How Should A Husband Treat His Wife: 14 Ways To Do It Right

Asking how should a husband treat his wife is a sign of strength. It’s a very delicate area, that needs some introspection. Treating your wife like a queen is every married man’s most innate aspiration. As a husband, it is not just one’s responsibility but foremost duty to treat the lady of your life with utmost respect and affection. Sometimes, in the monotony of the busy and complex life, husbands tend to grow cold towards their wives, making the husband-wife relationship lose its spark. On the other hand, once you get married, everything changes. Here is a list of 14 things you should be doing in order to show love, care and respect towards your wife.

How Should A Husband Treat His Wife? Keep Reading To Findout

1. Treat Her With Respect In Front Of Others

How Should A Husband Treat His Wife - Treat Her With Respect In Front Of Others

Knowing how should a husband treat his wife in public is so important, for her and for you. This is the first thing you must be doing as a better husband. The way you treat your wife in public is a mirror of what exactly you think of her. Treating her with dignity when outdoors is the best way to show her that for you she will be the most important person in your life, whom you will never hurt.

Dos: In case you feel you are bound to have an argument in public, then make sure you are swift in giving a genuine apology. Even if it’s not your mistake, it will do no harm; she is after all your wife.

Don’t: Do not pass sneering or cheeky comments about her in front of your friends or relatives. If she did something wrong while you are outdoors, instead of vocally criticising her, gently explain her the right thing later.

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2. Do Not Hide Your Feelings

How Should A Husband Treat His Wife - Do Not Hide Your Feelings

If she feels that you look perturbed, and asks what’s on your mind, how should a husband treat his wife? Instead of brushing the question aside, answer the question with alacrity. It is one of the best ways of letting her know that she is the only woman/person in the entire world whom you can trust with your feelings.

Dos: If you feel something, tell her; if she asks you about your feelings, share them with her. Best way to do so is to do while sitting together on the sofa or cuddling on the bed. It will add an element of intimacy to the moment.

Don’ts: Never reply with the run of the mill answers like ‘it’s nothing’ or an irritating ‘later’. She is your wife and she has all the right to know what’s on your mind. Also, while sharing your feelings, never taper away with loose ends, instead tell her the A to Z of what’s on your mind.

3. Treat Her With Dignity In Front Of Children

If point one was about appraising her in public, this point tells about your ideal behaviour that you should display in front of your children. It’s important that you know how should a husband treat his wife in front of the kids. Children always learn from adults, and since their minds are still malleable, your behaviour can leave a lasting imprint on their personality. For this reason, always make it a point that your demeanour towards your wife is that of respect and appreciation.

Dos: Speak politely with your wife when children are around. In case you disagree on some point, reach a conclusion or agreement with a soft-spoken discussion. Or better still, discuss the matter in private.

Don’ts: Never ever yell or shout at your wife in front of your children. That is outright not acceptable. You shouldn’t be doing that with your wife anyway, but when children are around, make sure you do not resolve your conflicts ardently in yelling match.

4. Do Not Hide Financial Information From Your Wife

How Should A Husband Treat His Wife - Do Not Hide Financial Information From Your Wife

This may not just be about knowing how should a husband treat his wife, but about a happy strong successful marriage. When you get married, you are no longer individuals but a team. You become stakeholders in the household, and share the effort of maintaining and improving it. It is always a good thing to have certain individuality when it comes to finances, but having transparency about your financial information is extremely important to have a better, happy relationship.

Dos: In case you are going through a dip in your income due to some reason, make it a point to share it with your wife. It is absolutely okay to request your wife to bail you out in case of a financial crunch.

Don’ts: Men usually have a tendency to hide their financial information when they are not doing well financially. But do not do so with your wife. Your spouse is going to be with you forever and it does not help hiding vital information from her. Also, when in a financial crunch, do not force her to shell-out money on a shoe-string budget. Respect her opinion as well.

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5. Do Not Act As If You Are Better Than Her

You may be earning more than her or she may be only a home-maker but that does not mean she is anyway inferior to you. The relationship of a husband and wife is that of equals, and always remember that she is no different from you. Let this ideology trickle down into your behaviour. How should a husband treat his wife? Treat her as an equal!

Dos: Always be appreciative of what she does, even if you know you do it better. Of you feel like it, you can show her how to do it better too. If she got an inferior hike at work than you, cheer and encourage her. If she got a better hike, tell her you’re proud of her. If she is a home-maker, appreciate her efforts, and tell her you would be absolutely lost without her. You will just make her day by doing so.

Don’ts: Do not ridicule her in any way if she is a little slow or a bit faster in her career progression path. If she is a home-maker, do not mock her by saying that she does not have any other work or sits free the entire day. Nothing more is going to hurt her than her life partner harshly mocking her.

6. How Should A Husband Treat His Wife? Always Take Decisions Together

How Should A Husband Treat His Wife - Always Take Decisions Together

So you loved that expensive home theater system peering at your from the glass walls of the store? Instead of making an impulsive purchase, calm your urge, go home, discuss with your wife, and come back to buy it together. Taking decisions together not just about knowing how should a husband treat his wife, but the very hallmark of a successful marriage, and one of the better ways to turn yours into a successful one.

Dos: Always consult your wife regarding every major or high-ticket purchase. Take her opinion, and ask her to list down her choices. Plan the purchase together, and make it a point to buy it together.

Don’ts: If your wife says no to something, do not get agitated about it, instead patiently understand her opinion. Also, never use words like ‘your opinion never matters’ or ‘I don’t care’. You are surely going to do some serious damage to your relationship by talking that way.

7. Listen To Her With Interest

Husbands have such a reputation of turning a deaf ear to their partner’s concerns or opinions that it has become the subject of countless PJs. It may seem funny at the surface but being insensitive to your wife’s words can cause her immense emotional pain, which she would not be able to share with anyone. And it’s not just about understanding how should a husband treat his wife; it’s about whether you can be a decent human being in this year and age of progress. Always have an open ear and a broad mind to what your lady is saying.

Dos: If you are doing something while she is talking to you, put aside what you were doing, and concentrate on what she has to say. Look her in her eyes when she is talking to you, and give necessary cues to help her gauge that you are actually listening to her, and not day-dreaming.

Don’ts: Do not look away from her when she is speaking to you and don’t reply with a confounding ‘hmm’. If you are busy with some thing that cannot be delayed, politely let her know that.

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8. How Should A Husband Treat His Wife? Help Her With Household Work

How Should A Husband Treat His Wife - Help Her With Household Work

This one should not come as a surprise since helping your wife in the household chores is the best way of showing that you care. It’s always been a tip on every bestselling book on how should a husband treat his wife. It is also one of those practical ways of showering your love. Don’t leave her wondering how to handle a lazy husband, she won’t respect a guy like that.

Dos: Delegate household work and then make sure you do it with utmost responsibility. In case you are unable to do something, make sure you politely request your wife to help you out.

Don’ts: Do not just come from work and plop in front of TV declaring that ‘You are tired, and in no mood of doing anything’. It is quite likely she has had a tiring day as well, and your stubbornness isn’t going to make things easier.

9. Control Your Roving Eye

Men have a natural tendency to ogle at times (read – most times). While it may seem normal while you’re happily single, doesn’t work that well when you are married. It will also cause your partner pain and disappointment.

Dos: You married your wife because you found her to be the perfect life partner for you. Make it a point to seal that thought in your mind. Whenever you feel tempted to look at someone more seemingly attractive, recollect how gorgeous your lady is, and how fortunate you are to have her. If remembering an intimate moment you spent with your wife can do the trick, then definitely do so.

Don’ts: If she catches you looking at someone else, do not cover it up with a lie. Instead accept that you did so, and that you are profusely apologetic for it. Never laugh off the matter since that will be a gross disrespect of her feelings. Also, be a gentleman and try not to ogle.

10. How Should A Husband Treat His Wife? Respect Her Desires

How Should A Husband Treat His Wife - Respect Her Desires

So, sexually, how should a husband treat his wife? It depends on the mood, and how you both feel about it. You are going to be the only person in the world with whom she will share her deepest desires and wildest fantasies. Always hear them and respect her likes, dislikes and choices, quid pro quo. This is the secret to becoming a good lover.

Dos: You will always have your own unique set of wants and desires. If your wife does not think the same or declines them, do not get mad. She is your wife, not your slave, therefore you will have to respect her opinion on the matter, and whether she’s ‘in the mood’ at the moment or not.

Don’ts: If she talks about a fantasy of hers, do not make a disgusted face or laugh at her. She trusts you and that’s the reason she shared it with you. As a husband, you must appreciate what she thinks, and do whatever it is in your capacity to fulfill them, as long as you’re cool with it. If it’s not your thing, you can say no too.

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11. Respect Her Privacy

Privacy is a big part of knowing how should a husband treat his wife. Just because she is your wife does not mean it is ‘okay’ to open her closet and sift through her items, unless you know she’s cool with it. Sometimes, not enough privacy ruins intimacy, so keep that in mind. Marriage is not about being together but also about trusting each other enough to give each other some privacy.

Dos: Always take her permission before you open her wardrobe, or when you need something from her purse or just want to use her phone. She may find it silly but deep down she will love your gesture of respect towards her privacy. If she plans to go out with her friends on a weekend, let her do so. Giving each other some breathing space is the best way to cultivate strong trust in the relationship.

Don’ts: Do not barge into the room when she has half-shut the door (yes, many husbands do that). Knock at the door and enter. Give her some privacy. If she says she plans to spend her weekend with some friends, instead of getting mad, let her have her own private time. Eventually, you will realise that the moments you spend away from each other are the moments when your love blossoms the most.

12. How Should A Husband Treat His Wife? Never Intimidate Her

How Should A Husband Treat His Wife - Never Intimidate Her

When we’re talking about how should a husband treat his wife, it is needless to say, and very obvious that intimidation, and being pushy, whether physical or mental, is an absolute contempt of your spouse’s feelings and emotions. You will surely drag your marriage down the drain by doing so.

Dos: If you ever get mad at her, do not react immediately. Instead, it’s better to stay quiet for few minutes and then address the situation. You are an adult, and you need to behave like one by sorting out your problems together and reaching a mutual conclusion.

Don’ts: Just because you are the man of the house does not mean you have to be a tyrant dictator whom your wife is supposed to serve round the clock. Like I said earlier, you both are equals, and being a man does not give you any additional powers. Respect her for whatever she is and you will eventually draw the maximum satisfaction from you marriage.

13. Show Her Your Appreciation

How Should A Husband Treat His Wife - Show Her Your Appreciation

This includes everything from vocally appreciating her, to surprising her with some gifts. No matter how generic it may seem, a good old surprise is a great way of bringing the zing back to your relationship. Gifts and the like are a conventional tip on how should a husband treat his wife, but once in a while it’s a better idea than most. And she will repay the favour.

Dos: Surprise her when she is least expecting it. Make a mental note of her wants, and if there’s anything that she has taken a fancy to then go and purchase it for her.

Don’ts: Never forget the anniversary date and her birthday. Gifting her on that day is a great way of showing your love. Also, do not compare her efforts to yours. Instead, appreciate what she does for you.

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14. Be Her Emotional Support And Always Be There For Her

Eventually, all your wife wants is to have you by her side through the ups and downs of the journey of life. There will be nothing that will make her more happy than your company and support all throughout her life.

Dos: In tough times, always hold her hand and be there for her. Tell her that even if the world turns its back towards her, you will be right there by her side cheering her up. When life brings challenges, face them together and you will appear triumphant in your quests.

Don’ts: Never alienate her no matter what the situation. Often, husbands tend to grow cold towards their wives when their prestige is at sake or simply when they have gotten bored of the marriage. Make it a point to always maintain a spark in your relationship, and always strive to nurture the bond you share with your lady-love.

So, the query on ‘how should a husband treat his wife’ answered in 14 steps. It is time to put them to use. All the best!