How To Know If He Loves You: 10 Commandments

You have been spending a lot of time with this guy. You have a lot of fun together. Your friends approve of him. You think he may be a good deal for a relationship. But you want to know if he loves you. Strange as it may seem, this is one part where many of us seem to be clueless, and often times miss out something that could have become something else in love. Here are 10 ways to positively know if he loves you:

1. Notice How He Treats You In A Group

Notice How He Treats You In A Group

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You can tell a lot about a guy and what he is feeling towards you by observing how he treats you in a group of friends, or work, or wherever your scene takes place! If he pays particular attention to you, or constantly tries to make sure you are comfortable, unlike how he behaves with the rest of the group, there may be a little something going on there.

2. How Often Does He Text You?

How Often Does He Text You?

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Are you in texting terms with the guy? If so, how often does he text you? If he cannot start his day without a “good morning” message sent to you, or go to sleep without sending you a “good night”, or just sending you messages about random updates about his bike being washed or any little thing then he wants to share the happenings in his life with you. And he wants to talk to you frequently; a sign of seeking an intimate relationship.

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3. Eye Contact!

Eye Contact!

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Does he give you a lot of eye contact? Eye contact can be an easy way to figure out whether two people are really in sync. They don’t just say aankhon mein aankhein dalna. Eyes reflect the self, and its thoughts much more clearly and speak eloquently more than any other medium of communication, especially when it comes to love. Does he give you consistent eye contact when in conversations with you? Or have words reduced and replaced by more silence with just a lot of exchange of glances? Then I can smell a relationship brewing right around the corner!

4. Small Things…

The Small Things


Small things mean a lot in life sometimes, don’t they? Notice if he does small things for you like, ask if you want a glass of water if it’s a hot day, or if he’s getting coffee, he asks you if you want one, even if there are others around you. And the classic ‘jacket’ move on a cold day – you feel chilly and he gives you his jacket to be chivalrous. Cliché as they may seem, the little things he does may have a lot more meaning to them.

5. Alone Time

Alone Time


The most you can learn about a man who may have feelings for you is in the time you spend alone with him. None of us are ever the same in different groups. We all have multiple identities when it comes to sharing our ‘selves’ with others. We are not the same us with our parents and friends! If you have seen him being the most comfortable with being himself when being around just you, know that to reach that level with someone, one must feel intimate with the other.

6. Rendezvous

The Casual ChitChat

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What kind of conversations do you have? Around friends he could be yelling “Hey dude, do you think Jon Snow will become a Whitewalker?” or some generic statement about politics in the country today. But what do the conversations between the two of you sound like? Does he share more personal things with you, even if it has been a gradual change? If the guy is genuinely interested in you, you will find a drastic change in the topics of discussion when he is with you. Random musings he tells you, which he doesn’t share with others because “only you get him,” is a tip you cannot miss. Talking about family or other personal affairs are a sign of a man who may believe you are ‘the one’ for him.

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7. Partial PDA Comes Naturally

PDA Comes Naturally

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If your guy does not hesitate to put his hand on your shoulders, or other physical gestures of intimacy, then it’s a pretty sure sign that he might be really into you. Some guy friends can be very free with their women folk, so mind the difference in the two kinds of interactions. If he is in love with you, the gestures are much gentler, more personal, yet he can’t help but be so even in public. He is definitely keeping a huge secret from you!

8. Jealousy


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If he has acquainted with jealousy in recent times with regard to you, it is a almost definitive proof for the irrational yet marvelous thing called love. Does he get pissed off if you tell him you are ditching plans with him for spending time with another guy friend? Or even asks you about your guy friends to make sure he knows your status? Or is jealous of any man whose eyes fall upon you, and is urged to protect you? This feeling of jealousy, possessiveness and protectiveness, when in healthy amounts, are all means with which a partner tells the other how much he cares. Jealous guy friend? Watch out for love!

9. Loves Spending On You

Loves Spending On You

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Did you get a great gift from him for your first day of work? Or maybe just a random surprise gift you got when he knew you were feeling blue? Love is irrational in many ways. And one awesome thing about its irrationality is the amount a guy spends on the one he loves. It’s not just a matter of stature or class; this goes to any guy in love with a woman, and vice versa. You just want to keep your loved ones happy, and it is little tokens of affection like these that really reassure our expression of love sometimes. That is why a balloon or a candy goes a long way in love. If you have been the recipient of such goodies, your man maybe in love with you.

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10. Loves The ‘You’ Time

Loves The ‘You’ Time

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Most of all, just ask the one simple question of whether you think he loves spending time with you. This is something you cannot possibly go wrong in estimating. If he really looks forward to plans he’s made with you, or simply cannot wait to meet you after just having met you for a break, then you have a man who is simply going nuts for you.

Compare your notes, and make sure you are on the right track. Don’t rush into anything even if you find out for sure, unless he seems like he may take forever to make a move. But most of all, if he’s Mr. Right, you can’t go wrong.