor and outdoor classifications and so much more. Let’s take a look at 10 things you need to keep in mind in order to make an intelligent choice about wedding decorations, if flowers are prominent in your wedding profile.

1. Colour Panel And Flavour

Whether we are talking about posies or centre-pieces or the stage itself, the colour panel of the flowers being arranged is of utmost importance. It has to make a synchronized flavour whether it is a South Indian monsoon wedding or an elegant Christian wedding in autumn.

2. Integrate Flowers And Settings

This is more of an execution of a carefully chosen colour panel, like navy and cranberry, with the right accessories and arrangements in the setting of the wedding venue. Like for ebony and ivory, one could use white flowers with black wooden chairs and mould the venue where the flowers are carefully embedded in the theme.

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3. Candles & Flowers… The Real Match!

We see how the light settings can make or break the wedding decorations. Careful choice of little scented or unscented candles to go with centre-pieces or other creative ways to couple these together, can give beautiful results.

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4. Glamorous Nature

The art that has inspired any remarkable creation by mankind is ‘nature’ herself. If you think an outdoor wedding comes with limitations, you’re so wrong! Nature is such a canvas that she doesn’t need much to glam up for a wedding. Remember to choose the floral arrangement that best accentuates the outdoor setting, and that it cannot be vice versa.

5. Accessorize The Flower Décor

We saw how candles can add to the beauty of the flower arrangements. There are many ways to elevate the floral component like the fabric and colours of the curtains in the backdrop for a fairy tale effect, or drop-down lanterns that tell an Arabian story, or sea-shell lamps and painted starfish for a beach wedding. You can add any other thing that comes to mind, to the flowers chosen, and create a classic wedding profile.

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6. Experiment With The Blooms!

If you don’t fear conventions and norms, if you’re as adventurous as you think you are, then don’t be afraid of experimenting with flowers. Trends come as a result of experiments, like succulents and roses. And you never know what clicks. So go ahead and spice up conventional floral combinations and make your own zesty style with the floral wedding decoration.

7. Reinvent Floral Elements

You can totally reinvent the conventionally used flowers by changing the way they are showcased. For example, marigold is no longer that boring orange blob in your memories of attending Indian weddings in the past. Creative and novel approach has changed the marigold into a sexy golden beast of floral decorations for Indian weddings!

8. Befriend Moulds For Quirky Centre-Pieces

Use unorthodox moulds to arrange flowers for centre-pieces, and raise the benchmark of weddings with a quirky floral decoration!

9. Simplicity Speaks

An autumn wedding can be captured with light colour panel of flowers, and additional components like a barrel, or carefully arranged hay, and vegetables like pumpkins, additional candles if it is a dark setting. You see how effortlessly you can create a country chic wedding profile. Just remember that sometimes simplicity can speak volumes.

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10. DIY: Elegant, Economic And Eco-Friendly

There are hundreds of ideas for suave and eco-friendly (not to mention pocket-friendly!) wedding decorations. Emptied inverted bulbs are filled with little water and a small arrangement of flowers, and are hung about for a cutesy wedding decoration. You could also use little mugs with neatly arranged baby’s breath and green leaves and light some regular candles too, for a nice and comforting wedding ambience.

So remember the tips, and pick your favourite floral decoration ideas today, and put them down in your wedding book. You’re going to need a book, by the way. So get one if you don’t have it already. Have a great wedding!