Honey Singh Marriage: The Love Story Of Our Very Own Yo Yo

Hirdesh Singh has taken India by storm with his desi hip-hop style beats that left almost every Indian dancing to his tunes with their lungis pulled-up. If that guy’s name does not ring a bell or light a bulb then it is quite natural since Hirdesh is better known to the world as Yo Yo Honey Singh, which is a short form of ‘Your Own’ Honey Singh. As we all know, he is a talented artist who makes music for the masses (that’s why ‘Your Own’), and unlike the ‘Honey’ in his name there is less sweetness and more swank in the kind of music he churns out. In spite of the famous and infamous music produced by him, he is loved deeply by his ardent fans. If there is anything that Honey Singh loves a lot it is his music; well music and a certain childhood sweetheart named Shalini Talwar, who added his surname to her name in 2011, which resulted in a nationwide furore/dhoom-dhaam over a much awaited Honey Singh marriage. So where does their love story begin? We take a look here.

Hirdesh Se Honey Tak

Honey Singh was born Hirdesh Singh, a Punjabi Sikh at Hoshiarpur, Punjab in the year 1983. He was no child prodigy but had a keen interest in music from an early age. His family moved to Delhi when he was still in school, and after his formal education he moved out to the Trinity School in the United Kingdom to study music. It is somewhere around that time he picked up his stage name to be Honey, which we guess probably was his pet name. He then returned back to Delhi to become a full time music artist, and later even learnt DJing. During his tenure at the Trinity School, he developed a certain affinity towards rapping and hip-hop, and had many locale friends from whom he picked up the slang Yo-Yo, which is now embedded in his stage name. So far so good; but where’re the ‘chaddi buddy’ who brought our boos love adventures down to one big Honey Singh marriage?

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Here’s a video of young Hirdesh a.k.a. Yo Yo:

The Girl Who Stole Honey’s Heart

Well, Honey Singh’s love story is quite a poetic one, and blossoms from an innocent romance that began when he was in school. When Honey Singh’s family moved to Delhi, he joined Guru Nanak Public School. It was here he first met Shalini Talwar, his classmate, and it was love at first sight for the young Honey Singh. He spared no time in spilling his feelings for her and soon they were dating each other. Shalini and Honey dated all through their schooling, and they managed to keep the relationship intact even when he left India for his music education in the United Kingdom. During the initial phase of his career, Honey Singh was making frequent trips between India and the UK, and every time he came here he would make a point to spend time with his lady love. It is quite surprising that a dude who has written songs about booze and promiscuity for most part of his career has all that while stayed committed to just one woman, and went on to have a Shalini Talwar Honey Singh marriage. Guess that is what makes him special with extra brownie (read: Bhangra) points.

Becoming Honey’s Honey

Honey Singh Marriage - Honey Singh And Shalini Talwar At Their Wedding With Friends And Family

The couple had been dating for almost two decades, and it was high time for a Shalini Talwar Honey Singh marriage. Honey Singh had kept the relationship under wraps since he didn’t want this fact to impact his female fan base. In spite of all the reservations and apprehensions about it, Honey Singh tied the knot with the love of his life, Shalini Talwar, on 23rd January 2011. Since the both of them are Punjabi, they had a traditional Sikh wedding at farmhouse on the outskirts of Delhi. Some of the rituals of the wedding were also performed at a Holy Gurudwara. The couple wore the traditional Sikh wedding attire for the wedding with the bride donning the quintessential Punjabi bridal red saree. Honey Singh wore a medium length black bandhgala sherwani, and held a sheathed sword in one hand. For the ceremonies, which were held at the Holy Gurudwara, Honey Singh wore a cream colour sherwani with red pagdior turban while the bride wore a pink embellished saree.

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The Rumoured Fling

Honey Singh Marriage - The Rumoured Fling Of Honey Singh And Deana Uppal

In early 2014, images of Honey Singh having a private lunch with the Anglo-Indian model Deana Uppal started surfacing. The photographs with Deana were taken by an on-looker who shared it with media. It is said that the pair was engrossed in a conversation for hours while they had a lunch at popular hotel in Mumbai. Deana Uppal had been a contestant on the television show Fear Factor: Khatron ke Khiladi 5, and was seen in a music video with Honey Singh. Things were quite cooked-up as they quite seemed since everyone was unaware of the 2011 Shalini Talwar Honey Singh marriage; it had been a very private affair and all, but it was quite the gaffe by the media. The rumoured fling was mostly an impromptu creation, made to grow on the grapevine. Well, seeing what happened next does leave you believing in the Shalini Talwar Honey Singh marriage, and true love, and that prince charmings are for real after all.

The Raw Revelation

Honey had been so good at keeping his marriage hush-hush that for two years no one had a clue that the rapper who prances about with pretty girls in his music videos was actually a married man. It may have had to do with the fact that he was so hot, no one ever asked him if he was available or not, and well, his famed lyrics helped with that. Till 2014, no one had a hint of it until the point his wedding clicks got leaked out on the internet. It was not known who had done it but later it was speculated to be the wedding photographer hired by Honey Singh who spilled the beans to gain some instant publicity. In spite of the media and fans lapping-up the images, Honey Singh, being the intensely private man he was, stayed tight-lipped and avoided commenting on the matter of his marriage. Honey Singh had got tired of fans and media badgering him about the wedding topic, and the link-up with Deana Uppal must have taken a toll on him as well. Therefore, he decided to make a disclosure about it in style. During the filming of the reality TV show India’s Raw Star in which he sits as a judge, Honey finally made a disclosure about the love of his life of the world. This doused all the past rumours, and must have brought the much necessary relief to the incessantly pestered Honey. Here, watch the moment for yourself below:

The team has become quite candid since then about the Shalini Talwar Honey Singh marriage. Honey even shared in an interview that his wife was accompanying him for quite a very long time at the making of the show India’s Raw Star. It is said that one day Honey started behaving in an erratic manner due his bipolar disorder, and his wife had to be called-in to calm him down and since then she joined him for the making of the show. When quizzed about his wife’s opinion about his songs, he honestly said that she does not like any of them and hates them too but never says so. He added that she likes his romantic songs, and especially his song ‘Brown Rang’, which he sings for her. Now that’s quite adorable!

The Journey Thereafter

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That’s a lot about the Shalini Talwar Honey Singh marriage, nut what about our intrepid hero who went quite for over a year? Honey Singh disappeared from the showbiz scene around 2014 to pursue treatment for his aggravating bipolar disorder and alcoholism. There were rumours about him checking-in into a rehab for drug overdose but he squashed them in an interview with The Times of India in March 2016. He shared that he had been in his house in Noida all that while, and that the last 18 months were the darkest phase of his life. Thankfully, things are now back on track, thanks to the support of his family and doting wife. He will be seen playing the main male lead in a Punjabi film Zorawar releasing in May 2016, which will be his fourth movie as an actor. We are quite sure that with the support of his lady-love, family and fans, Honey Singh will reach greater heights in his career and we wish this Punjabi gabruall the very best for it.