How To Choose A Wedding Dress – A Simple Guide With Dos And Don'ts

So your wedding date has been fixed and the most important thing for any bride is to select her wedding dress. It can never be too soon when it comes to making a check-list for the wedding and the perfect dress always tops the list. But there may be many questions and concerns when one is wondering how to choose a wedding dress. Now, every girl has some idea (if not the most clear one) about the kind of dress she wants to wear and where to find it. However, there are always some dos and don’ts involved when you have to pick one. So let’s check out what one must and what one mustn’t do when you are out and about wondering how to choose a wedding dress.

Don’ts – How To Choose A Wedding Dress

How To Choose A Wedding Dress - Don'ts

  1. Everything you see on TV is not gorgeous in real life too. TV shows and fashion shows are designed in a way to make you fall for the dresses you see. But don’t believe everything you see on TV. Use your own style when going about how to choose a wedding dress.
  2. Don’t even think about ordering your dress online. YES, there are many bridal-themed websites these days that offer to deliver ‘the dream’ dress with no shipping costs and impressive discounts that seem right for you. But ordering wedding gowns online is a big no!
  3. Don’t walk into a dress boutique with no clue of what you want. To find the best dress takes time even with a clear idea in mind, and nobody knows how to choose a wedding dress right away. Therefore, walking into the boutique with no clue will take you forever to settle down on something.
  4. Don’t walk in without a budget either. Wedding gowns are mighty expensive and take up a huge share of your wedding budget. You must be ready with your survey and idea of how much you’re willing to spend to pick the perfect dress.
  5. Don’t leave dress selection to the last minute. There’s a lot involved when it comes to selecting dresses. You need to pick the best choice, get it fixed as per your size and try it on a zillion times. Leave ample time for all that.
  6. Don’t take a huge team for the trials. Too many people with too many opinions will only confuse you further.

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Dos – Choosing A Wedding Dress

How To Choose A Wedding Dress - Dos

  1. Look for the best silhouette for you. Don’t select trends blindly; look for the one that suits your figure best. It’s the easiest and most sensible formula for knowing how to choose a wedding dress.
  2. Focus more on the top of the dress. Remember, when you walk down the aisle and face everyone, they’ll have their focus fixed on the top because that will be the most visible part. Even most of the photos that are clicked are from the waist up, so you need to know how to choose a wedding dress that is prettier from the top when you pick the right one.
  3. If the boutique allows, then carry your camera or find one and click pictures. A camera always tells the truest story and thus the picture will tell you point blank whether or not the dress is suiting you.
  4. Try a variety of styles and ask the salesperson at the boutique to help you select what they think will best suit you. They sell thousands of dresses and thus know each body type and what suits each of them.
  5. Focus on the fit and not the size. Wedding gowns, owning to the material used and extra lace and layers, are usually two to three sizes bigger than your normal size. So focus on a pick that fits you best and not what size you usually wear.
  6. Move around and see whether the gown gives you enough breathing space. There’s no point in going for a gorgeous gown that makes you stiff like a mermaid. Know how to choose a wedding dress that is a comfortable winner. Walk, dance, sit, climb stairs to check how comfortable you are in it.
  7. Think about your wedding location and the weather conditions when you select the wedding date. The material of the dress should be such that it gives you a comfortable feeling on your wedding. Go for a breezy material for a summer wedding and a warm wintery material for a fall wedding.

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Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing A Wedding Dress (Body-Type Specific)

1. Pear-shaped: Go for dress shape in which the skirt flows down in an A-formation. Look for sturdy and stiff materials that don’t cause it to cling to your body.

2. Apple-shaped: A dress with a ‘V’ neck and its centre focusing on the smallest part of the waist would be best suited for this body type.

3. Small-chested: If you’re small-chested, you can opt for a dress that has a lot of thread work or laces on the bodice that would create and illusion of curves.

4. Tall: Tall brides must have everything analysed in their gown including the length of the gown and sleeves. A straight simple silhouette dress would suit them right and will highlight each angle of their figure.

5. Petite: Those who are petite should preferably opt for a dress that has a higher waist than your normal waist so that it makes your lower body look longer.

6. Plus sized: An Empire dress that flows into an A-line from under the chest while accentuating the curves is the right kind that should suit best.


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