Adopting a Holistic Approach Towards Your Child’s Overall Development

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Today, teaching and learning have a different paradigm. We’ve moved from performance-based and repetitive learning to teaching children skills that they need for life. Schools are now focusing on a holistic educational environment. Finding the right school that is dedicated to bringing a positive change in your child can make all the difference in their academics and future accomplishments.

International Schools have become a popular choice among parents nowadays. The benefits of international-quality education are undeniable — along with their immaculate academic excellence, international schools lay a strong emphasis on students’ personality development.

There is a rapid growth in the number of international primary and secondary schools that are taking a step towards holistic learning. We are sure that a lot of questions would have crossed your mind regarding this educational approach. What is the exact meaning of a holistic approach towards learning? Why is it essential for the overall development of the children? What are its benefits? We have listed below a few pointers that will help you familiarize yourself with this educational approach!

What Is Holistic Development?

Holistic development is a modern approach to learning that emphasizes the importance of the emotional, physical, and psychological well-being of children— particularly from the very early stages. In the holistic approach, students are offered the opportunity to develop different skills that might help them to excel in various spheres of life.

For instance, ORCHIDS- The International School employs many innovative ways to inculcate strong values among students. Being the top international school, it ensures that its learning techniques bring out a positive change in children with time. Additionally, the school uses the approach to connect education with real-life situations and build strong relationships through social activities.

What Is Holistic Development

Why Is Holistic Education Important For Children?

Education is no longer about learning tangible and measurable skills. Holistic education offers an alternative to the traditional way of teaching and learning methods. This approach motivates children to learn about new things by instilling curiosity. It helps students learn naturally and creatively. Moreover, this approach is attuned to each child’s learning style, in contrast to the mass educational system followed before.

Makes Learning Fun and Meaningful

The top international schools focus on fill the teaching-learning process with fun and meaningful activities for students. The best CBSE schools motivate their students to enroll in extracurricular activities as well. Extracurricular activities are a vital part of any child’s education. They help them to develop social, problem-solving, and teamwork skills. They also help the students in staying busy and active during school!

Top international schools often strive to promote a holistic environment for the students. They offer opportunities for different after-school sports and activities like taekwondo, volleyball, football, dance, music, and theatre. Moreover, international schools also focus on providing life skills such as public speaking.

Benefits of Holistic Approach

Benefits of Holistic Approach

The holistic approach towards learning brings several benefits to the students. Students are encouraged to improve their educational outcomes and gain the life skills necessary to succeed in a professional career. Holistic education improves academic achievements. It caters to individual learning styles and provides a supportive learning environment. The top international schools focus on activities that help increase a child’s problem-solving abilities.

Moreover, holistic learning is not restricted to the classroom setting. Parents and educators can collaborate to create an environment where children can experiment and explore. For instance, this year, due to Covid-19, schools had to function online. Students were required to attend lectures through their gadgets. Though the transition to this virtual learning was sudden, top international schools ensured that their faculty was well-equipped to continue classes online. With their world-class infrastructure, international schools ensured that the transition to online learning was smooth for both teachers and the students.

Schools act as the primary base in shaping your child’s future. It’s not just about getting good grades, but about equipping your child with all the skills required to lead a quality life. Top international schools such as ORCHIDS- The International School ensure that the holistic approach brings a positive change in children, building them into responsible individuals and future-ready global citizens.

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