How To Know If You've Found The One? – 16 Signs

During our lifetime we fall in and out of love several times. We get in relationships and then part ways because things don’t seem to click. The process goes on until we find someone who feels like ‘The One.’ But many of us are often confused about the definition of ‘The One.’ How to know if you’ve found the one, your soul mate? Is there a signal from the heavens or does it rain like they show in the movies? LOL no! It is the little things in life that give you comfort and peace that defines that you’ve found your special someone.

And We’ll Tell You How To Know If You’ve Found The One.

If you’re confused about whether or not he/she is the one, there here are some of the signs that you can look for to get clarity.

1. Masks Off

How To Know If You've Found The One - Masks Off

How to know if you’ve found the one? You’re yourself in the truest form when you are around them. You don’t feel the need to put on a mask and pretend to be someone you’re not. You can be you – beautiful, smart, goofy, ugly, lazy, hyperactive, whatever it is that you think defines you.

2. Life Goals

You seem to be on the same page with them when it comes to life goals. Marriage *check*, kids *check*, property *check*, bank balance *check*. Whatever it is, you move like connected minds with the same goals.

3. Sailing Through

How To Know If You've Found The One - Sailing Through

How to know if you’ve found the one? No matter how much you fight, you get through your troubles together. There is no instance where you can pinpoint and say that you totally despised each other. You fight, crib, negotiate, compromise and arrive at solutions. Together.

4. Lucky Charm

You feel like the luckiest person ever. You feel like your stars turned in your favour the day your partner stepped into your life. You can’t stop gushing about how awesome they are!

5. Commitment

How To Know If You've Found The One - Commitment

You both are equally committed to the relationship. This is the main thing you need to notice, if you’re wondering how to know if you’ve found the one. There aren’t any instances where either of you put in lesser efforts. You work together as a team to make the relationship work and neither of you even thinks about giving up.

6. Company Matters

It doesn’t matter where you are; it’s just each other’s company that matters to you. You would be equally happy at McDonalds as you would be at a high-end restaurant. You both jump at opportunities to hang out with each other.

7. Your Happiness Shows On Your Face

Even the people who know you are aware of how happy you are with your partner. Even the annoying aunts who would force you to find someone new when you were in your previous relationship(s) have stopped commenting and only bless you for more happiness. Well, even if they don’t, you’re okay. That’s one obvious sign, on how to know if you’ve found the one.

How To Know If You've Found The One - Your Happiness Shows On Your Face

8. Sense Of Security

It’s no longer all about young love. Your relationship defines new levels of security, peace and happiness. It becomes your remedy to all troubles in life and you know no matter what you always have that one person to count on.

9. Peaceful Nothingness

How to know if you’ve found the one? When you’re with your partner, you don’t have to be doing something constantly. Even sitting quietly sipping coffee and watching the rain seems to be blissful. In fact, you would rather enjoy in their company alone than be hopping around doing adventure stuff all the time.

How To Know If You've Found The One - Peaceful Nothingness

10. You Know Each Other’s Habits

You know how they take their coffee and you know what they like and dislike on the food menu. You don’t have to constantly rush to them and ask them if they would like if you did a certain thing because you’re well aware of their likes and dislikes. And the same goes for your partner. They too know you in and out. Because they took the time to, and that’s how to know if you’ve found the one.

11. Time Makes No Difference

Gone are the days when you had to see each other frequently to be sure that the spark stays alive. Now you know that even if you can’t see each other for a while, nothing is going to change. You have faith in your love and its strength.

How To Know If You've Found The One - Time Makes No Difference

12. Your Emotions Are Co-Related

Your happiness or sadness affects their mood too and vice versa. If they’re unhappy or restless, you find it hard to forget about it go to bed peacefully. You want to do everything in their capacity to make them feel better. And when they’re happy, it makes you happier than your own achievements.

13. Best Friends

How to know if you’ve found the one you want to spend the rest of your life with? You’re not just lovers anymore, you’re best friends too. You don’t just need each other for the romantic stuff, you want them along for all the goofy things they do. And the same goes for them. They want to be with you for all the fun part and not just cuddling and being mushy.

How To Know If You've Found The One - Best Friends

14. Eye Game

This, this, this is how to know if you’ve found the one. You understand each other’s eye signals. When you smirk at someone or find someone annoying, they know exactly what you’re thinking because your eyes do all the talking for them. This also comes in very handy when you want to get out of a particular situation and they take over because your eyes told them to do so.

15. Better Person

You’re not in each other’s life just for the present. You’re in together for the long run and thus make each other want to be a better person each day. You inspire the goodness in each other which brings positive changes in your attitudes.

How To Know If You've Found The One - Better Person

16. Emptiness

You feel empty without them and miss them when they’re away. Their presence completes you and you know there wouldn’t be much left in your life if they were to leave.

If these points make you go ‘Oh yes!’ then you’ve definitely found the one – your soul mate. If not, then maybe you need to give it more time or maybe there’s someone else out there for you. Sometimes it takes a really long time to know the true feelings thus you shouldn’t give up instantly if you can’t pinpoint and check all these signs. Wait for it and give it time. Love takes time because all good things do!

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