Mom Speaks: Stretch Marks were affecting me psychologically

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I’ve always had a glowing honey-toned complexion that I had proudly inherited from my mother’s side of the family. Growing up, my healthcare regime had always been a top priority for me. My mother always ensured that me and my sisters took extremely good care of our skin and that our skin was always in its best condition. She believed one’s skin reflected the overall health of the body through its condition.

From monitoring the amount of water I drank daily to making sure I always wore sunscreen when going out to play – I took every possible measure to keep my skin in the “pink of its health”. However, as I grew older and headed off to college, I stopped caring about my skincare regime as much. Due to climate, seasonal and lifestyle changes, my skin started getting dryer and more dehydrated. Eventually, graduation, a hectic new job and my relationship with my fiancée took precedence over my skincare routine, and it pretty much got relegated to the background, much to my mothers’ dismay. But life went on. Soon enough, I got married and became focussed on the next phase of my life – motherhood.

The Beginning Of My Worries

After trying for a few years, my husband and I finally received the good news that I was pregnant. Being over the moon with happiness, we celebrated and told all of our friends and loved ones. I was blessed with a smooth pregnancy, and was enjoying every bit of it till a not-so-pleasant change happened. One day I woke up to see my first stretch-mark slowly making its way across my growing tummy. I panicked as I tried to figure out how to improve my skin quality so I wouldn’t have to deal with the incoming stretch-marks.

I started searching for answers online and asked numerous friends and acquaintances for solutions. Their solutions ranged from natural Ayurvedic pastes to chemical skin peels to laser treatments. None of which seemed safe to me. I ended up extremely frustrated as I anticipated my soft, supple skin getting damaged by unnecessary scars. And that too, scars that could have easily been prevented.

The One Piece Of Advice That Changed Everything

Advice That Changed Everything
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One day, as I was opening up about my frustrations to my mother, she got up and walked towards her closet. Surprised, I waited to see what she had in store for me.

From her closet, she pulled out a small transparent bottle with the label ‘Bio-Oil’. She presented it to me and told me she used it to help improve the tone of her skin as she aged. She claimed it worked wonders and that she already felt the effect on her skin. She said that a friend’s daughter had used it during her pregnancy and it helped reduce the appearance of her stretch marks drastically.

Initially hesitant, I agreed to my mother’s request of giving Bio-Oil a try. While doing my research about the product, I discovered that Bio-Oil should be used from the second trimester of pregnancy and onwards. The bottle was small, compact and the instructions were easily displayed inside the packaging. I was supposed to massage the oil in a circular motion, twice daily, until it was fully absorbed into my skin. I did so diligently, making sure to spend extra time on my growing tummy and hips.



To my surprise, within just 5 weeks of following this daily routine, the appearance of my skin had drastically improved. I was incredibly pleased with the miraculous results, for I wasn’t really expecting it to work that quickly and effectively.

The Spectacular Results!

The Spectacular Results
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Within a few months, my sweet angel had arrived and I had still managed to retain and revitalize the appearance of my skin. All with the help of Bio-Oil. I find it hard to believe that I didn’t come across this product sooner and would most definitely recommend it to all the stressed-out young moms out there.

I felt like that this product was tailormade to address my most important skin issues and provide the best solutions for them. Be it dry, dull and dehydrated skin due to stress or long tiger stripe-like stretch marks – it helped me with every skin issue I had. Initially, it was quite difficult to stick to a routine and apply it twice every day, but I added it to my everyday self-care regime and made sure I tried my best to follow it through.

The results speak wonders. My skin is soft, supple, evenly toned and much, much healthier than it was before. Now, I swear by Bio-Oil as a long-term solution for stretch marks. I think every young mother should gift herself a bottle at the start of her pregnancy. Or at least be given one at her baby shower!

I shared this experienced her today, so that other pregnant women whose joyous motherhood journey has been hampered by these marks can take heart in the fact that there is a solution for them. And that stretch marks are not inevitable.

If you want to un-pause the joy of your pregnancy, you too, can check out Bio-Oil here!

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