How To Make A Girl Feel Special: The ABCs Of Loving Her

Life is about the finding happiness in the small little things that are part of your daily routine. Knowing how to make a girl feel special isn’t all about big gestures or movie-style methods. You can always find out how to make a girl feel special daily by checking up on her, and doing small gestures which don’t take much effort. These gestures will not only make her feel great but will also ensure that you two have a happy and blissful complaint-free relationship. So if you’re wondering on what to do today..

Here Are The ABCs OF How To Make A Girl Feel Special:

How To Make A Girl Feel Special

1. Ask. You can never be too inquisitive. Women love men who show interest in their life by asking questions about the things they talk about, so that’s a big tip on how to make a girl feel special. If you’re wondering how to start asking her stuff, here’s a list of topics to talk to your girlfriend about, to start things off with.

How To Make A Girl Feel Special - Befriend

2. Befriend. Be friends with her friends (and if you don’t like them for some reason, focus on being cordial). The fact that you make efforts to get along with her gang will make her feel like she holds an important spot in your life.

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3. Cooking. You don’t have to be a master-chef to cook up something amazing. Trust me when I say this, no matter what you prepare, it will mean the world to her. Because after all, she’ll look at your efforts and not the dish presented to her. Plus it’s one of the cute things she’ll do for her boyfriend, you, so once in a while, return the favour.

How To Make A Girl Feel Special - Cooking

4. Dance. How to make a girl feel special? Know how to dance, or learn. It’s an easy guess, and a simple grooming tip. You know those slow-dances that you suddenly break into when you hear a nice song on the radio? Those make up for perfect romantic moments with her in your arms.

5. Excitement. Show excitement in whatever she does. Support her through her dreams. Show interest and tell her that you’re happy for her and her achievements.

How To Make A Girl Feel Special - Excitement

6. Flirt. Flirting never goes out of fashion. You want a girl to smile? Flirt with her like you did when you were out there trying to woo her.

7. Give-in. How to make a girl feel special, like really special, like she’s really important to you? Every once in a while give in to her wishes. Do things that she has been wanting to do since a long time. This will show her that you listen to her when she talks and also remember her wishes.

8. Home. Take a day off and stay home just to be with her. Drop everything else and spend the day with her with the two of you engaging in things that draw you closer and are all about you.

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9. Interests. Talk about things that you think she doesn’t know. Open up to her about your interests to show her that there is trust in your relationship.

How To Make A Girl Feel Special - Interests

10. Jokes. Crack silly jokes. You know she always laughs at them! It is the most special feeling for a girl to know that her man is always trying to put a smile on her face.

11. Kind. You can never be too kind. Always have a kind attitude towards things. Women love to flaunt how great and passionate and kind-hearted their man is. Oh, but don’t be so kind that you forget it’s how to make a girl feel special, your girl and any other helpless ‘victim’ of your charms too (wink wink).

12. Laugh. While you love it when she laughs at your jokes, she too feels special when you laugh at hers. It boosts her morale to know that you don’t find her boring.

How To Make A Girl Feel Special - Laugh

13. Mistakes. When you’re wrong, admit it. It’s terrible when a person refuses to accept their mistakes when they clearly know they’re wrong.

14. Now. Live in the now with her. Accept her for who she is and don’t say things like ‘I wish you could be a little more this or that’.

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15. Optimist. Be optimistic about your relationship. Tell her about where you see yourself and her in the future. Tell her about the plans you have in mind with her in the picture.

16. Patience. Have patience with her. Don’t rush into things – physically, mentally or emotionally. Know her pace and walk with her and don’t force things on to her.

17. Quote. Quote romantic phrases, funny love poems and the like, without any special reason, send her a love sms or two with those every two days or so. Maybe if you’re in the mood, dare a sexy love quote or two. Show her that it doesn’t have to be her birthday for you to say nice things to her. It’s pretty old school, but it’s a secret to how to make a girl feel special.

18. Risks. Many women complain that their men are willing to take risks when it comes to their careers but often back down when it comes to the relationship. Show her that you’re not afraid of risks when it comes to her.

19. Sympathy and surprise. When she’s low, don’t neglect her emotions. Surprise her with small gifts to uplift her spirits and cheer her up.

How To Make A Girl Feel Special - Sympathy And Surprise

20. Trust. Trust her when she says something and don’t doubt her intentions. Have faith in your relationship and her feelings towards you. It’s key, if you’re really seriously asking about how to make a girl feel special.

How To Make A Girl Feel Special - Trust

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21. Unity. Okay, I can’t stress how important this method and behavioral expression is on our list of how to make a girl feel special. Heck, it’s the one thing that will tell her if you’re best friend husband material or not. Show her that you’re a team. Take her along for parties and show her off to your friends. Keep her involved in every decision you make.

22. Vocal. Time and again, be vocal of your feelings towards her. Be romantic and tell her how much she means to you and why you love her the way you do. And in case you’ve haven’t done it yet, but you’re feeling the feels.

23. Witty. Be witty and explore your fun sides. Tease her and be naughty to remind her of the things that you both used to do when you had just started out.

24. ‘Xi’ Energy. Bring your vital life force energies into everything that you do with her. When she suggests something, get on to your feet and show her that you’re completely on-board! Ditch the ‘meh’ attitude and go all ‘yeaaah’! It’s good for the both of you!

25. Yearn. How to make a girl feel special?Tell her you yearn for her when she’s away. All women love being told that they’re missed when they’re away. Tell her about the things you have planned to do when you see her next.

26. Zone. Make place for her in your life and don’t let anyone else take over it. If you have plans with her and your friends invite you elsewhere show her that she’s your priority and stick to your plan with her.

How To Make A Girl Feel Special - Zone

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So these are the ABCs of how to make a girl feel special. You see, you don’t necessarily have to show gestures of larger-than-life standards to make someone feel special. It is the things you do daily that mean the most to the ones who love you. What you do to make her feel special every day defines the graph of your relationship and about how happy the other one is with you.

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