How To Get Ready For Marriage: 11 Steps To Be 100% Ready

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The significance of marriage always transcends beyond the ardent preparations for the wedding day. While wedding is going to be your party of a lifetime, your partner is your true companion for a lifetime. If you are prepping yourself to tie the knot soon then your logical question is definitely going to be ‘how to get ready for marriage?’ Preparing for matrimony involves a series of steps that eventually form the pre-requisites for a happy and successful married life. In case you are wondering about how to get ready for marriage then we have sorted it out for you.

Presenting how to get ready for marriage – 11 ways to become absolutely 100% ready!

To make things more bite-sized, we have divided them into two sections:

I. Requisites
II. Essentials

I. Requisites

These are the compulsory set of requirements that you should fulfil in order to have a fruitful married life, must haves on your biodata for marriage. Without these points on how to get ready for marriage, you may struggle to navigate your marriage through the chaos and complexities of life. Also, these are the things that deal with the ground reality of the world, since marriages are usually influenced by external agents. You will surely save your marriage a lot of trouble if you are better prepared to handle these points.

1. Bolster Your Finances

No money, no honey – that sums it all. Money may not buy happiness, but it can definitely help you buy all those household items, which can make life easier for you and your spouse. You need not go overboard with your savings but it is always advisable to know if you have a healthy balance in your bank account. Your wedding and marriage will impact your spending, and this point takes cognizance of that fact. But how to get ready for marriage financially? Do not stop at just having ready-to-spend cash. Long-term savings are important as well. More about it in the next point.

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2. Target Those Long Term Savings

Invest in term deposits the day you fancy the idea of marriage, and by the time you actually wed, you would have accumulated ample interest on your savings. But how to get ready for marriage and why exactly does this matter? Long-term savings come in handy at the later stage of your married life, and for important things like your child’s education. Having a long-term plan for your money is also a great way of showing-off to your to-be life partner that you are smart at handling finances; bonus point there!

3. Be Sure About The Abode

After the wedding you can’t live in that cramped single room. The move from boyfriend to husband and girlfriend to wife is a big step up. It is time to look for a place which can accommodate you and your partner comfortably. Most people leave this for a later day, only to scramble to find an accommodation right after the marriage. But you now know how to get ready for marriage. If for sure you are getting married any time soon, then make sure you shift your residence to some place where you can bring your life partner along comfortably.

4. Become Stable In Your Career

You may have experimented with your career path a lot but when you plan to get into a wedlock, it is time to settle down with a choice. This is very much a big part of how to get ready for marriage. Career stability is crucial for the smooth-running of a marriage, since it discounts you the risk of losing a job owing to career experimentation. A stable job is also going to give you better financial security, which is the number one point in this list.

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5. Be Prepared For A Lifestyle Shift

You cannot live with your spouse after the wedding exactly the way you lived with yourself. Living with someone else is going to introduce new dynamics in your life, which you should be mentally prepared to accept. For example, if you always spent the weekends as a boyfriend lazing around with your friends, post-marriage you would be spending that time running household errands. Complaining and grumbling about it at that time is not going to help your partner nor your marriage. Therefore, it is always great to know how to get ready for marriage, and be prepared.

6. There Will Be A Change In Expenses

Change in lifestyle will definitely lead to a manifestation of your spendings. When single, you would be the one holding the reins of your expenses. But when married, you will be sharing the control with someone else. Do not expect your spending patterns to be the same as they used to be when you were single. There is bound to be a bump in your expenditure owing to the fact that an additional person has tagged along. Before you marry, it is important that you be willing to accept this change in your life.

II. Essentials

This section includes all those things that can facilitate a smooth marriage but are not always imperative. In other words, it would be nice to be better prepared for marriage by satisfying these points, than face any roadblocks later. After all, everyone seeks a serene married life.

7. Be Mentally Prepared To Share

Once she moves into your house, she is going to use your HD TV. If he moves into your house, expect your premium shampoo to be depleted much sooner. And the one who knows how to restock the fridge knows how to get ready for marriage. If those thoughts make you cringe so much that you cling to your prized possessions then you are nowhere close to being ready for marriage. Since after the wedding you will live the rest of your life with your spouse, it makes sense to share some things, if not everything. Many newly-weds are awoken to this fact after marriage, leading the two espoused individuals to live like two strangers under same roof. Being mentally-prepared to share your life, and all that comes with it, is one of the best way to be truly ready for marriage.

8. ‘My Secret’ Becomes ‘Our Secrets’

Transparency is the leading hallmark of almost every successful marriage. Having a relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend that is not riddled with secrecy is the key to live happily ever after. As someone who is preparing to get married, you should be all set to share, or accidentally reveal even the darkest and dumbest of your secrets with your life partner. If you feel you need some time to attain such maturity, then it is always alright to do so. But definitely need to know this to know how to get ready for marriage.

9. Be Prepared To Accept Your Spouse’s Family

Marriage is not just about your union with your life partner but also about the bond your respective families will forge. It is quite likely that you will have to live with your in-laws for the rest of your life, therefore it will be always great to be mentally predisposed to do so. Read up, talk to them, do all you can, to know how to get ready for marriage. You might want to keep a list of questions to ask a girl before marriage ready for this specific fact.

10. Time To Stick With Just One!

Your options were always open before your wedding. You could hang around with anyone you want, and date as many as you like; but that will come to a stop when you marry. Being true and committed to your spouse is one of the secrets of having a satisfying marriage. Sure, you are bound to get bored, but that is where you get a chance to work together with your partner to find a way to make your marriage interesting again. Being ready to accept this point is one way of understanding how to get ready for marriage. But nothing makes you better prepared for marriage than an outright acceptance of the next fact.

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11. Yes, Marriage Is Monotonous!

Yes, you are going to get bored at some point with that lifestyle. Yes, you will find marriage to be mechanical. But like any other alliance in this world, marriage comes with its own pros and cons. Acutely understanding every nuance of this alliance is what will define your level of preparation to upgrade from ‘Single’ to ‘Married’ status. Being prepared to appreciate those pros and your readiness to work on those cons with a will is what truly matters.

Hope this gives a direction to your thoughts on how to get ready for marriage. If you have ticked some of these points then congratulations! And if you haven’t, then it is time to work on them right away. All the best!

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