6 Most Affordable Honeymoon Destinations Outside India for Nostalgia

The advent of a whole new life is here, as you and your significant other take your first steps together as a married couple. To take stock of all the emotional changes in your life, take yourselves out of the India to some amazing honeymoon destinations ,and leave it all behind, if only for a little while. Go off the beaten track to ensure that you won’t run into that Mrs. Sharma while holidaying in Darjeeling. Browse through this list of hidden honeymoon destinations outside india within the affordable budget and find something that suits your taste.

1. Sapa, Vietnam:


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Surrounded by the Hoang Lien Son Mountains, this ethnically diverse town will put you smack in the middle of Vietnamese culture without any of the trappings of the city. Breathe in and do your lungs a favour. With one of the most famous markets of Vietnam only a 3 hour drive away, this quaint town also allows you access to the Hoang Lien National Park, where a guide can take you to see the famous Silver Waterfall, also known as ‘Heaven’s Gate’. This can be one of the most affordable,budget friendly and cheapest honeymoon in term of finance, for you.

Good to Know: The secret to a good trip here is bargaining. Haggle away!

2. Dubai, United Arab Emirates:

Honeymoon Destinations-Dubai-UAE

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Full of the distinctive flavour of the culture, Dubai has pomp, grandness, mystique and romance that are steeped in history. A veritable paradise for shoppers and consumers the world over for every possible manner of goods and services, there’s plenty to keep you occupied when you’re not shopping. Go sailing on the souk in a dhow while munching on dates, go dune bashing in the desert and sip on strong tea as meat cooks in the background and belly dancers sway in the foreground. Really, the sky is the limit; literally, it’s also very popular spot for water sports and skydiving as well.This is one of the cheap honeymoon destinations outside india but it is totally worth it.

Good to Know: At the end of the day, it’s an Islamic state, so keep your public display of affection non-existent. You wouldn’t want to be arrested on your honeymoon now would you? You might also possibly run into someone who, if not directly related to that Mrs. Sharma, was at least at one point her neighbor back in ’84.

3. St. Anton, Austria:

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Home to some of the best skiing to be found in the Alpos, St. Anton is also infamous as a year round part town. This means that after you’ve exhausted yourselves in the snow, and gotten a nice tinge of red in your cheeks, you can go dancing and knock back some quality liquor. This resort town is not only scenic, but also intensely exciting.

Good to Know: Instead of taking a cab, fly into Zurich and take the Ski Express Arlberg to St. Anton – it’s half the rate.

4. Atacama, Chile:

Honeymoon Destinations-Atacama-Chile

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The sunsets you find here will stun you like nothing else in the world and thus makes this location one among the best honeymoon destinations outside india. The Atacama Desert is beautiful, and guides will show you it’s wonders, and then take you for a trek 15,000 feet up where you’ll ride on horseback as you follow the course of the Salado River.

Good to Know: The temperature drops fast, varying dramatically from day and night, expect variance of anything between 40 and 8 degrees Celsius.

5. Carate, Costa Rica:


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Explore the forests that inspired Jurassic Park in this beautiful town. A short ride away from the Corcovado National Park, it’s easy for animal lovers to get their fix here. Star you mornings with a session of yoga or travel to nearby waterfalls, splash around in pristine wading pools. You can also sign up for scuba classes here.

Good to Know: If you’re getting a car on rent, then trust us when we say this: Get GPS, you’re going to need it. Also, if you see a random Boat, and the water in a glass suddenly starts rippling in accompaniment to a dull thud, run. Or not, you take the chance of it not being able to see you if you stay still.

6. Queenstown, New Zealand:

Honeymoon Destinations-Queenstown-New-Zealand

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Visit the home of the Hobbits and the rest of the Middle Earth. Also an adventure junkie’s paradise, this locale has miles of untouched wilderness for you to explore. Strengthen your bond by going bungee jumping together or take in the scenery by going up for a hike.

Good to Know: Their winter is our summer, so go between November and April.