There Are 4 Figure Types And We’ve Found The Perfect Dress For Each Of Them!

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Of all the different parts your body is composed of – the bust, the waist, and the buttocks are the three that are mainly taken into account when ascertaining the type of figure you possess. And even out of them, it’s the shape of your derriere that plays the biggest role in deciding the kind of dress that’ll flatter you the most!

Experts believe that the type of bum you have is dependent on a host of genetic factors, which include the distribution of fat in your body, the position of your bones and the pelvis, the shape and size of the muscles in your glutes, and how these very muscles are connected to the bones in your hip (1).

So, what does that mean for you? It means that you can definitely tone up your butt and make it more elastic, but you cannot change the shape it has! *sigh* Oh, and also, there are four different types of butt shapes, which are pretty much connected to your figure type.

Hence, for example, if you have a rectangle body shape, you’ll probably have a square butt and so on and so forth! Fascinating, isn’t it? Anyway, coming back to the point, the kind of dresses you choose to wear should complement your derriere or the whole look can quite literally fall flat!

Thus, here’s a lowdown on the kind of dresses you should pick out and wear to flaunt your bootylicious body in accordance with your butt type.

1. Square Shape

1. Square Shape
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The square shape is characterized by a flat pelvis and thigh bones along with a barely visible transition to the waist, giving a squarish appearance. So, in this case, you’ll probably end up with a small butt with not a very well-defined waist.

Dress to wear: Despite the small bum, you can still wear a dress to kill as long as you wear the right one. We suggest you choose multi-layered dresses that make your lower half look voluminous and proportionate. Dresses made of velvet as well as with dresses with bows that can be tied behind your back can add volume to this region.

2. Round Shape

2. Round Shape
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If round is the shape you possess, you have wide hips that appear especially bigger when compared to the rest of your body. You can see it for yourself when you check out your sideways profile in the mirror and find that your derriere is well endowed from top to bottom and towards your hips.

Dress to wear: Some of the most famous butts in the world such as J Lo’s belong to the round category. Which means since you’ve got it, you need to flaunt it! Bodycon is a great option if you want to show it off. But if you want to create a distraction or hide the real volume by just a little bit, go for dresses with flared hemlines. They will create an illusion of narrower hips, while still highlighting your assets in a less conspicuous and more classy way.

3. Upside-Down Heart Shape

When thinking of an upside-down heart shape figure, only one name comes to mind. And that is of Kareena Kapoor Khan. Before her size zero days, Kareena’s butt was buzz-worthy and quite the hot topic of conversation!

That said, women with this kind of butt have more fat deposit in the lower portions than in the upper portions of their bum, giving rise to a sharp transition from the hips to the waist. And there’s no bulge on the sides either like it is in the round shape. The upside-down heart is a result of high levels of estrogen.

Dress to wear: Almost all kind of dresses will make you look fabulous! You can dare to flaunt what you’ve got with body-hugging dresses or emphasize your waist instead with empire-line ones. Even straight fit dresses that end at the knee will grab eyeballs when you wear them as they will accentuate your bust, waist, and legs in the best way.

4. V Shape

4. V Shape
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The V-shape also goes by the name of the upside-down triangle. Women with apple-shaped figures generally have a bottom like this where both the pelvis and hips bones taper down, like an inverted triangle. However, skinny girls can have a derriere like that, especially when their shoulders are wider than their hips.

Dress to wear: Dresses made of light, flowing fabrics will add a touch of femininity and soften your look overall. Moreover, dresses that gather at the breast will create balance. You’re one of the lucky few who can pull of short retro dresses in silk with confidence.

When you dress right, your whole perception of yourself changes for the better. After all, looking good is feeling good! So, take our advice and get the perfect dress for yourself according to your figure type.

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