How To Do Orange Eye Makeup?

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Do you want to be the show stealer of the party? Nothing can be more breathtaking and eye-catching than orange eye makeup. So, add on to the fun or holiday mood by including orange eye makeup into your beauty regime! Combine your favorite hues with orange and create your own style. After all, creativity has no limit!

Orange eye makeup will not only make people notice you, but it creates such a look that stays in people’s minds for years to come.

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Orange Eye Makeup Method:

Whether you are going for a date or a party, orange eye makeup will never disappoint you.

  1. Before starting working on your eyes, prepare your face by cleaning it with a cleanser.
  2. Apply a layer of foundation using a brush. Conceal acne and other marks and blemishes using a concealer.
  3. Make your face ready using a facial makeup powder. Matte effect looks the best. There are various colored powders available in the market to suit different skin tones. Choose one that best suits your skin tone.

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Doing Up The Eye:

  1. Apply primer all around the eye lids and then start applying orange eye shadow in a circular motion.
  1. Apply it towards the inner corner of the lid, if you are mixing it with any other color.
  1. Blend well. Now use a warm color (like brown) and blend it with orange. Brown should be applied towards the outer end of the lids.
  1. You may also use colors such as gold, rust, and other warm tones of the same family as orange.
  1. You may also give your eye shadow a smoky effect by applying black eye shadow to brown or any other warm color that you have applied along with orange.
  1. Use your fingers or a sponge to blend the black color with the crease of the eye.
  1. Now, use the same colors on your lower eyelid as well, starting from orange, brown, and finally black.
  1. In order to make your eyes appear big, use a highlighting eye shadow just under your eyebrows.
  1. Next is the turn of a black eyeliner to give depth to your eyes. Use a pencil liner on the lids and waterline.
  1. Mascara will complete the magical look. Use black mascara for a dramatic finish. If you want to make your eyes even more attractive, fix artificial eyelashes.
  1. Just apply a subtle lipstick or merely a lip gloss, and you are ready to rock any party!

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Basic Tips:

Here are certain orange tones that would suit different skin tones. Check out what would suit your skin tone.

1. If You Have A Fair Skin Tone:

Don’t think that orange will make your fair skin look weird or ghostly. Just use a hue of orange that would look great on your skin tone. Use creamsicle shade of orange, especially if you have blue eyes. People will not be able to take their eyes off you!

2. If You Have Medium Dark (Olive) Skin Tone:

Those who have olive skin tone find it easier to carry off orange eye makeup. The best tone of orange that would go with your skin color would be coral orange. Use matte finish for better results. You may also mix orange and pink from lighter to darker tones and create a fantastic effect.

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3. If You Have A Dark Skin Tone:

Tangerine orange is your shade of orange eye shadow. Tangerine will stand out only if applied in the correct style. Start by applying layers. The first step should be a sheer application of the color, starting with the lids towards the crease. In the final step, apply a little bronze or gold for a beautiful and classy effect.

Some hues, like orange, are classy. Many believe not everyone can carry off bold colors. On the contrary, if you love a color, you should wear it. So, if you love the orange color, let the world know about it with classy orange eye makeup ideas!

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