35 Hindu Goddess Names For Your Baby Girl

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Do you want to name your child after a Hindu Goddess? Have the innumerable options on the internet left you dizzy? Don’t worry! Mom Junction is here to your rescue.

Every parent wishes to name her baby girl, with a name that is popular and has a meaning to it. A name shapes a child’s personality, heredity, and behavior. Names based on Hindu goddesses have deep cultural associations. These Hindu Goddess names for girls and meanings will affect the life of the child with positive vibrations and power.

If you plan to name your little angel after a Hindu goddess, then our list of Hindu Goddess baby girl names will surely help you.

Top 35 Hindu Goddess Names For Baby Girl:

1. Bani:

Bani is a lovely moniker for Goddess Saraswati.

2. Jnana:

Jnana will make a beautiful name for your baby. It is a form of yoga that translates as knowledge of the eternal or real.

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3. Kalki:

Kalki is the tenth manifestation of Lord Vishnu that is yet to grace the earth. Kalki Koechlin, a famous Bollywood actress, is its most popular bearer.

4. Gauri:

Gauri is the Goddess of marital bliss. Dakshayani is another name of Goddess Gauri.

5. Devika:

You all must know this one. Devki was the mother of Lord Krishna.

6. Kara:

Kara is one of the trendiest names that we have come across. It is another name of Goddess Durga.

7. Durga:

Goddess Durga symbolizes the power of the Supreme Being. She maintains the moral order and righteousness in the universe. It is one of the classic Hindu names of all times.

8. Saraswati:

Saraswati is the Goddess of music, arts, knowledge and wisdom. She is the consort of Lord Brahma. Saraswati will be an ideal pick if you want a traditional name for your baby.

9. Lakshmi:

Lakshmi is the goddess of prosperity, fortune and wealth. The name comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Lakshay’, which means ‘aim’ or ‘goal’.

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10. Ganga:

Ganga is the most sacred river of the Hindu mythology. Hindus worship the River Ganges as a goddess.

11. Radha:

Radha is one of the commonest baby girl names in India. In northern India, people refer her as Srimati Radharani.

12. Sita:

Sita is the consort of Lord Rama. She is one of the most popular Goddess in Hindu mythology. She is also the incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi.

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13. Annapurna:

Goddess Annapurna is an incarnation of Goddess Parvati.

14. Tara:

Tara is the lyrical name of the Hindu astral Goddess. Tara was also the second of the ten Mahavidyas.

15. Anika:

Anika is another moniker of Goddess Durga. The name Anika translates to ‘graceful, brilliance’.

16. Maya:

Maya is an exotic name of Goddess Durga. It means ‘illusion’ in Sanskrit.

17. Shreya:

Shreya refers to Goddess Lakshmi in many of the ancient religious hymns. The meaning of Shreya is ‘lucky’.

18. Shyla:

Shyla Devi is the idol of Goddess Durga. The name means ‘discipline, morality’.

19. Aarna:

Aarna, meaning ‘ocean’, is a moniker of Goddess Lakshmi.

20. Anisha:

The name Anisha is one of the best Hindu Goddess baby girl names, that signifies the uninterrupted process the never stops. It is also an appellation of Goddess Lakshmi.

21. Sanvi:

Sanvi means ‘pursuit of knowledge’. It is another name of Goddess Lakshmi.

22. Shivani:

Shivani is the wife of Lord Shiva. It is another name of Goddess Parvati.

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23. Jaya:

Jaya is the Sanskrit for victory. It is a feminine form of Jay. Jaya is one of the many appellations of Goddess Durga.

24. Indira:

The name Indira means ‘beauty’ in Sanskrit. India Gandhi is one of the most popular bearers of this name.

25. Vaishnavi:

The meaning of Vaishnavi is ‘the worshipper of Lord Vishnu’. It is the personified energy of Lord Vishnu.

26. Uma:

In Hindu mythology, Uma was one of the wives of God Shiva. It embodies the great beauty of the divine wisdom of Hindu Goddess.

27. Ishani:

Ishani is the female consort of Ishan. It means ‘master, lord’. Ishani was also the wife of Goddess Shiva.

28. Nitya:

Nitya is a name of Goddess Durga. It means the ‘everlasting and eternal mode of evolution and expression’.

29. Nandini:

In the Hindu mythology, Nandini is the name of a wish-granting cow. It means the ‘one who brings joy’.

30. Anagha:

The meaning of Anagha is ‘sinless’. It is another name of Goddess Lakshmi.

31. Sachi:

In Hinduism, Sachi was the goddess of jealousy and wrath. She is also one of the seven Matrikas.

32. Dhriti:

Dhriti is the Hindu Goddess of courage. We love how this name sounds.

33. Rima:

The meaning of Rima is ‘narrow and elongated opening’. It is an appellation of Goddess Durga.

34. Siddhi:

Siddhi is one of the wives of Lord Ganesh. It means ‘perfection’.

35. Meenakshi:

Meenakshi is the sister of Lord Vishnu and the wife of Lord Shiva. The meaning of Meenakshi is ‘beautiful eyes’.

We hope this list of Hindu Goddess names for baby girl helps you narrow your search. Did we miss any name? Do you have any favorite Hindu Goddess names for girls that you would like us to add to the list? Tell us below.

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