10 Ways A Guy’s Life Changes Post Marriage

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You had been dreaming about taking your relationship with your boyfriend to the next level, and sure enough, you achieved it. Both your parents gave the go-ahead, and the marriage happened. It felt like you were living a dream what with you getting all the attention as a newly-wed bride and all that. But, a few days down the line, you realize something is amiss. There is constant bickering, and you realize he is not the person you loved anymore. Well, wait before you jump the gun, girl. There’s more to the story than meets the eye.

If you thought you were doing your bit to fit into his family and gain acceptance, your guy (now your husband) too is struggling to come to terms with the reality. No, I am not saying it was a bad move for him. But, he too is making a lot of adjustments that, more often than not, are going unnoticed because the focus is always on the girl. Now, if you are wondering what it is that’s bothering him post marriage, there’s a long list. Here you go…

1. He’s A MAN Now

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Until yesterday, he was your cute boyfriend with chocolate boy looks. But now, after marriage, he has suddenly graduated to being a man. He’s now the head of a nuclear family. And all that he gets to hear is, “Grow up and behave like a MAN.” Heard this before? You got it!

2. Sharing His Space

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It’s no news that a guy loves his personal space. Ever since he got a room of his own, he hid all his private stuff there, including the photos of his ex and the CDs he hopes you will never discover. His room is his personal space – a place where he’s had fun, his secret hideout, and a place that has been exclusively all his. Although everything seems so romantic in the beginning, the fact that he has to share his space is something that is yet to sink in for him.

3. Meeting New People

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He’s the most talkative guy you have known, and you both get along like a house on fire. But, strangely enough, he’s not so social with your family members. You want to flaunt your husband and introduce him to all your cousins. But please understand, he feels a little awkward meeting so many people all at once.

4. Being A Tad Bit Possessive

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He used to be the coolest, carefree guy before marriage. And suddenly, he’s become super protective of you. He asks you to call him after you reach your office, he watches out for you, and expresses concern when you get late. All these are signs that he cares for you. But, if he’s going a little overboard, it’s time to tell him politely to take it easy.

5. Learning To Strike The Perfect Balance

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No, we are not generalizing anything. But, it is the universal truth that a man has to balance the needs of both his mom and wife. And need I tell you it is one helluva job? He has to keep both happy, and girls, it’s no mean feat.

6. Lesser Time With His Friends

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Nothing pleases a guy more than watching a game of soccer and drinking beer or playing video games till the wee hours with his friends. Now that he’s married, this hardly happens as he can’t afford to have a night out like before.

7. Familial Pressure

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If you thought only your mom lectured you on having kids soon after marriage, wait till you hear this. Your husband too gets it, not just from his parents, but also from Sharma aunty, Trivedi uncle, and every Tom, Dick, and Harry out there. Imagine his embarrassment!

8. Focus On Career

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Before marriage, he would be at your beck and call. Just one message, and he’d appear at your door to sweep you off your feet and take you away to a movie or a candlelight dinner. But ever since he earned himself the husband tag, he spends more time at work. You see him preparing his career graph. Don’t be upset about that, girl. He’s only planning a better life for you and your future family.

9. No ‘Me Time’

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No matter how compatible you are, every couple fights over that TV remote. You just can’t get enough of your daily soaps while he can’t afford to miss the live tennis match. All he wants is to be left alone so he can watch the action without being disturbed.

10. YOU Are His Priority

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Yes, you read that right! You see him saving that last piece of cake so you can have it, you overhear him praising you to the skies to his mother, and he’s thoughtful enough to pick up your favorite burger on his way back from office. So girl, he clearly loves you and is trying his best to please you.

So, the next time you yell at him for leaving the bathroom floor wet or the bath towel on the bed, do give him the benefit of doubt considering all the efforts he’s making to be a good husband.

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