How Can I Stop Thinking About Him?

Broken hearts are tough to mend. There is nothing like the feeling of loneliness or the feeling of your mind catching the cobwebs of a broken relationship. But a strong soul finds the ability to pick oneself up, think of a better future and work towards that with determination. If you find yourself asking how you can stop thinking of him, you may not find easy answers. If it has been a deep relationship, the process will be gradual and you must have patience. But here are some things you can do to definitely find happiness every day, and may be at the end of it, the strength to move on.

1. Keep Yourself Busy

how can i stop thinking about him? - Keep Yourself Busy


Tend to a new herb garden or buy the pet you always wanted to have. Go for long walks, or jog on quiet mornings for fresh air. Write your feelings down if you want and make your day more real. Keep yourself busy and try to distract yourself with productive activities.

2. Besties Hotline

how can i stop thinking about him? - Besties Hotline


When you hit hard times, remember to keep your friends close. We all tend to cut off from everybody and everything when we feel we have reached rock bottom and see no more hope. A good deal of time spent with your best and doing the fun things you do when your gang hangs out can be very therapeutic for your mental state.

3. Refrain From Dwelling

By that, I mean you must refrain from calling and texting too, in extreme cases. If the relationship ended for good reasons, then don’t try and dig up something that you have imagined to be something else. Stop ‘rewind and replay’ of all your fights, and use your thinking-time for better and creative things, like maybe volunteer work or anything other than your ex!

4. Bucket List Therapy

Have you always had a bucket list you never got around doing anything about? Like riding a bicycle through a crazy terrain, or eating as many gol gappas as you can? If you don’t have one, then let me tell you there is nothing more awesome than making your very own ‘bucket list’ and chasing your dreams, little or big.

5. Night-Outs

how can i stop thinking about him? - Night Outs


Hang out more often, go and watch a drama, or a jute exhibition, or full-on pubbing with your gal pals! Apart from keeping you engaged and thus distracted, it gives you fuller days, which are any day better than the days spent moping about past.

6. Find A New Obsession

Don’t obsess over a dead relationship. Find a new obsession instead. Whether they are ships in a bottle, or candle-making, or having your own startup, spend your energy on projects that can singularly take your time and attention, and at the same time make you a productive individual.

7. Makeover Therapy

how can i stop thinking about him? - Makeover Therapy


Okay ladies. I don’t know how this works; I saw it in chick-flicks, but I didn’t believe it until I experienced it for myself. Getting a makeover might just do the trick: a haircut, a nice pedicure, pampering oneself with a facial and body massage. It is unbelievable what a parlour regime can do to your self-esteem and energy level, if you are that girl.

8. Revamp Your Wardrobe Or Room

If you are just getting over a relationship then what you really want to get adjusted to is ‘change’. But why adjust when you can bring the change yourself? Get out there today and do some shopping to revamp your wardrobe, or change things up in your room adding some fairy-lights you always wanted to buy. Go, and change!

9. Listen To Good Music

how can i stop thinking about him? - Listen To Good Music


There is nothing more calming than listening to some cathartic rhythms or soothing melodies. If it is death metal, or rock ‘n’ roll, or soul, it doesn’t matter. Listen to your jam everyday and pump yourself up for new things coming your way!

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10. Team Activities

how can i stop thinking about him? - Team Activities

Image: Shutterstock

After spending time on your own projects after a break-up, getting involved in team activities can be an amazing new direction, once you are ready to be around new people. It gives you a new perspective, a chance to meet new people, and who knows, maybe ‘the one’ you are truly meant to be with!

So distract yourself, explore new things, keep your friends close, and listen to good music, and take your chances to meet the right person for you – you know you’re worth it!