17 Easy Steps to Make A Guy Fall In Love With You And Keep Him Hooked!

Getting the guy you want to fall in love with you is not a definitive science, no matter what anyone says to you, but there are a set of defined and definite steps that you can take in an effort to make a guy fall in love with you.

Some of these steps will seem simplistic or will not seem novel, but the reason for that is that they have consistently shown to work, so without further ado, here’s how to make a guy fall in love with you in 17 simple steps:

Easy Steps to Make A Guy Fall In Love With You - Confidence is Key

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1. Look Your Best

A no-brainer, looking your best sits right at the top of your list of priorities when attempting to make a guy fall head over heels for you. This doesn’t mean that you have to have Heidi Klum good looks or that you must ensure that you sport the latest and trendiest hairdo at all times (though that does help), it simply means that you make an effort to dress well and accentuate your best parts.

2. Be Comfortable In Your Skin

This is an added caveat to the first step and a mighty important one. You have to be comfortable with being who you are, if you’re not then no one else will either.

3. Display Confidence

Confidence is one of the most attractive qualities in a person, and he is sure to take notice. There’s nothing more attractive to a guy than a confident woman, who knows what she wants.

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4. Don’t Be Desperate

If confidence is one of the most attractive qualities a person can possess and display, then desperation is its opposite. Don’t give off vibes like you’re desperate for him to be yours, even if you are. Take it slow and remember that the image you want to project is of a confident woman who is interested in a guy, but that’s not the only thing either.

Easy Steps to Make A Guy Fall In Love With You - Don’t Be Desperate

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5. Mimic His Body Language

Several conclusive studies have shown that mimicking the body language of others ensures that they see you in a positive and relatable light. When around him, assume the position that he stands, leans or speaks in, a few seconds after he does so, and the unspoken language of the body will do the rest.

6. Be Around Him

Another way to get his attention is to be around him, as familiarity (much before contempt is even a consideration) breeds an attachment to the other person, and this can be exploited when there is a sense of attraction.

7. But Not Too Much!

After he’s gotten used to seeing you around, make sure to not be around at a time or place where he doesn’t expect to see you. It might look like you’re stalking him otherwise. This is not to say that you just disappear completely, but if you usually spend your time hanging out in front of the library, for example, you could spend a couple of days in the lawns just in front of the library, out of reach but not quite too far away. Just enough so that he realizes he misses you when you’re not around.

Easy Steps to Make A Guy Fall In Love With You - Be Cool But Not Too Much!

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8. Be Around Other Guys

People desire desirable people. Spend some of your time with other guys even when within his vicinity. There’s no need to be flirting or making any overt gestures that are intended to cause jealousy, but just to let him know that others find you attractive, because you very much are.

9. Ask For His Help

If the above steps have put you on the radar but there hasn’t been explicit contact yet, approach him and ask him for help with something that you know he will be good at and likes doing. This establishes a common point of conversation and contact for the both of you and breaks the ice.

10. Be A Good Listener

Guys love to chat about themselves, or about anything that interests them at great length. In fact it’s a common misconception that guys don’t gossip, but let’s leave that one alone for now. Being genuinely interested in what he has to say and offer will create a sort of friendship (another much maligned word in the context of romance) that will make him love you.

11. Be Kind

If he says something silly, or reveals past mistakes, or generally opens up about something at a deeper level, he is showing trust in you and a willingness to converse. Do not belittle his achievements, or judge his actions too harshly in an effort to make him want to change your mind.

Just be patient and offer your feedback in a kind manner, and only if he expects or asks for it, or if you feel it’s worth saying. Empty flattery is also a no-no.

Easy Steps to Make A Guy Fall In Love With You - Food Love

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12. Food

We’ve all heard that old adage, yes that one, and it’s fairly true. Make him something he likes, or even something you like, and if that’s not an option, make a quick stop to pick up something for the both of you to share – there’s nothing quite like it for a guy.

13. Initiate Physical Contact

Hand touching, shoulder squeezing, accidental bumping and all of those kinds of subtle physical contact are great at two things – breaking the physical contact barrier, and sending overt and subliminal signals that you are interested, and those signals are the kind that even the most confident and sure kind of guys need to see.

14. But Don’t Rush In

There may be weeks of light touches and almost kisses followed by one night of heavy petting, and although the urge may be to go back the next day and do it all over again (and maybe more), now is an excellent time to show some self-restraint. Why? It will make him want you more, and it will give you time to clear your own head and sort out your emotions.

Easy Steps to Make A Guy Fall In Love With You - Don’t Rush In

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15. Be Mysterious

So you’ve been seeing each other for a while and things are looking good, that is all well and good, but the fact is that you don’t want him to know everything about you in a matter of weeks or even months. He doesn’t need to know at once. You could share interesting bits about your life or family members with him – like say how you suspect your neighbour stole your favourite teddy that your grandfather had given you when you were little, or or even the strategic placement of moles on your body that are surprisingly in line with what other members of your family have. The choice is yours.

16. Sharing

Sharing stuff with him, and not only intimate secrets and desires (those are good in moderate doses evenly spaced out) will make the two of you much closer, and will make him open up more as well, thus further strengthening the bond you share at the moment.

17. Love Him Truly

And by that we mean really loving and caring about him, as an end in itself, by supporting him in life and accepting him for what he truly is, and not for the sake of feeling loved or wanting love back.

There are a lot of other nice things you can do for him, but this  last one pretty much sums it all up. You can’t change him to fit the mold of your ideal man, so pick the right kind of guy to fall in love with, and love him like he deserves to be loved.