How Do Jumping Jacks Help In Losing Weight?

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Today, when health has finally gained our attention and when the consumption of fast food and busy schedules have made weight loss regimes a mandate, it is essential to concentrate on weight loss as a health booster. It is important to make the choice of exercise keeping in mind their calorie burning potential and health benefits.

Jumping jacks is an exercise wherein one needs to jump up and down while moving the arms and feet. When you are warming up to a rigorous exercise regime, jumping jacks are often used. They can actually serve as a proper aerobic exercise when performed energetically. Jumping jacks is an exercise that is not bounded by any location. It can be done anywhere – at home or during office breaks. Jumping jacks are an extremely effective way to lose weight and they are very easy to perform too!

Ways to Do a Jumping Jack:

Benefits of jumping jack are maximized when proper postures are employed. Proper postures are a good way to avoid injuries. The abduction and adduction are the two phases of a jumping jack exercise. It starts with the abduction phase wherein one jumps with the feet apart. It is followed by the adduction phase, wherein jump is followed by moving the feet together. Jumping jack is very easy if the following instructions are kept in mind:

  1. One must stand with the arms on the sides. The back must be straightened and abdomen must be tucked in.
  2. The first locomotion involves jumping up and spreading the legs apart while the arms have to be over the head until you can clap with the hands. The legs should be left apart.
  3. While jumping again, the legs should be brought back together and the arms should be brought to the sides.
  4. This should be repeated until the heart beat goes up.


Rigorous workouts are often accompanied by jumping jacks as warm up. Jumping jacks often come in as primary accompaniments to every workout regime. This easy to do exercise is primarily beneficial in increasing the heart rate. As a result of increase in heart rate, the number of calories burnt increases too, so does the amount of fat! The blood is endowed with more oxygen if one breathes heavily while performing jumping jacks. This leads to burning of fat, which in turn leads to weight loss. It also facilitates the strengthening of cardiovascular muscles. Leg muscles are also toned and strengthened by jumping jacks. Jumping jacks are foes to fat deposits if the exercise is done regularly. One can also get rid of tummy fat by performing jumping jacks—now that’s music to the ears, right?

Calories Burnt by Jumping Jacks:

A 30 minutes exercise routine everyday—that the recommendation by doctors and experts. As illustrated by Harvard Health Publications, 30 minutes of jumping jacks can burn 200 calories. By increasing the rigor of jumping jacks, one can increase the rate of calorie burn to 355 per 30 minutes.

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Precautions and Tips:

Jumping jacks come with a plethora of benefits when done at a higher intensity. But, rigorous jumping jacks might be harmful for overweight people. They must perform jumping jacks at a moderate level of intensity and must concentrate on knee support as in the absence of support, knees might get aggravated. You must wear comfortable sneakers while doing jumping jacks and do the exercise on a hardwood floor or a carpeted surface.

Jumping jacks have always been a game for us. Since childhood, this game excites us but, if considered as an exercise, this child’s play can form an integral component of a healthy weight loss regimen. If performed with proper precautions, it can induce several health benefits along with the coveted weight loss. So look your svelte best with jumping jacks!

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