How To Know If A Guy Likes You? – 4 Simple Tips You Should Know

Written by Khushboo Mehta
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Challenges may be many and questions may be thousands, but the mystery behind a guy liking you has remained a question forever. The only phase where a woman sounds PMSing without her menstrual cycle going wrong is when she doesn’t know the reason why a guy is treating her special. Well in the first place, why bother and if you do anyway, then be tactful in your approach. Understanding a guy is not a Rubik’s cube puzzle, just hold on to the right string and analyse the moves to derive the message.

Guys can never hide their feelings as they lack the tact of keeping a mystery, especially around the women they like. So all you have to do is keep a track on their emotions and make your move. The better you solve it, the closer you get to the million dollar question. So here are some tips which will help you join the dots.

1. Eye Movements:

eye movements and lyingEyes are known to be the mirror image of what goes on in one’s heart. So all you need to do is keep a tap on how his eyes move and where. If he talks while looking straight into your eyes, his words are genuine. If his eyes keep rotating around your hair, cheeks and nose then the guy loves your cuteness. But the moment they checkout your bosom, it’s time for you to search for a scarf or remind him that it’s your mouth that’s doing the talking not your bosom. The expansion and contraction of his eye lids will tell you how much interest he is taking in your conversations. That’s another way of telling if he likes you.

2. Body Language & Behaviour:

body language behaviourA track pad or penning down is not needed. Just try and analyse the level of the warmth your target guy gives you in comparison to other girls. Guys will always have an extra bit of softness in their behaviour towards the girls they like. They will ensure that their best behaviour is put forth before her eyes. The body language of a guy that likes you is very clear and tell tale. Behavioural changes which can give you a ring are:

  • The number of times he greets you in a day
  • His efforts to be a solution to all your problems
  • The space he keeps in between when you guys talk
  • Level of happiness on his face when he sees you enter
  • His friendly touch like playing with your hair, pat on the back, holding your hand and hugging
  • His posture in front of you, like a macho walk, chest out and stomach in, chivalrous voice and pleasant hand gestures.

3. Interrogation:

interrogation techniquesQuestions, enquires and queries are all what you will be flooded with, from the guy who likes you. From your favourite colour to your family tree, the tiniest bit of information about you will be a matter of concern for him. Not only you, but even your friends will be a victim to his questioning and will be grilled if they choose to go diplomatic. As a guy, he wishes to be right in all possible ways, to show how perfect he is for you without being vocal about his true feelings.

4. Co-incidences and Tracker:

coincidencesHowever private you make your apps, they are the ones who give the world the timely information of your movements. This acts like a jackpot for him to create co-incidences and show the likeness among you people. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, BBM, Whatsapp all are on his radar and he will just keep bumping into all those places you appear. The moment you see the guy and his co-incidences becoming more often than normal – lady, the guy needs you to know that ‘He likes you’.

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