10 Honeymoon Destinations In Maharashtra Ideal For Cosy Couples

From the pristine beach resorts, mesmerizing archaeological sites, stunning sunset points, cosy hill stations to romantic tree house hotels, Maharashtra offers a wealth of options in both variety and vibrancy to the newly-wed couples looking for the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate. If you are shortlisting your honeymoon destinations in Maharashtra, these 10 places have to be on your honeymoon list.

1. Mahabaleshwar

Honeymoon Destinations In Maharashtra - Venna Lake Mahabaleshwar

Image: By Rdglobetrekker (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

A quaint hill station that’s a local favorite.One of the honeymoon destinations in Maharashtra is located in the state’s Satara Distrist, the British made this their summer capital to escape Bombay’s heat. The city offers several scenic avenues to enjoy and has a good number of hotels for you to choose from. A perfect honeymoon gateway, but mind you – the weekends are pretty crowded so book your rooms in advance.

2. Palu

Honeymoon Destinations In Maharashtra - Palu

At 300kms away from Mumbai, Palu is a world in itself. With waterfalls, lakes and a lush green carpet of flora and fauna, this small yet spectacular hamlet has a untouched natural ecosystem. A perfect honeymoon destination for the adventurous couple. And by the way, don’t miss the utterly romantic sunrise and sunset – it is absolutely magical and will find a spot in your heart, for years to come.

3. Panchgani

Honeymoon Destinations In Maharashtra - Panchgani

Image: By Akhilesh Dasgupta [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Panchgani gets its name from the five (panch) hills that surround this hill station. At a height of almost 1400 metres above sea level, Panchgani is the second highest hill station in the state after Mahabaleshwar. With river Krishna on one side and the beautiful plains on the other, Panchgani has a number of spectacular viewpoints and jungle trails that lead to secluded hamlets along the river line. If you are looking for a cosy spot for just the two of you – this is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Maharashtra.

4. Mumbai

Honeymoon Destinations In Maharashtra - Mumbai

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Mumbai is to India, what New York is to America. With all the glitz and glamour the city has to offer, Mumbai can be an interesting honeymoon destination too. Five star hotels, private yacht rides, local flea markets and many more adventures would make your honeymoon a very entertaining affair.

5. Kaas

Honeymoon Destinations In Maharashtra - kaas flower stream

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Kaas, often called the Plateau of Flowers is situated in the Sahyadri range. The Kaas Plateau gets its name from the Kasa plant which flowers all over decorating the plateau in a colorful carpet. Its is a world UNESCO site and can be an off-beat honeymoon spot for the nature lovers.

6. Guhagar Beach

Honeymoon Destinations In Maharashtra - Guhagar Beach

Image: By Joshi detroit (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Guhagar is a long winding drive from Mumbai and is a beach town situated in Ratnagiri District. A popular weekend escapade, Guhagar offers honeymooning couple a quaint and clean beach, where they can bond over a nice morning walk or sit out and enjoy a romantic dinner by the sea.

7. Khandala

Honeymoon Destinations In Maharashtra - Khandala

Image: By Alewis2388 [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

One of the most scenic honeymoon destinations in Maharashtra and well-recognized hill stations on the Western Ghats, this silent town gained nation-wide popularity with Aamir Khan’s “Aathi Kya Khandala” song. You could probably sing that for your partner on the drive to Khandala too! wink wink

8. Lonavla

Honeymoon Destinations In Maharashtra - Lonavalamh

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A beautiful hill town with many scenic viewpoints and great places to stay. Lonavla is closer to Pune, and is well connected by good road and railways. With caves, forts, parks, dams, waterfalls and even a local take on Madame Tussaud’s, Lonavla is a great place to have a chilled out honeymoon.

9. Thoseghar

Honeymoon Destinations In Maharashtra - Thoseghar

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Situated close to Satara, the Thoseghar Waterfalls in the Konkan region are spectacular in the monsoons making for the perfect destination for a romantic road trip.

10. Morachi Chincholi

Honeymoon Destinations In Maharashtra - Morachi Chincholi

A stone’s throw away from Pune, Morachi Chincholi literally translates into “Dancing Peacocks”. With over 3000 peacocks roaming freely all over the place, you can hire a bullock cart for a ride around the area or go camping or hiking. Doesn’t an off-beat honeymoon with peacocks dancing around in a very natural setting sound good?
Which one do you prefer?