How To Handle A Lazy Husband – 5 Step Action Plan

‘My husband doesn’t do a thing!’
‘It’s impossible to make my husband get up and get moving…’
‘I don’t know what to do, my husband is soooo lazy…how to handle a lazy husband?’

Well, I have heard these dialogues too many times, have you?

A married couple often finds it difficult to adjust to each other’s quirks and habits. It takes time to get into sync and it takes even more time to work according to each other’s likes, dislikes and irritations when your living together. There is no doubt that a couple needs to put in equal efforts without being selfish and work to keep the ship sailing. But the pleading question from the mouths of most gals is how to handle a lazy husband.  Wives often complain of the husband not putting in too much into the marriage and look for any advice. While they may be emotionally and financially supportive, it’s the physical slack that often gets the wife asking for more. Now, now, now, ladies… here I’m only talking about physical help and getting up and doing things part.

How To Handle A Lazy Husband - The Couch Potato

Weekends (and evenings) are meant to relax but the husband may sometimes get a little too relaxed and then all hell breaks loose. A lazy husband by no standard means a failing marriage or a reason for divorce, but it’s quite a problem on its own. Free time is also meant to do things required for the house and family needs. What if your husband refuses to leave his comfort zone and you are tired of complaining about his laziness? It’s time you stop complaining and start doing something about it by dealing with it. But how to handle a lazy husband? Firstly  your husband may be lazy because he sees you handling everything perfectly well even without his support; so ladies, our advice is that you stop taking it all up.

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Here are five tips on how to handle a lazy husband:

1. Divide And Delegate

How To Handle A Lazy Husband - Divide And Delegate

Yup, knowing how to handle a lazy husband requires strategy. All the house work needs to be divided equally between a couple living together. Sit together and divide the work amongst each other. Don’t be authoritative, or selfish and have an open communication and delegate tasks to one another with mutual understanding and willingness when dealing with him. Once the tasks have been divided, stick to only your own tasks and do not interfere.

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2. Nudge Lovingly

How To Handle A Lazy Husband - Nudge Lovingly

Another way of dealing with a lazy husband sweetly. What if instead of cribbing and nagging and yelling you try a loving nudge. I mean, there is a huge difference between ‘you don’t do this’ and ‘could you please help me with this.’ Soften your words and advice, make everything sound like a request instead of giving out orders. Let your husband feel like you need him rather than you blaming him for being lazy.

3. Appreciate

How To Handle A Lazy Husband - Appreciate

Appreciation is the biggest motivation that gets every person up and running, so it is also how to handle a lazy husband. Every time your husband helps you or does something, be appreciative. It’s a mix between a ‘thank you’ and a ‘nudge’ to do it again next time. Any task that goes unnoticed will soon be ignored. I know you want appreciation too but first start giving it.

4. Be The Planner

How To Handle A Lazy Husband - Be The Planner

You need more strategy when it comes to knowing how to handle a lazy husband. Instead of being sad that your husband never makes any plans or takes an initiative, you be the planner. Don’t wait for him to take the first step. It’s not about ego, you need to understand that a lazy person does not mind doing NOTHING! So you take this up and make plans that you know your husband will enjoy too. This advice is simple enough for anyone to follow.

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5. Shared Interests

How To Handle A Lazy Husband - Shared Interests

Indulge in activities that you both share an interest in. Set a routine, it could be a sport or any other activity. It’s important to make a schedule so that both of you, especially your husband, have a set routine. Don’t be selfish. Again, this will help you in dealing with the problem of living with a lazy husband.

Being lazy is not a permanent state of mind; if presented with a better alternative it can easily be negated. You, as the loving wife, need to show your husband the joy and excitement in shunning away the laziness and welcoming activity and enthusiasm! And hey, every once in a while we all need to be lazy, so you can plan on days to be lazy together too. Any more tips on how to handle a lazy husband?

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