Quick Techniques For Draping A Saree In Various Styles + Videos

The art of draping a saree is pretty exclusive which our ancestors have mastered for years and have passed on that tradition from one generation to the next in the most loving manner. How to drape a saree? Nowadays, the phenomenon of draping a saree has gained such attention that you can find several styles of draping techniques for several occasions such as cocktail parties, ceremonies, marriage and other festivities.

The Elegance Of The Saree

Saree is elegant and fluid attire that goes well with any body type. In fact, it is called as the liquid line as it has this awesome ability to hide any flaw in the figure perfectly, be it a flat bosom or heavy waist, and brings out the best features in you with that perfect drape. It is truly a symbol of gracefulness and eternal beauty that is the identity of every Indian woman.

Variety of Draping Styles

Contemporary saree draping styles have gone through a lot of experimentation. Some of the most popular styles are shown below with the steps. These easy DIY tutorials show how to drape a saree with simple tips.

1. Traditional Indian Nivi Draping Style

It is the classic and traditional style of draping a saree that had originated in Andhra Pradesh but now it is a universally accepted and admired style. All you need for this style of draping a saree is a well-fitting blouse, a fashionable saree and petticoat to go with. This easy to learn video DIY tutorial will give you a good idea on how to go about it perfectly.

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2. Bengali Saree Style

For a typical Bengali drape, you wear the pallu wrapped around your body twice with the two wide pleats styled in the front. Though it may look like a very complicated saree draping, but in fact it is quite easy to master. The video of how to drape a saree in a Bengali style will give you the right directions and offers tips to master the style.

3. Gujarati Saree Style

It is quite similar to the nivi style of draping a saree, except for the position of the pallu which comes at front and it is kept pleated in an array to cover the bosom area completely. This saree style has been popularized by the daily soaps where the actresses often flaunt this Gujarati style of saree draping with designer sarees. Do check out this video for a complete tutorial.

4. Kerala Saree Style

The classic Kerala style drape of saree comes in two parts, the Mundu and the Periyathum. When you drape the saree in this classic style, it gives out a very sophisticated and elegant look. Take a look at this video to perfect how to drape a saree in the Mundu style perfectly.

5. Maharashtrian Saree Style

The awesome factor of this Maharashtrian style of draping the saree is the comfort and ease of movement it provides, thanks to its draping style. Instead of a petticoat, you can easily manage to wear this style of saree over your favourite pair of shorts or bermudas. This tutorial will help you in figuring out the way to master this style of saree draping.

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6. Lehenga Saree Style

If you are confused between a lehenga or a saree, you can now simply choose to wear a lehenga styled saree which goes best for someone with a curvaceous body type. Here is an easy to follow tutorial with tips on how to drape a saree. Rock this style of draping a saree with ease and comfort and getting all the attention.

7. Butterfly Saree Style

This style of draping a saree is quite common in Bollywood, with stars like Shilpa Shetty, Deepika Padukone, Anushka Sharma and many more flaunting this style at award functions and red carpet events. Do watch this easy video DIY tutorial to drape a butterfly saree drape with ease.

8. Mumtaz Saree Style

Once draped and flaunted by the legendary actress Mumtaz in the song, ‘Aaj kal tere mere pyar ke charche’ in the 80’s, this trend has made a comeback again in the contemporary times with a bang. It is quite a sensuous retro look that you can flaunt for cocktail parties and functions. Here is a DIY tutorial that you can check out to learn this style of saree draping perfectly.

9. Rajrani Saree Style

The very name of the style of draping a saree gives out a royal elegance and exuberance to it. It is worn in the Gujarati way with a bit of a variation while styling the pallu. Just watch this amazing and easy DIY tutorial to learn how to drape a saree in this style. The rajrani saree draping style will ensure you turn heads with each step you take.

10. Mermaid Saree Style

Weren’t we all just amazed to hear the stories of the mermaids and their amazing life as kids? Even though the existence of the mermaids is a topic of debate, you can learn how to drape a saree in the style of a mermaid cut so easily by watching this DIY tutorial.


How To Drape A Saree To Look Slim

Choosing the right style of saree fabric and draping it in the right steps can actually make you look slim too. You just have to be a bit experimental and keep these tricks in mind to look slim in a saree:

1. Body Hugging Fabric: If your body seems to be on the heavier side, then you can select from a plethora of fabrics such as chiffon, georgette, silk and muslin that are soft and light in texture and cling to your body to define its shape without fluffing you out. Sarees made from chiffon and georgette materials are also easy to wear and can fir perfectly snugly, holding on to your body shape without letting your curves seem too bulgy because of the fabric type or material. This also helps with saree draping.

2. Narrow Borders: To look slim and sophisticated in a nine yard saree, you should select the ones with narrow or negligible borders. These narrow bordered sarees will minimize the broadness of your body to give it a slimming effect without you getting a headache over it.

3. Avoid Bold Prints: For a slim and trim effect, opt for small prints and minimize on the bold geometric or abstract designs to look gorgeous and slim in a saree, for any occasion.

4. Choose Vertical Lines: How to drape a saree for diffferent body shapes? For a body shape that is towards the broader side, you can opt for geometric lines that are vertical rather than horizontal. These types of prints enhance your natural height, add to the stature of the body and give your body shape a slimming effect without going overboard with it.

5. Dark Colours Or Solid Shades: Colours play a vital role for clothes and fabrics to decide on how we appear during the saree draping. For a slimming effect for your body type, opt for dark colours like black, maroon, deep purple, etc. to appear in shape. The highly light absorbing dark colours create an illusion of cutting down on the bulges and hide any flaw of the body, giving it a very flattering shape and silhouette.

6. Slimming Draping Style: Not only prints and colours, but also the way you drape your saree has an effect on your body shape. For hiding the bulging tummy, all you have to do is tuck the saree not below the navel but above it. You can flaunt other flattering aspects of your body such as your sexy back by choosing a deep neck blouse, go sleeveless or even go for plunging necklines. Go for anything that you are comfortable with and create a fabulous look without being worried about your bold curves.

7. Manage The Pallu: If your bosom is bit on the heavier side, you can still look fabulous in a saree of a flowing material if you just know how to take the pallu in a way that enhances your body type. If you are on the curvier side, then you must learn how to drape a saree in a way to suit you. It is best that you keep the pallu open and flowing instead of pinning it all up in pleats on your left shoulder. The pleats and folds will only add to the volume of your bust, making it appear broader than it actually is. Your strategy should be to wear a saree that it acts as a liquid line, hiding the flaws by perfectly highlighting the best features of your body in a flattering manner.

8. Blouse’s Neck: How you design the neck of the blouse when you wear a saree will also decide on your look. For a slimming effect, avoid cuts such as halter necks or air hostess collar or even half collar designs as they will only broaden the shoulders and make you look bust-heavy. Opt for bust enhancing cuts such as the boat neck or the deep neck blouses that will highlight the prominent features such as your décolletage and flatter your look. Again, this will help with saree draping.

9. Suitable Sleeves For Blouse: To enhance the body shape and look slim while wearing a saree, the things that you need to look into include the type of sleeve you choose for the blouse that you will team up with your saree. If your arms are a bit bulky, then rather than going for unflattering sleeveless or half-sleeved blouses, you can opt for three-quarter or full sleeve ones to minimize the broadness of the arms and yet look elegant in the saree. Try out sheer fabrics too if you want to go a bit bold.

10. Mixed Fabrics: If you want to try the cotton or organza textures too, opt for mixed fabrics that use a blend of natural and synthetic fibres which will help you to get your desired look without looking too fluffy at the same time.

Do Take Care Of A Few Things

While draping a saree, one has to take care of a few things to find the perfect look. The saree looks awesome if the saree draping is done correctly and you are saved from all the possible wardrobe malfunctions or the anxiety that your saree will come off if you move around a bit, only if you drape it in the correct manner. There can be horrendous wardrobe malfunctions if you do not give proper attention to the procedure of draping a saree according to the fabric material and the kind of body type.

Aim For Comfort First

It is important that when you drape a saree, you feel comfortable in it, be it the draping style or the fabric. It should not be that you are constantly wary of your movements after wearing a saree out of the fear that it may get disarrayed. A properly tucked and nicely draped saree, done in any way or technique, should feel firm and easy while moving around. And it is also very important to choose the variety of saree and draping style according to the occasion. After all, you do not want to be in a traditional marriage ceremony wearing your all-revealing cocktail saree, right? Dressing perfectly for the occasion is the key even in case of wearing a saree.

Do Not Fear To Experiment

In terms of draping styles, also you can do a lot of experimenting, such as trying out all the cocktail styles of saree draping, or the Bengali drape. You can even go for the Gujarati front pallu saree or the Maharashtrian trouser-styled draped like the one done by Sonam Kapoor in many ramp walks and fashion shows. The variety of materials and styles to choose from, such as the kanchipuram silk, the kerala kasavu saree, the taant and baluchuri, jamdani or dhonekali, the patola or even the bandhani sarees, make it a very versatile attire, suitable for all occasions and variety of body types.

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