7 Unbeatable Honeymoon Places In India In November

A winter honeymoon is one of the few things in the world that lives up to the billing, especially in a country like ours where the majority of the population experiences the seasons of ‘summer’, ‘less-summer,’ ‘almost-summer’ and a swift and fleeting winter. Yes, lounging with the love of your life, whom you’ve recently married, in the winter month of November can be quite a thrill indeed. Let’s take a look at what your options are in this wonderful and diverse country we all call home:

1. Goa

Goa Honeymoon Places In India In November

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It has to be included, and it has to be included near the very top. Goa is one of the best destinations when it comes to most things related to unwinding, but this is especially true for honeymooning and the wonderful month of November when Goa is just about getting full, tourist season is on, but it’s not completely packed. Oh, and the weather is perfect too.
If sun, sea and surf is your thing then Goa is one of the first options that you should be looking at.Check here and here for good deals for your own slice of beach paradise with your lover.

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2. The Andamans

Andamans Honeymoon Places In India In November

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Sticking to the theme of pristine blue waters and miles of the most gorgeous beach, our next option becomes apparent, if not obvious. The Andamans are a relatively untouched paradise land that could be the perfect destination for you to blow off a little post-wedding steam. The landscape isn’t limited to just sand and surf either, you have pristine forests, cultural hot-spots and even some thrilling water sports to turn the excitement up a notch. With a comfortable high of 33 degrees, and a base just ten degrees lower, you can sip some refreshments in the shade of a coconut palm on a sunny beach. Check here and here for honeymoon packages.

*For the official website of Andaman & Nicobar Tourism, click here.

3. Munnar

Munnar Honeymoon Places In India In November

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Munnar may not be the first name that comes to mind when thinking of a romantic getaway, but we’ve never quite worked out why that is. Indeed, Munnar is an idyllic paradise that serves as the perfect foil for the couple looking to spend some quality time together while making sure they get away from the hustle of everyday life. You will be staying among some of the most stunning landscapes in India – a vast expanse of gorgeous tea plantations as far as the eye can see. There are also three rivers that meet, offering a chance to experience picturesque waterfalls, and the elevation means that the cool temperature is the perfect setting for a bit of hiking and mountain climbing. Honeymoon packages can be found here and here.

*For the official website of Kerala Tourism, click here.

4. Sikkim

Sikkim Honeymoon Places In India In November

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If you’re looking at something completely different and yet every bit as alluring as any of the other options on this list, look no further than the “gem of the North East” that is Sikkim. Sikkim boasts a number of highly appealing traits such as the fact that there are very few people that populate the state, making sure you wont be disturbed, and the fact that it’s right on the border of three countries ensures that the culture on offer is unparalleled. The views are breathtaking, the temperature chilly and the shopping experience is nothing like you’ve experienced before. Those looking for honeymoon packages can check here and here.

*For the official website of Sikkim Tourism, click here.

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5. Udaipur

Udaipur Honeymoon Places In India In November

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The city that boasts the tag of the most romantic city in India, and is home to some of the most gorgeous and palatial hotels – where literal royalty and movie star royalty often spend their time – is definitely a good choice for those looking for an amazing romantic getaway. Also known as the “Venice of the East,” Udaipur is home to a multitude of lakes and breathtaking architecture, making this the perfect destination for those looking to soak in a bit of culture as well. A cold temperature, with the nights getting more than a little nippy, awaits as well. There is no shortage of honeymoon packages, and those interested can start by looking here, here and here.

*For the official website of the Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation, click here.

6. Shimla

Shimla Honeymoon Places In India In November

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Considering the British had control over almost all parts of the country and yet chose to holiday in Shimla should give you some idea about what this stunning location has to offer. Although mostly a summer spot, Shimla in the winter can be an excellent honeymoon location for those who look forward to enjoying a steaming cup of chaias they take in the breathtaking scenery and look to step out for a bit of hillside shopping in the evening. Offering a plethora of excellent hotels and resorts, as well as plenty of options for hiking, camping and other winter sports, those looking for a Shimla honeymoon can look here and here.

*For the official websiteof the Shimla District association, click here.

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7. Agra

Agra Honeymoon Places In India In November

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The Taj Mahal still stands as the single greatest monument to eternal love that man has ever conceived, so why not visit is as you begin your own journey of wedded bliss. Join the millions of people who have come from the world over to take in the beautiful city and the monument of love. With excellent weather in November and a number of world class hotels, resorts and restaurants in the city, Agra offers the chance for honeymooners to revel in the utmost of romantic atmospheres. Honeymoon packages can be found here and here.

*For the official website of Taj Mahal which has all the details you might need, click here.