How to Have a Small Private Wedding

Planning a wedding – a herculean task that involves a myriad of responsibilities, sources, organization, delegation, selection, arrangement and a lot more! A wedding is a one-time affair but demands all the party planning and event organizing skills you have acquired all throughout your life. But, hey, it’s also the most special and beautiful event you’ll ever plan!

On of the most important questions that crops up among all of the others is, do you want a large, lavish wedding, or a small and private one? If you answered affirmatively to the latter option, here are a couple of things that might have swayed your mind:

  • Fewer Expenses
  • Personal Attention For The Guests
  • Privacy
  • Intimacy

Having a small private wedding majorly cuts down on expenditure, the bride and groom are able to personally greet the wedding guests, and the whole affair is a celebration of love with only those near and dear in attendance.


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If all of that sounds good to you, here are a few useful tips on how to have a small and private wedding, whilst also making it grand and spectacular in it’s own way!

1. Guest List

Take time to make the guest list. Forget about obligations and don’t get into the ‘I should’ rut! Just listen to your heart and write down the names of only those people who are closest to you and who would genuinely want to celebrate a very special moment in your life – not just those coming for the food and wine! Also, make sure you let others know that you want a small private wedding to avoid misunderstanding and confrontation that may follow.

2. Venue

When having a small private wedding you could work in a dream destination wedding! You could start your life together in a beautiful destination, making for a most memorable time. Or, you can pick a venue that gives you the opportunity to be at your creative best. An open green pasture, a secluded bit of beach, a rustic retreat that you’ve spent many a cozy moment… anything small and cozy works best.

3. Planning With A Personal Touch


Having friends and family help out with certain details and elements of the ceremony adds a personal flavor and saves you a bit of money as well. Of course, do not saddle your attendees and confidantes with all of the work, but having their input and help makes the whole affair seem even more personal and intimate.

4. Engagement

When it comes to decorating the wedding venue, you can really make it beautiful and spectacular by adding a personal touch of your own. A message box for your guests to write messages in is more personal when there are just a few close ones’ messages. The same goes for a photo booth, and you can even have old pictures of you and your guests.

5. Freeze the Moments

Since you’ll be saving in certain areas, you could invest in a great professional photographer who will shine in capturing and highlighting the beautiful and significant moments of your wedding. This is most brides’ biggest regret after the wedding is over, and most professionals first recommendation. Do your research, ask for what you want, and go for a pro.

6. Personalized Invitations


The invitation to any event officially marks the beginning of the celebration. Since it’s a private affair, it is also possible to make handwritten invitations – so very personal and special!

7. Themes and Settings

A small and private wedding also gives you the option to set particular themes for your wedding day. For example, if you and your partner are ‘Harry Potter’ buffs you could add a little bit of magic to your wedding, so to speak.

The main focus of a small and private wedding is to keep everything very personal and accessible. Every big and small detail can project your personal tastes and choices. It just makes the whole affair beyond beautiful! So what do you think – a small private wedding, yay or nay?

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