High Neck Blouse Designs - Trending 21 High Neck Designs In 2017!

High neck blouse designs are all the rage in 2017. Bollywood starlets are sporting the latest and stylish high neck blouse patterns, socialites can’t do without several options of the latest high neck blouse designs in their closets and even those with a penchant to stick with a particular blouse design that “works” for them have thrown off the shackles and taken the plunge and are rocking them.

There are many options for stylish high neck blouse designs in 2017 and the best part is that women with longer necks are not the only ones who can wear these stylish blouses with ease. Paired with the right saree and accessories, anyone can look fantastic with these high neck saree blouse designs!

The regal look of blouse designs will have you looking like a princess, so don’t miss out! Get a really good idea about some of the best high neck blouse designs available in the market.

Here’s our top 21 picks – your very own high neck blouse designs catalogue!

1.  Scorching Red Heavy Work High Neck Blouse Design

If Deepika’s wearing one, isn’t that reason enough for you to get one too? But that aside, this gorgeous high neck blouse design really manages to steal the show even though the saree is most stunning as well, and part of the reason is the high neck design which adds a wholly sultry appeal to the getup.

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2. The Full Sleeves See-Through High Neck Blouse Design

This gorgeous blouse has a lot going on, and a lot going for it. The full sleeves design, the see-through pattern, the gold embellishments on the arms and the neck, as well as the high neck design all make for a wonderful sartorial choice.

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3. The Contemporary Tapered Neck Sleeveless High Neck Blouse Design

This is a most stunning high neck blouse design. And while this particular black and white blouse is highly alluring, the sleeveless and high neck (so intricately designed in this particular piece) tends to work really well in most cases.

4. The Simple Full Sleeve Black Velvet High Neck Blouse Design

For those looking for something more heavy and formal, as well as chic and regal, this black velvet blouse with its beautiful high neck design will check all the boxes. The gorgeous silver embroidery is a sight to behold as well.

5. Chinese Collar Full Sleeve High Neck Blouse Design

While the black saree is something else in itself, the high neck white blouse really grabs all of the eyeballs here. Featuring a button-up design, intricate and subtle embroidery and gorgeous embellishments on the neck and sleeves, this is a really elegant pick for those looking for something like this.

6. The Simple & Stylish High Neck Blouse Design With Round Cut

This blouse that Sonam Kapoor is rocking is the very definition of simplicity itself, but it could also be the definition of effortless style, chic and elegance. The full sleeve and high neck design works wonderfully well given its single colour scheme and the neck piece really accentuates the entire look.

7. The Heavy Embroidery Regal Beauty High Neck Blouse Design

And no, we’re not talking about Aishwarya here. This blouse looks highly unique and regal, and would be an excellent addition to your collection if you can pull it off with the effortless pizzazz that Mrs. Rai Bachchan seems to muster every time. In fact, we’re going to stay it’s her secret in this photo.

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8. Intricate Mirror Work Embroidered Sabyasachi High Neck Blouse Design

Being a Sabyasachi blouse, there is no need to go into the details of things like how intricate the embroidery is or indeed how resplendent the blouse looks. But one thing to definitely talk about is just how simply stunning the high necked collar looks.

9. Sleeveless Gorgeous Green High Neck Blouse Design

Solid colours and high neck blouses always seem to go hand in hand, and this one is no exception. Seen here is Monica Bedi rocking a deep green sleeveless blouse with a nicely shaped collar surrounded by white embroidery. Simple and stunning.

10. Modern Sleeveless Fancy Cut High Neck Blouse Design

We’re going to round things off once again with Deepika Padukone looking absolutely divine in a blue, sleeveless, high necked blouse. This stylish neck design is perfect for those with a slender and long neck.

11. Fancy Blue And Red High Neck Zardozi Work Blouse

When it comes to style, girls across India won’t find another blue and red zardosi work blouse with the same chic quotient as this exceptional and trendy design. The floral prints, gorgeous embroidery and exceptional waist cut make this a stand out high neck blouse design and one that’s worthy of being in every stylish girl’s wardrobe.

12. Brown Kundan And Resham Work High Neck Blouse

How to make a plain saree stand out as an exceptional piece of clothing? By rocking one of these outstandingly detailed and fancy blouses of course! If you’re looking to make mom’s old sarees retain their old charm (which mom has preserved all these years), but also want a contemporary charm and modern look, then this kundan and resham work blouse is the way to go.

13. Elegant Tapered High Necked Embellished Blouse

This simple saree and blouse combo has Sonam Kapoor looking as stylish as ever, and while the saree is itself quite plain (yet beautiful), it is really just there to show off this exceptional blouse. Featuring embroidery built into the design of the blouse itself, the fancy work on this high neck blouse design has it standing out from the standard styles and its tapered neck design adds an allure of its own.

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14. Plain Red Slit Neck Chinese Collar Blouse With Fancy Border Work

Often, the occasion calls for not heavy embellishments and intricate gota patti or kundan work, but simplicity and elegance. And that’s what every girl who picks up this blouse will get. Whether for office or home, work or play, pair this gorgeous slit neck Chinese collar blouse with a plain red or mustard saree and notice how you grab all the attention and make heads turn.

15. Pink And Green Zardosi Threadwork Blouse With Cutting Design

The modern and chic girl needs a vibrant, colourful and contemporary blouse to match her personality and that’s exactly what we have here. The gorgeous thread-work makes this a stunning overall creation. The off-white background adds to its overall appeal and it is best paired with a pink or cream saree.

16. Leaf Green Half-Sleeve Blouse With Simple Patchwork Embroidery

If Sonam Kapoor is rocking it, you know it’s trendy, and that’s exactly the case with this gorgeous green half-sleeve blouse with patchwork embroidery in the shape of small hearts. The high neck and extension of the sleeves till the elbows really make this one of the most elegant and stylish high neck blouses we have on the list and a great choice for party wear when teamed up with an orange or pink saree like above.

17. Fancy Blouse With Gota Patti And Kundan Work

This pink and blue gota patti blouse with kundan work really stands out on its own. It’s almost as if the saree would be there just to complement and show off this gorgeous blouse as worn by any girl who’s looking to make an impression on her night out. The long sleeves and floral patchwork on the sleeves add their own appeal and make this a classic design fit for any occasion.

18. Royal Blue Short Sleeve Embroidered Mesh Work Blouse

It is amazing how a simple design element like the mesh work found around the neck of this blouse can make such a huge difference in the appeal. Otherwise, this is a simple and stylish blue blouse. But when we factor in the embroidery on the sleeves and the net design, it makes a huge difference. When paired with a royal blue saree like above, it really makes the girl stand out and feel like a queen.

19. Green And Pink Floral Sleeveless Resham Work Cutting Blouse

Both sides of this blouse ooze their own style quotient. On the front, this blouse gives you the chance to show off your arms and the gorgeous buttons have their own appeal. The cutting back neck design helps flaunt the back and makes a very stylish accompaniment to your choice of saree. And the high neck collar means that the style quotient is exemplified even more making this one of the best blouses to have in the wardrobe.

20. Green, Black And Pink Patchwork Blouse With Floral Prints

This exceptional blouse features in a gorgeous combination of colours and really makes even the simplest and plainest sarees stand out. This blouse is perfect for pairing with a plain border work saree (like the one above) to achieve a heavenly mix of style and tradition.

21. Designer Intricate Resham Work Embroidered Blouse

This is a blouse that seems to be straight out of an art gallery, and it is for the most special of occasions. The outstanding colour sceme, detailed resham work embroidery and stylish buttons and round neck design all make this a fine choice to pair with a complementary saree of your choice.

Have you made up you mind about which one it is gonna be? Time to up the heat quotient this summer!