How To Deal With Your Child’s Chipped Tooth?

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With children at home, accidents can come knocking in myriad forms and shapes. So, what should a mother do? Be prepared, that is all you can do!

When your baby’s first tooth appears, it is the time to celebrate another milestone. But you do know that your child’s teeth can break and chip? Sounds alarming, doesn’t it? But don’t worry, chipped tooth in children is not a serious condition!

We have simple tips to help you deal with a dental emergency. Print this out and keep it handy, just in case you need to refer it!

What Should You Do In Case Of A Chipped Tooth In Child?

So your little one’s pearly white has chipped off. What should you do now? Here’s step-by-step guide to help you deal with the situation:

1. Contact Your Dentist:

Don’t waste time. Call your child’s dentist and book an appointment, right away.

2. Keep It Clean:

Rinse your child’s mouth with water to dislodge any tiny tooth particle that may be still sticking around. It will help you avoid any further complication.

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3. Use Cold Compress:

If your child has got hurt and chipped a tooth, apply a cold compress on his face to prevent swelling.

4. Provide Pain Relief:

If your child is in pain, you can try Tylenol to provide him some relief.

5. Head To The Dentist:

Now pick your purse and head to the dentist’s clinic. Don’t forget to carry the tooth fragment with you.

6. Stay Calm:

It should be number one on the list! When your baby is in pain, it is normal to panic. But calm your nerves and tackle the situation pragmatically.

Possible Complications Of A Chipped Tooth:

Can a chipped tooth be a medical emergency? Sounds farfetched? Not at all! Some of the complications that can arise due to a chipped teeth in children include:

1. Abscess:

If your child’s tooth breaks or chips, there is always a possibility of an infection. Bacteria can find its way in and lead to an abscess (1). If your child develops an abscess, he’ll need an urgent treatment. Look out for the symptoms of an abscess like:

  • Pain
  • Bitter taste in the mouth
  • Mouth odor
  • Fever
  • Pain while chewing

If you suspect an abscess, make a quick trip to the dentist.

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2. Uneven Spacing:

Sometimes, when a child’s milk teeth chips or breaks, it can lead to uneven spacing between his permanent teeth. Though not a medical emergency, it can still be a problem.

3. Tooth Fracture:

Sometimes, a chipped tooth can also lead to a tooth fracture, a painful condition that requires medical attention.

Treating A Chipped Tooth:

So, now that your child has chipped a tooth, what is the plan of action? Well, all the action is at the dentist’s office!

Here are some corrective measures your dentist might take to treat your child:

1. Dental Filling Or Bonding:

If it is a baby tooth, you can even leave it as it is. But if it is a permanent tooth and your child has chipped just a small piece of his tooth enamel, your dentist may advise a simple filling. If the chipped tooth is visible when your kid smiles, your doctor may opt for a procedure called bonding. The process involves using a tooth-colored composite resin to camouflage the chipped portion (2).

2. Dental Cap:

If your child loses a large piece of his tooth, he may require a dental cap (3). A dental cap involves filling the remaining part of the chipped tooth and covering it with a cap. Doing so prevents a tooth fracture and also helps to improve the tooth’s appearance. A variety of caps is available in the market today, each with its set of benefits. Your dentist will be the best person to suggest the best dental cap for your kid.

3. Dental Veneers:

Your dentist may recommend a dental veneer if your child has chipped a front tooth. A dental veneer is a tooth-colored porcelain or resin shell. Usually, dentists use it to cover the affected tooth and make it look whole again (4).

4. Root Canal:

Root canals are painful. But they are also one of the most common dental procedures! If your child has done some real damage to his tooth and you can see the center of the tooth containing nerves and blood vessels, root canal is the only way forward (5).

A chipped tooth in child may look cute initially, but can lead to some painful problems later. If you decide to let your child live with a chipped tooth, you may have to answer a few questions when he grows up!

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So, talk to a dentist and opt for the best possible treatment option to help your child deal and live with a chipped tooth.

Has your child suffered from a chipped tooth? Was it painful? Share your experience with us in the comments section below!

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