How To Become A Wedding Planner - The Essentials

“Marriages are made in heaven and consummated on earth” – John lyly.

Every couple dreams of a perfect wedding. And couples who have either recently been married or those set to tie the knot, can vouch, this is not a easy feat to achieve. Traditionally the realms of all the arrangements were taken care of by the parents of the bride and groom. While this is still largely true even now, with more and more couples getting involved with the process and most importantly the decision making, there has been a gradual shift. Coupled with enough disposable income at hand, both the parties, be it grooms or the brides side, now prefer sitting back and enjoying the celebrations while macro managing the affairs, leaving the micro management in the reliable hands of a wedding planner. It is no surprise that the present trend has lead to the mushrooming of wedding planners around the country. However lets just say that it is not everybody’s cup of tea. To be a wedding planner, one needs to have, not just some solid creativity and organisational skills but also enormous patience and the ability to think on their feet in times of crisis. So, lets take a look at the essential skills that every wedding planner needs to have. Here’s how to become a wedding planner. Viola!

1. Everlasting Creativity

Creativity Is A Must

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“Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected”- William Plower. This fits perfectly to the work and minds of wedding planners. There should be a dash of creativity flowing through the person to be a successful wedding planner. Creativity determines how well a person can innovate as per the requirements of the couple, to transform their dream wedding ideas into real wedding memories.

2. Have Your Own Space

Have An Office To Work Out Of

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An own office space is a must for every wedding planner. Something which can be used as a creative pad and as the professional work space for clients to come and visit. An office space is essential as it keeps everything in an orderly manner and adds a sense of professionalism to the work that is being done.

3. Trust Thy Vendors

Trust Is A Must

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A vital point for any wedding planner is to maintain trust and confidence with all the vendors, be it the third party vendors or the direct suppliers. A vendor plays a crucial role in the materials’ supply chain and a successful wedding planner is the one who maintains a good rapport and is trusted by his vendors. Remember, it is always give and take, so before they trust you, you should trust them too.

4. There’s Always A Right Place

There's Always A Right Place

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A must for every potential wedding planner is to have a list of the ideal and perfect places to conduct and orchestrate a wedding. Every couple likes choosing the right place for their wedding. If the list of ideal locations is ready, it is easy to choose the destination and begin the work.

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5. Patience Is A Virtue

Patience Is A Must

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A wedding ceremony involves many emotions and countless thoughts and realities. An ideal characteristic of a wedding planner is his or her ability to withstand and take almost any hurdle and obstacle in a stride.

6. The Vision

Have A Vision

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Before becoming a wedding planner, one must make sure that he/she is a visionary. A person’s foresight and forward planning decides how well one can manage the various details that are essential to wedding planning.

7. Passion And Commitment

Commitment And Passion Are Virtues

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Every wedding planner’s vital driving force is the passion and commitment residing within. The amount of dedication and the desire to plan for the perfect wedding is the key in determining the success of every wedding and its planner. As we all know “Passion is the oxygen of the soul”.

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8. Honesty Is The Best Policy

Always Be Honest

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This age old saying holds true to any profession. This determines the success of any profession and it includes wedding planning which involves both honesty and integrity while choosing the venue, deciding on a vendor or charging a fee.

9. Eyes Of A Hawk

Eye For Detail

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A wedding planner should have an eye for even the minutest of details associated with the wedding. The color of the carpets, the material of the drapes, the arrangement of dishes, the cuisines, the floral decorations, the names of the key relatives and what not. Knowledge and observation about all these things is essential for any wedding planner. The detailing determines the look, feel, mood and the final success of the wedding you’ve planned.

10. Get Accredited

Get Accredited First

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There are plenty of programs that can help a wedding planner get accredited that further stamps his or her’s credibility. Penn Foster Career School is known to impart classes in essentials of wedding planning and provide certification. Likewise, there are a few training programs like Rachnostav Events Academy in Hyderabad, who also train interested professionals to become certified wedding planners or event managers.

So do you have it in you? Because dear friend, the “wedding business” is evergreen. You can make many friends, meet beautiful couples, take part in your client’s most important day and most importantly, no two days will ever be the same at work. It’s not just about the money – wedding planning as a profession demands a lot of patience, diplomacy, management skills, creativity and amicability; and if you are really good at it, we are sure you would make tons of moolah along the way.