10 Simply Sweet Tips On How To Be A Better Girlfriend

How are things going? Are you in a sweet spot with your relationship or have you gone past honeymoon-phase and gotten into real-deal phase? In any case, no matter how old or new your relationship, the key to a successful relationship is commitment. How invested you are in your partner is reassuring for both that they are looking for the same thing from the relationship. Show how much you care for him by trying out some of our suggestions, if you are looking for ways to express that you want to be a better companion for him.

1. Be A Listener

How To Be A Better Girlfriend - Be A Listener


This sounds like a classic cliché of relationship talk, but you will be surprised at the results this can give. Sometimes you are overwhelmed by your emotions and forget that both of you have a right to talk and listen (especially for someone who loves to yap). Listening is the best way to get to talking. So, just listen to him.

2. Boost His Interests

How To Be A Better Girlfriend - Boost His Interests

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Nothing can be more boosting than when you take interest in your guy’s interests, be it hunting for old records or kite-flying. Keep invested in his interests, because it is a reminder of things that mark his sphere, and it is also assuring to have a partner who is watching out for you.

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3. Don’t Mother Him

This is one of the most frequent arguments that come up in a serious relationship. Sometimes our care and concern can completely blind us from the fact that we are being over-protective of the other. Be expressive but let him express as well. Maintain a healthy stream of communication in your relationship.

4. Small Surprises

How To Be A Better Girlfriend - Small Surprises Make Him Smile


Women have come to a time where we do propose to men, so little surprises for the sweetheart is not an exception to role reversal. Surprise your love with a gift, not on an occasion, just totally random! Remind him that’s what your relationship is about— adventurous and unpredictable.

5. Love Notes And Poems

How To Be A Better Girlfriend - Love Notes And Poems Are Classy

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This mushy yet effective option can be sometimes the cutest thing your partner may have done for you already. Write down some cute little love notes and put it in his wallet or jacket. You could also write a love poem for him – a couplet will do – on how much you care for him.

6. Change Things Up

How To Be A Better Girlfriend - Change Things And Spice It Up


Change is important for a couple that is on the road to a long journey. There is an anxiety of monotony, and making change a part of your relationship can keep both of you in a healthy and lasting relationship. Ride bicycles, or go diving. Feed fishes, or go shooting. Go for a change, for something new, together.

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7. Give Him Alone Time

A sign of a healthy relationship is one where both partners respect each other’s privacy when it comes to your own circles. Give him his alone time, or time to hang out with his friends, to show that you are in a relationship, healthy and flexible, close and strong enough to stand the notions of personal space.

8. Help Around And Be A Friend

How To Be A Better Girlfriend - Help Around And Be A Friend

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Don’t forget friendship, the underlying foundation of a fulfilling relationship. It is common to fall prey to the traps set by ego and insecurities and end up in bad terrains in a relationship. But keeping your friendship with him intact can allow more space for discussion, and less room for power-play: the ambient environment where a relationship can thrive with nourishment.

9. You Don’t Always Need To Win

Don’t make every argument a contest where you have to win, you have to be right. Acknowledge setbacks together and be mutually open to criticism, to build a strong and honest foundation for a good relationship.

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10. Be There

How To Be A Better Girlfriend - Always Be There

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One of the key elements is in knowing the moods and feelings of your partner effortlessly, without the need for any clues. Just be there for him, through thick and thin, for all the times he has shown his capacity for the same.

Think of some of these things when you are thinking of how to be a better partner. If you are just there for him when he needs you, just like he is for you, then cherish the beautiful bond you share and remind him that you love him.