Hindu Bridal Hairstyles: 14 Safe Hairdos For The Modern Day Bride

Getting ready for a wedding can be a maddening rush; and if it’s your own wedding it’s madness multiplied by 100! Right from the mehndi, attire, makeup and yes, the hairstyle, the bride needs to organize so much. The perfect bridal look is achieved when all these elements are well thought of, planned and executed by professionals. Each element of ‘getting ready’ is a mix of comfort, choice and trends.

Most Hindu wedding attires are complemented by a heavy dupatta over the head, some without. Whatever the attire, your hairstyle needs to support it and also give you the ease and grace you pull through the day/night Here are some Hindu bridal hairstyles ideas.

1. The Classic Bun

Hindu Bridal Hairstyles - The Classic Bun

Finding the right Indian dulhan hairdo is tough. The classic bun hairstyle is an evergreen choice in Hindu bridal hairstyles. It is easy to carry and stay intact for long hours. Adorn it with a beautiful hair accessory like this one in the picture and you are all set to make heads turn!

2. Flower Trail

Hindu Bridal Hairstyles - Flower Trail

This is one of the oldest Hindu bridal hairstyles, a South Indian classic. If you wish to wear your hair down in a long braid, add a trail of flowers to add to the volume and drama. Match the flowers to your attire. You can choose real and fresh flowers or floral accessories based on your choice.

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3. Ringlets And Curls

Hindu Bridal Hairstyles - Ringlets And Curls

Add volume and bounce to your hair with ringlets and curls and keep the hair to one side. This gives a great definition to the face and suits almost all face types and shapes. Add a touch of flowers for colour and grace. A nice formal option on our Hindu bridal hairstyles list.

4. The South Indian Stunner

Hindu Bridal Hairstyles - The South Indian Stunner

This hairstyle is typical to South Indian brides but can be adorned by one and all. A long braid adorned with gold and jewelled accessories with flowers looks royal and breathtakingly beautiful. A work of art on our Hindu bridal hairstyles list.

5. Messy Bun

Hindu Bridal Hairstyles - Messy Bun

The messy bun is an adored choice among the more romantic Hindu bridal hairstyles, so why not go for one on your wedding? It gives the charm and grace to shape the face of the bride without making it look to slick. It’s comfortable and stays put for long hours without losing its beauty.

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6. A Dramatic Affair

Hindu Bridal Hairstyles - A Dramatic Affair

For a dramatic look, keep the hair on the top neatly brushed, and as it flows down, let the volume and curls take place! Create a high top by back brushing the hair and neatly pin them up at the back. Let the wild curls drape both sides of the face. A modern glam look on our Hindu bridal hairstyles list.

7. Windswept Wonder

Hindu Bridal Hairstyles - Windswept Wonder

If you don’t want to experiment with anything new and fancy, go for the windswept hair. Just clean hair, blow-dried and sprayed to stay in place. You are a natural stunner!

8. Easy DIY Hairstyle

Hindu Bridal Hairstyles - Easy DIY Hairstyle

Now that’s a very easy but stunning bridal hairstyle. It’ll take you less than five minutes and all you need is a comb, a rubber band and some flowers or bridal accessories. Add on a juda clip, and boom, you have a winner on our Hindu bridal hairstyles list, in under five minutes.

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9. Loose Side Braid

Hindu Bridal Hairstyles - Loose Side Braid

A loose braid on to the side accentuated with delicate flowers or accessories can make up for a brilliant hairstyle that will complement all kinds of attires and overall look of the bride.

10. Princess Diaries

Hindu Bridal Hairstyles - Princess Diaries

The half up and half down hairstyle is evergreen and here to stay. It enhances the features and looks absolutely stunning. It creates volume and drama, and complements all attires and face types. One of the best Hindu bridal hairstyles for your engagement or an after party.

11. High Top Bun

Hindu Bridal Hairstyles - High Top Bun

This one’s the most opted-for on our Hindu bridal hairstyles list. One can never go wrong with a high top bun. A heavy dupatta over the bun or even without one… it always looks graceful. You can add accessories or just let your hair be the crown!

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12. The Side Bun

Hindu Bridal Hairstyles - The Side Bun

A good side bun with soft curls and side swept hair on top looks very graceful. You can choose to accentuate it with accessories or let it be. A very delicate and elegant looking hairstyle for brides.

13. Fishtail Braid

Hindu Bridal Hairstyles - Fishtail Braid

The modern day brides look for all things trendy and hot to add to their bridal looks. Well, you can’t miss the beauty and style of the fishtail braid in that case. Simple but stunning; cute but contemporary!

14. Puffed Up!

Hindu Bridal Hairstyles - Puffed Up!

A high puff hairstyle adds oodles of drama and beauty to the bride. It looks absolutely amazing and adds volume and elegance, making the bride look regal.

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These Hindu bridal hairstyles are one better than the other! As I said earlier, choose a hairstyle that complements your face type, shape, attire and most importantly keeps you comfortable. It’s time to put your hair down… well, not literally! What say, ladies?

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