Bhagyashree Marriage With Himalaya - Solid As A Rock

The Beginning - Bhagyashree Marriage

Bhagyashree Patwardhan became an overnight sensation and a national heartthrob with the release of her 1989 debut film Maine Pyar Kiya, in which she played the lead role alongside the then nascent Salman Khan, who was himself cast in his first lead role. The film, directed by Sooraj Barjatya, was a runaway success and went on to become the top grossing Bollywood film of the year.

It is no surprise then that the talk of the Bhagyashree marriage was on everyone’s minds. The Bollywood beauty, who hails from Marathi royalty, had plenty going on in her personal life even when she was sharing a sizzling chemistry with Salman Khan on the sets of Maine Pyar Kiya.

The Beginning

Bhagyashree met her to-be husband Himalaya Dasani in school, a fact that remains little known to this day. She fondly recalls her time on the sets of Maine Pyar Kiya, when Salman Khan suddenly began to flirt with her during the shooting of the song ‘Dil Deewana’, and when confronted about it, he revealed how he had come to know about Himalaya through a common friend!

Bhagyashree tells the story of how she fell for her husband while on a school trip to Hyderabad, where they visited many sites such as the famous Salarjung Museum and the Charminar, and she remembers fondly how Himalaya even proposed to her at the end of the trip, and she willingly agreed, starting her journey down the road that would end in the much anticipated wedding.

Her grandparents were averse to her acting career, given the family’s royal status, but with her parents consent and a little coaxing, she went on to have a widely successful career in television and cinema before taking an extended break at the time of the Bhagyashree marriage. Her wedding story is slightly reminiscent of the Meenakshi Seshadri marriage.

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Work-Life Balance

Work Life Balance - Bhagyashree Marriage

Bhagyashree by her own admission prioritized her family over her work, a choice that she has repeatedly said she is very happy to have made. So even though she rose to being a superstar who was much in demand in films and other projects all over India, becoming a household name in the process, she had long ago decided that her plans for the future lay with her husband-to-be, and in her efforts to raise a family.

She has often commented that while she enjoyed the fame and stardom that her acting career (especially Maine Pyar Kiya) got her, she would never have even considered going against the interests of her husband and family, and the fact that she got to spend so much time with her children, and travel all over the world with her husband was in itself a whole new level of joy compared to what stardom had to offer.

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The Himalaya – Bhagyashree Marriage

Bhagyashree Marriage Pictures

The details of the Himalaya – Bhagyashree marriage are a tightly guarded secret unlike a typical Bollywood wedding. However it is worth noting that the mehndi scene of Maine Pyar Kiya was shot just two days before her actual wedding.

Her husband, Himalaya Dasani, is a highly successful businessman who was highly possessive about his wife, which let her to quit taking on the roles that were on offer, instead declaring that she would only be doing romantic scenes with her husband, that is she had to be cast alongside him if there were to be any intimate scenes in the movie.

Bhagyashree Marriage Pictures - Bhagyashree Family

The couple has two children, a son and a daughter, and the son Abhimanyu is all but ready to make his big splash in Bollywood, with Salman rumoured to help launch him into superstardom in a manner reminiscent of the two young stars when they lined up to do Maine Pyar Kiya. It can be said that the beauty that is Bhagyashree looked as amazing as the sultry southern jaw-dropper that is Sameera Reddy at her own wedding.

The couple remain as happily married as the day they wed, and are known to take long and luxurious holidays all over the world, taking in all the sights and sounds on offer, while also spending a lot of time being together as one happy family, especially around their children.

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Return To Acting

Now that her children are all grown up, Bhagyashree is looking to ease her way back into what propelled her to stardom in the first place – her acting career. She is well aware of the popularity that her debut film enjoys even to this date, with not only everyone in her generation having seen it, but many of the following generations also enjoying its unique flavour, making it a true cult classic. She remains humbled by the experience and also by the reception she gets today, with legions of adoring fans who would love nothing more to see their heroine make reappearance.

She is in no tearing hurry however, and along with the few regional movies that she has to her credit in the last few years, she also admits being very attracted to theatre, a vocation that was first introduced to her by veteran actor Anupam Kher, and even has a major play ‘Mujhse Shaadi Karogi’ to her credit.

Besides theatre, Bhagyashree is also looking to work in many regional movies, with a number of Marathi scripts being bandied about as she chooses her ideal role; and the allure of television remains as big as ever as it was for her. Considering the fact that she started her career in television before being handed her breakthrough role in cinema, she does have a few cameo appearances and intends to find a role that would suit what she is looking to do, as well as respect the work life balance she has so strictly adhered to all her life.

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Bhagyashree Marriage – Happily Ever After

Bhagyshree-and himalaya marriage

It is not often that an actor or actress is fondly remembered even 20 years after their debut in the manner that Bhagyashree has been. In fact, we can say that in that regard she is unique. And given her loving marriage to her partner, Himalaya Dasani, and the two lovely children that they have brought into the world, Bhagyashree truly remains a heroine who is as much a superstar fondly remembered in the hearts of her fans as much as she is an all-round star handling her personal life with aplomb and of course her signature charm and grace.