5 Spellbinding And Offbeat Themes For A Hindu Marriage!

One of the biggest questions on a bride’s mind is often “What kind of a wedding should I have”? This could be like one of those existential questions that have no easy answer. Only time, planning and dash of creativity can help you. If you’re a Hindu, it is likely you may have attended quite a few Hindu marriages in your lifetime (often against your will!). A Hindu marriage will mostly follow the same tried and tested path that is traditional. There is nothing wrong with a traditional wedding, mind you. But if you are one of those brides who wants her wedding to be etched in the memories of friends and family, then a theme wedding is something that you should definitely consider. A theme for your special day is what will really tie up your decor, dresses, invites, food into a cohesive order; it will be an island of meaning in the midst of the chaotic dessert of weddings, if you will. This would make your day very fun and entertaining for you and all your guests. With the right theme, I’m sure your guests would be rather reluctant to leave once your ceremony is done!

So, how do you go about picking a theme that is right for you? Here, Pintrest could be a boon and a bane. While it would offer you some amazing and witty ideas to make your wedding special, it could also get a bit overwhelming and confusing. Before google can confuse you in any way, remember that the most crucial thing for you to keep in mind is the kind of relationship you share with your husband-to-be. Are you guys total romantics or high-school sweethearts? Do you both share common interests that you would love to celebrate? Make a list of the things of the things that really define how you guys are as a couple. Once you have a list (however long or short it may be) then consider the venue that you would like. Would you like an outdoor rustic wedding? A beach wedding? Or would you like it to be classy and glamorous in an indoor venue? If you are having a wedding in the monsoon season, it would be best to stick to an indoor venue. Once this is done, it’s time to put on your thinking caps and brainstorm. Make sure you leave enough time to plan out your theme wedding. Start as early as you possibly can. We’ll give you some ideas, just to get you started off. But make sure that you carefully consider what theme will really let both your personalities shine through. Bon Hindu marriage!

1. Vintage Theme Wedding


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Need I say more? For those of you who love history and have an appreciation for the finer things in life, a vintage wedding might just be perfect. This would be lovely for an indoor or outdoor venue. Let’s start with the decor. You could go for rustic red and yellow hues for your decorations and center pieces. Old-fashioned newspapers (with a date way in the past) announcing your itinerary for your day will be charming and authentic. You could decorate the stage with quaint, vintage lamps which would look stunning especially if your wedding is in the evening or night. Using old artifacts like ancient typewriters, embellished vintage mirrors, waethered jewellery boxes or figurines and vintage seats for decoration would really transport everyone to the past. Worn-out wooden tables with elegant chairs would be charming to behold. Your wedding card too should have a rustic, old-timey feel to it. Of course, do not forget to arrange for a vintage car (that says “Just Married”) for you to ride away after your ceremony is over! This theme would also spell a jackpot when you’re looking for your bridal jewellery. Vintage bridal jewellery will definitely make you look like a beautiful blushing bride from a bygone era. You should also definitely leave some vintage, browned books for the guests to sign and tell you how much they loved your big day!

2. Valentine Theme Wedding

Valentine Theme Wedding

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Ah, the day of love! A Valentine theme wedding is not usually associated with a Hindu marriage, and would be deeply romantic affair that is sure to jerk a few tears from your guests. An elegant decor with white, pink and red hues would really set the stage. When you think valentine’s, what comes to mind – roses, roses and more roses! Why not make this flower that symbolizes love the centre stage of your decor – whether it is in bouquets hanging all around the venue, or rose petals scattered about on the floor. You should also go in for elegant, dainty, white seats for your guests. A horse-drawn carriage, all decked up with flowers would be the perfect way to make your grand exit from the venue. But before you do, maybe you and your new husband should send heart-shaped balloons flying into the air that will signify your unbounded love for each other. You should also give away valentine’s day cards along with a rose as a thank-you for all your guests. What a perfect way to live that fairy tale!

3. Beach Theme Wedding

Collage beach wedding

Nothing says laid back and fun the way a beach does. Oh, to bask under the sun, the soft sand beneath you, the waves gently lapping at your feet – who wouldn’t want to be there! A beach wedding would be perfect for a summer destination wedding. Whether your wedding is actually at the beach or not, there are a lot of ways to really get the theme going. For the decor, you could stick with elegant white and yellow hues. Decorative pieces made out of sea shells, even old glass bottles with flowers in them would be perfect for the theme. You could leave little, brightly coloured parasols for each of your guests to hold in case it gets too sunny. An invite that is embellished with some sand or some sea-shells would truly set the tone for your wedding. Your guests would leave relaxed and refreshed after a celebration at the beach!

4. Moroccan Theme Wedding

Moroccan Theme Wedding

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Imagine aimlessly wandering through packed souks, with the smell of intoxicating perfumes and spices in the air, your eyes feasting on a myriad of bright hues, eating delectable, spicy street-food while you listen to the muezzin’s call to prayer. If you like the thought of that, a Moroccan theme might be perfect for you. Sensuous, opulent, exotic, and sultry – the spirit of Morocco is sure to get your passions burning brighter. For the bohemian brides out there, this would be a perfect and unconventional theme. Ditch the tables and chairs in favour of decorated mattresses and mats, with pillows and cushions on the side. Do not forget to leave around hookahs to get that authentic feel. If you’re open to it, you should also let your guests smoke them if they want to. For decorations, get some of those Moroccan bird cages, scented candles and lamps. You could incorporate this theme into your bridal look as well, with Arab and Moroccan-inspired jewellery and mehndi designs. This is a seriously decadent theme that will keep your festivities going well into the night, after all your guests have left!

5. Casino Theme Wedding


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This is one of the most bad-ass themes you could ever hope to have. If you’re an adventurous, fun-loving couple who need to feel that glorious rush of adrenaline, this is for you. Start off with wedding invites that set the tone of your wedding – a playing card invite! You could also include some dice for the guests to bring to your wedding. For the decor, go for dark, sexy colours like black, dark blue and red. Bold red and black table cloths and golden chairs would fit in perfectly to this theme. Make sure you leave a gaming and betting space for all your guests, replete with poker, darts, roulette and anything else that captures your fancy. Go for sleek yet opulent lamps that will really set the mood for some heavy betting. And of course, no casino theme wedding could be complete without an open bar! The right kind of music will also go a really long way in setting the mood for this wedding. If you want to create a mood of intrigue, then leave venetian masks on the table for all your guests to wear. If you or your husband are bikers, then think no more – vroom off into the darkness on a bad-ass bike after your ceremony. You should also give away thank you cards that says something like “Thanks for betting on us”. I, for one, am willing to bet that your wedding will not be forgotten any time soon.