How To Love Someone Deeply: 7 Steps For A Deeper Connection

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They say that love makes the world go round and that love is the only thing that will save the world. But even within this thing called love there are types and grades of love that can be experienced, with the most powerful type of love i.e. unconditional love being the greatest thing that a person can experience.

So what can one do to achieve this level of love and connection? If you would truly like your love to shine and are looking for the best guide on how to love someone deeply, then look no further. We have put together a list of 7 points for you:

1. Mind Your Ego

How To Love Someone Deeply - Mind Your Ego
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If you really want to learn how to love someone deeply, you’re going to have to learn how to deal with your own ego. Ego is one of the biggest obstacles that time and again comes up between lovers and stops the flow of love between them. Ego is when the right thing to do is no longer the course of action you want to pursue – even though it is the right one – because it will lead to an imagined “hit” to your pride.

Well, the fact is that letting your ego come in between your love is going to achieve absolutely nothing and will only serve to hamper your happiness. Let go of your ego and you will begin to see a much more fruitful relationship blossoming between you and your lover, as well as with everyone else as well.

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2. Initiate Change

How To Love Someone Deeply - Initiate Change
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Sometimes knowing how to love someone deeply is knowing how to take the initiative first. If you think there is something keeping the relationship from moving to the next level, do not always look at your partner for initiating change or taking up responsibility to rescue the relationship or move it to the next level. You can assume charge and take control of the situation as well. By being the change that you want to see, you set the example for the other person and show them that no matter what, you are putting your 110 per cent into the relationship, and are not waiting for reciprocation before moving forward. This shows them you are serious and will make your connection to them even deeper, because it shows that you want to.

3. Commit Fully

How To Love Someone Deeply - Commit Fully
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Knowing how to love someone deeply is not something everyone does automatically. Just like with everything else in life, you need to commit fully, and give it all you got. Committing fully and investing your time, money and other resources into the relationship is an excellent thing to do, and not only when it comes to problem solving. Committing and investing will always lead to something positive and a deepening of the connection you share because it is the most important thing that you can do for the relationship. All of the phone calls, date nights, long conversations, sharing of stories, building up of credibility and being there for each other among other things can only lead to one thing and one thing only – making the two of you that much closer, with that magical thing called love.

4. Set Your Motive

How To Love Someone Deeply - Set Your Motive
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Knowing how to love someone deeply doesn’t mean magically knowing everything, or stumbling headlong into the abyss. Decide what you are in the relationship for and make it very clear to the other person. If you’re simply looking for a bit of fun in the short term, then say so. It’s going to be very hard to establish a deep emotional connection to the other person if you’re not honest, especially if they’re looking for something more meaningful and long term. However, letting them know from the outset lets you both know what you want and what kind of a connection you both want. If you’re looking to build something truly special that will last, when you tell them you’re serious, you are infusing them with an energy that will see them also go the extra mile in making your relationship that much more intimate and special. And it also serves to deepen your connection in the long run.

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5. Have Faith

How To Love Someone Deeply - Have Faith
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This seems a bit out of place on a list of how to love someone deeply, but it’s just as important. You want to keep faith if you believe that the other person truly is your soul-mate and the one you love. Don’t give up just yet.

6. Forgiveness Is Key

How To Love Someone Deeply - Forgiveness Is Key
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How to love someone deeply, like real deep love kinda deeply? Forgiving at the right time. And forgetting is a part and parcel of that as well. As Marlene Dietrich said, “Once you have forgiven, don’t reheat past sins for breakfast.” Everyone makes mistakes, but recognise them for what they are, forgive when true remorse is shown in words and actions, and don’t bring it up once your partner has done the needful, and the other person will do the same leading to a much more stable and healthy relationship.

7. Take Responsibility

How To Love Someone Deeply - Take Responsibility
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Made a mistake? Forgot something? Have been aloof lately? Own up and take responsibility for your actions. A sincere apology and actions to mend the damage go a long way in creating much stronger ties, even from your side because it shows to yourself that you take your lover seriously. Knowing when to apologize is part of knowing how to love someone deeply.

We hope this is of help. All the best!

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