How to Choose a Wedding Cake: 11 Tips For The Right Delight!

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Wedding cakes – centrepieces that either leave your guests’ mouths watering or with a bad aftertaste. As a host, you always strive to have the best sugary delight for those in attendance as part of your special day… but the challenge to choose a wedding cake starts way before that.

Here’s the thing: the cake has to be right. As right as the wedding dress and decorations. In case you have no idea where to start, we’re going to get you started. Here are 11 tips on how to choose wedding cake that ties into the flavor of the wedding. That’s right.

1. Discuss With Your To-Be Other Half

It is absolutely imperative to speak to your wife or husband-to-be about the cake before taking a final decision. Okay, so it’s not life and death, but specifics can be gone over and a consensus arrived at – the flavor, the size, the decoration, the budget are all important considerations. Along with the fact that all of that has to tie into the general theme of the wedding.

2. Plan It In Advance

There will be a rush during wedding season. Getting your order in early helps the baker as well as yourself – the cake is a beautiful creation that will require time and care to be perfect. Which it should be.

3. Stick To Your Budget

Just like wedding attire and venue, you are spoilt for choice, and it’s easy to splurge a mini-fortune on the cake alone. A little research, however, should see you find the right price for a splendid wedding cake.

4. Finding The Right Baker

Choose a bakery that has experience and a proven track record for making wedding cakes. A bakery that specialises in making wedding cakes can do wonders to your wedding. Also the makers will be better adept at understanding the customer requests and will have higher chances of replicating your ideas.

5. Taste Some Samples

It is no treat if it doesn’t taste great. Ask the bakery for multiple samples and insist on taking a bite from all of them. That way you will know how good the cakes taste. Go to the tasting session with your to-be spouse so that you both can reach a common ground on the quality.

6. Give Guidelines For The Ingredients

This is something most couples fail to specify while selecting a wedding cake. Use the tasting session to decide on the flavor and communicate the same to the craftsperson in charge of your delicious confection.

7. Do Not Forget The Guests

Your guest list would consist of all kind of people – young ones, your contemporaries and the elderly. In case you are aware of certain specific dietary restrictions among your guests then have your cake meet those special requirements. You can also alter the entire cake to be custom-made for the majority group in your guests. For example, if most of your guests are elderly with no children then you can opt for artificial sweetener in your cake, which will take care of the fact that some guests may be diabetic. Also avoid adding potential allergens like nuts to prevent an allergy outbreak at your wedding!

8. Choose A Creative Design Theme

Wedding day cake needs to be as special as you feel on the day. Do not settle down for mundane or straightforward designs, opt instead for something memorable, if not grand. Your baker should have ample photographs of creative designs to choose from or you can invent yours to get it done in cream and ice!

9. Select The Size Accordingly

Wedding cakes have the reputation of going vertical in greater heights to the point that they become unstable. While a grand wedding cake is a good thing, it should be within the means of your desired cake cutting spot at the venue. Things should not get shaky or messy. Also your guest count should be a reference for you to decide the size of the cake. A magnificent cake may look good but it may eventually end-up in the freezer as leftovers.

10. Check On The Wedding Day Weather

It is a less known but a critical point on how to choose a wedding cake. If you plan to tie the knot on a hot summer afternoon then there are high chances that a whipped cream cake is going to melt. Instead ask your baker about best options for that weather condition. For example, a fondant covered cake is less likely to melt and will better retain the original shape of the cake decorations.

11. Have A Complete Cake Delivered At Venue

Do not permit any last moment adjustments or additions at the venue. Ask your baker/vendor to get it done in the kitchen and deliver only the finished product. Some vendors may insist on giving certain finishing touches at the venue but it may look awkward in front of numerous individuals present. Therefore, have the total cake done beforehand and get it delivered to the venue on time.

Those were some key tips to keep in mind before choosing your wedding cake. Have a tip that saved you a lot of grief? Do share.

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