5 Simple Tips On How To Be A Good Daughter In Law

Well, getting married and entering this all new phase in life brings in a mix of emotions, a whirlpool of feelings and truck full of new relationships. It takes time for both partners to adjust to these new and sometimes daunting changes. How to be a good daughter in law? We’ll get to that! In the meantime remember that anything new takes time to get normal. Whatever said and done, it’s always a tad bit more difficult for the women. I mean it’s the woman who leaves behind the family and ‘gets into’ a new one, the woman leaves her maiden name and adopts a new one and it is the woman who completely shifts bags and baggage into an all new alien environment. Whether you are going to live in a joint family or separately, the responsibility of making these new relationships click is always a little more on the women. So, if you’ve been wondering how to be a good daughter in law, keep reading to find out.

How To Be A Good Daughter In Law - meeting mother in law

But hey, we women are the stronger sex aren’t we? Women are considered to be emotionally stronger and maybe that’s why it’s women who can handle so many changes all at once. To become a good daughter in law is a blissful feeling but it can sometimes also turn out to be too big a pressure to handle. How to be a good daughter in law? Firstly, to be a good daughter in law is to be a good wife. Now how exactly would you define the ‘being good’ part? How should you behave? There is no guideline or rule book that states what makes one a good or bad daughter in law or what the best daughter in law must do, but certain things can help you get started on the right note.

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How To Be A Good Daughter In Law:

1. Be You!

How To Be A Good Daughter In Law - spending time together

It is very important to be who you are to be able to understand people as they are. The more you try to be ‘perfect’ or someone you are not or expected to be, the more others will behave accordingly. This is the simplest and most effective tip on how to be a good daughter in law. For a comfortable and friendly environment, become the best version of who you are. Be natural; don’t put on fake emotions, don’t overdress or be over-the-top sweet. It will get on your nerves soon and people will start noticing a change and a shift which may come off as unpleasant.

2. Open Communication Channels

How To Be A Good Daughter In Law - open communication

A must for every relationship and a definite must with your in-laws. Be open about your needs, talk to them about theirs. You need to form a healthy and open channel of communication from the very beginning. The more you keep things within, the more ‘assumptions’ creep in. You are a strong independent woman and must behave accordingly. Being vocal is the perfect response. I don’t mean be authoritative, but don’t be quiet and talking to yourself all the time.

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3. Notice And Analyze

How To Be A Good Daughter In Law - understanding each other

Take time to notice and analyze different people, their behaviour, needs and expectations. Don’t jump to conclusions about people and allow yourself a fair amount of time to notice big and small things and analyze things expected from you. This will work best for everyone involved.

4. Shared Chores

How To Be A Good Daughter In Law - sharing housework

Don’t try to take on every task and be the do-all of the household in full josh. Every household functions in a different way and you need to take small steps until you get it completely right. How to be a good daughter in law? Be a part of the tasks and chores but take time to understand the way things work. Don’t try to change everything to your convenience at once, neither try to be the task master.

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5. Bond Over Meals

How To Be A Good Daughter In Law - cooking together

A family that eats together stays together! Make sure you have at least one meal a day with your in-laws. If not, ensure you spend tea time together. Bonding over food brings out conversations that cement relationships.

Well, like I said, there is no one answer to the question of how to be a good daughter in law. With time you will learn what works best for you and will become the perfect daughter in law. Just follow these five steps to begin with and keep discovering more ways as you go along. Remember ladies, just like you never thought about how you could be a better daughter, don’t let the ‘in-law’ tag put you under pressure. Any questions or suggestions?

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