How To Be A Good Wife? 14 Tips For A Start!

It’s a question that almost every woman has considered, how to be a good wife? Every relationship needs some hard work from both sides. Whether you’re friends, or a couple, you need to be the best version of yourself to sustain the relationship. Being friends is somewhat easier I’d say as there are lesser expectations and more importantly you go to your respective homes at the end of the day and get to wake up with a fresh mind and to a fresh start the next day. That however doesn’t happen once you get married. Marriage seems like such a rosy thing in movies, but in reality it requires more hard work than any other relationship (not that it isn’t rosy). But that doesn’t mean it’s bad. Marriage is an experience. You just need to become a good wife with a good husband and you’re good to go. So how to be a good wife? And how exactly do you define ‘good?’

How To Be A Good Wife Sensibly Well

Check out the tips given below and get set to be the ‘good wife’ to your loving husband.

1. Listen

How To Be A Good Wife? - Listen

Most couples fight because both parties just listen for the sake of replying. So how to be a good wife? Simple. You don’t need to reply all the time. Be the wife that listens to her husband when he simply wants to share. Voice your opinions when he asks for them. Most of us simply want people to hear us out at times. Sending a couple of ‘I love you quotes for him‘ is not enough, even if it works.

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2. Support

How To Be A Good Wife? - Support

Support him in his decisions. Now that you’re married, the crucial life decisions would become difficult for him too because now he’s not just deciding for himself alone. Support him and show him that you’ll stand by his side no matter what.

3. Space

How To Be A Good Wife? - Space

Being married does not mean being glued to each other at all times of the day. If you want to know how to be a good wife, this is important. Have your own space and time with your gal pals and let him have his own with his buddies. A sign of a healthy relationship is one where each relationship has its own priority.

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4. Activities

How To Be A Good Wife? - Activities

How to be a good wife during the holidays? Plan activities for your own ‘hubby-wife time.’ Don’t just spend all day long at your house on your (or his) day off from work. Monotonous routines can make relationships dull, so go out for meals, head out for get-togethers with old pals or just take a long drive and keep life interesting.

5. How To Be A Good Wife? Be Honest

How To Be A Good Wife? - Honesty

Be honest with him. Not just about the good things but also the bad things. If something bothers you about his lifestyle or behaviour or if there’s something you feel he should know, then do not shy away from telling him. Best relationships are those where there are no secrets. It’s another important way, if you’re wondering how to become a good wife even when it’s tough.

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6. Understand

How To Be A Good Wife? - Understand

If you want to know how to be a good wife, even during fights or quarrels, then you need to understand his point of view before replying with your own opinion. Most often, we end up fighting at the drop of a hat without really thinking about why the other person said what he/she said.

7. How To Be A Good Wife? Praise Him

How To Be A Good Wife? - Praises

When was the last time you praised your husband or appreciated him for something he did? Sometimes, knowing how to become a good wife is easy. Talk about his achievements and positive traits in front of family and friends as this will surely boost his ego and show him that you’re proud of him.

8. Compromise

How To Be A Good Wife? - Compromise

Nobody can always get 100 per cent of the things they desire. When you’re married, you have to think about the needs of the other before yourself. Compromise and find a middle ground where both of you can get parts of what you two want without hurting anyone’s feelings.

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9. Compliment

How To Be A Good Wife? - Compliment

Again, club the ‘praising’ part with the ‘complimenting’ part too. Why? Well, who doesn’t like receiving compliments? Be generous. Be vocal. What you feel inside, say it out loud. Not all men are mind-readers. And it’s an immediate change you can make in any situation, if you’re wondering how to become a good wife.

10. How To Be A Good Wife? Surprise Him

How To Be A Good Wife? - Surprises

Another simple thing to add on your ‘how to be a good wife’ checklist, Get him small little things you think he may like whenever you go out. Pay attention to his hobbies or fantasies and get him gifts based on his interests, with a few short love messages too. This will not only make him happy but will also make him realize how much you pay attention to the things he likes.

11. Meals

How To Be A Good Wife? - Meals

The way to a man’s heart is his stomach, so this should be your family secret on how to be a good wife. Cook him something that he absolutely loves, ask his mother for his favourite dish. If you can’t cook then order in, but have special days where you simply pamper him with his favourite food. Spoil him with different choices of all his favourites every time he enters the house. And we are sure the favour would be returned.

12. F&F

How To Be A Good Wife? - F&F

Don’t criticize his friends and family, especially his mother! No matter how much you might despise them, try and be understanding and see it from a point of view that they mean a lot to your husband. So make it a point to be cordial (if not pally) with them. Unless you want a sad love story.

13. Flirt

How To Be A Good Wife? - Flirt

Why should boys have all the fun? Flirt with him and show him that you’re no less. Husbands love it when their wives show a fun and naughty side.

14. Mom

How To Be A Good Wife? - Mom

Okay, so now you have kids. Cool. Just because you have kids now does not mean that you must devote all your time and energy to them. Give a little attention to your husband too. I know, I know, that’s asking for too much. But remember to be a fun mother too, don’t go all strict on the kids as that may in a way also reflect on your relationship with your husband.

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So there you go! These are the top 14 ways in which you can be the wife your husband has always dreamt of having. Remember, a good wife + a happy husband = a happy relationship!

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